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It’s a massive, infact a mammoth  sized congratulations for Africa’s number 1 blogger unparalleled, Dame Linda Ikeji as she was delivered of a bouncing baby boy–BBB!!!! who she has referred to as Baby J in far away, United States of America.

Baby Boy landed this part of the universe, today, Monday, September 17, 2018 and as expected it has been an avalanche or better still torrential rain of well wishes from friends and fans alike.

For Linda, this is her 1st child and it showed in her expression on her IG page when she literally exclaimed Oh dear Lord, I am a mum. Baby J is here! 🙏🙏❤️❤️.

She only just had a humongous baby shower just a few days prior to her delivery as she eagerly anticipated the birth of her boy.

We are expecting a mother of all reception and party, whenever she gets back from the US.

Again we say a big congratulations to her and we wish her boy well!!!!


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  • Baby J …as the father surname is Jeremi hence baby J . He is one delta brother who I doubt will marry Linda . If he wanted to marry they would have married by now

    Congrats to her

  • Wow!

    BABY MAMA Linda Ikeji welcomes baby Judas. The one who will come and take the reigns from Bobrisky, Bisi Alimi and etc.

    Baby Judas, the Gay Lord, was born today Monday the 17th September, at EMORY MATERNITY Atlanta in the wee hours.

    • Very interesting that she can go over the top sharing everything about the baby but didn't want to share who the father is? Can't stand her loud in your face attitude. Aloba. Linda's praise singer,, get your boss – Linda some humble pie . She is very annoying

  • Enter your comment… congrats to her.i no say we no go see road for Instagram again.they are just too loud in that family.mtchew.


    • But Linda was not this loud before … she needs to learn from bellanaija . I feel she missing something major in her life and uses the loudness to compensate for it

      What the point of that noise on Instagram to strangers. They really need to grow up in that family. See Laura making so much noise about been an influencer yet she can't bring people to her empty store

    • 3.27. Now she is way louder. That is what happens when you are poor and tu become rich. Something will humble her soon. Have nothing personal against her except that I can't stand her loudness

  • Baby Jesus has been born!!! With the kind of noise about this baby, I thought no one has ever had a baby son until she has her baby.

  • The loudness: Their family is the true definition of "Oju ori ola ri"
    Bellanaija get pedigree Na, you can tell from the caliber of posts on her blog. Baby Mama Linda is carrying on the PM News legacy. God knows where she gets all the shitty news from

  • Linda has always been lousy and uncouth sister, we are seeing it now because she’s got money. She’s that girl that didn’t have anything and was always secretly envious of those that did and now it’s time to pepper all who she thinks treated her poorly because of too much gossiping and let them know she has arrived.
    Congrats Linda! Madam “do what I say but don’t do what I do!”.

    • She is a fake ass phony one. She thinks she is the richest lady in the world and he ratchet ugly sister doesn't help the matter with her big mouth and empty store. Now that she has her baby Jesus, hopefully we can now breathe? BTW I have someone that was at her shower in Atlanta and I was told that it was ratchet and not something expected from a woman of her caliber. Money can't buy you class

  • Any noticed how Linda refers to baby mamas to partners on her blog now?as she has become a baby mama.her family is really filled with Bush can't buy you class.

  • Her loudness attracts attention and attention more audience and makes her more popular which results in companies willing to do business with her, thus more money in her account!!! In summary it's all a business strategy. We may call it lousy but come to think of it, she definitely has a smart approach to it and her sister Laura is just the pawn to her moves most of the time. Hate it or like it she receives huge alert daily!!! The problem though is every high has it low she is at her peak now but time will tell….
    …Dr. Enigma…

    • At 6.56 Well said. I said it that everything that goes high must surely come down one day. Nothing last forever in life except change itself.