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Folashade Adeleke

Even if her dad is an unrepentant entertainer, fun loving dude unparalleled, a feel good guy and probably the happiest Nigerian on earth presently, it doesn’t take nothing, not one little thing away from the fact that the daughter ‘Folashade Adeleke’, is a supreme bombshell💣💥 by all standards, in all ramifications.

Blessed with a natural fair and lovely skin, it is very obvious that good money has helped to maintain the lushness. The young lady, with the bodacious body is a sight to behold as can be seen in her pictures. And because not only that she knows it and most probably have been commended many times over it, she has a couple of nick names that reminds one just how slammingly gorgeous, with a good overdose of elan added, so some call her the “fabulous one”, others just refers to her as “Queen Fola”, while she just loves for you all to come #slaylikefola.

One very obvious attribute that she has gotten from her show off daddy and that she happily portrays, is that like her dad who is an unrepentant showoff, by that we mean he loves to show off his dancing skills at the drop of a hat just as soon as he gets titillated by good music, he just enters his groove, so she also likes to show off too, but not necessarily her own dance skills as we know that, that might most probably run in the family, so she might just be a chip off the old block, what we believe she loves to always showcase is how super gorgeous she is, especially showing off her heavenly shape! Shade though apparently got her badass shape from her equally super gorgeous mom by name Christina who is just 54 years old (being born on March 5, 1964), but she looks far younger than someone in her 50s!! !

‘Twas her birthday a few days back, 4 days ago to be more precise and it was like an avalanche of birthday wishes were poured on the young lady, some have even started addressing her already as the incoming “1st daughter” (she’s Senator Ademola Adeleke’s 1st child and 1st daughter), that’s seemingly how confident her dad’s supporters and well wishers are about Saturday, September 22, 2018 election in Osun State! While Shade is the 1st, she is then followed by Adeshina Adeleke aka Shina Rambo, then Bayo Adeleke aka B-Red and then finally Adenike, as the baby (last born) of the house.

Happy belated birthday gorgeous Shade, long may you Live!!! 


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