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Blogger confirms once and for all, who her baby’s dad is it’s none other than…….. Sholaye Jeremi.

Linda Ikeji with JAYCE Jeremi

Sholaye Jeremi 
Sholaye Jeremi l, Femi Otedola, Dr. Ibe Kachukwu & Aliko Dangote 

Nigeria’s and Africa’s most successful blogger bar none announced to the world just this Monday the birth of her bundle of joy, who she had called baby J.

Immediately after the good news, which she had released all by herself on her IG page, it was like the heavens opened as best wishes and congratulations poured in unabatedly.

This boy, a bouncing baby boy born to her on Monday September 17, 2018 at the Emory University Hospital Atlanta, USA just 2 days to her 38th birthday has come as a beautiful gift from God.

And today, Wednesday, September 19, 2018 the super elated new mom finally put to rest all the speculations that has followed her since she announced that she was on the 9 months leave or should we call it sabbatical, which she has just finished. She announced that her new bundle of Joy’s name is Jayce Jeremi.

It had been said or speculated without confirmation that the father of the new baby was Sholaye Jeremi, while a few other name had sprang up too. But more fingers were pointed at Sholaye Jeremi who is acclaimed to be a close friend of the Minister of State for Petroleum Resources, Dr Ibe Kachukwu. Now with the announcement of the baby’s name Linda has confirmed that the Itsekiri dad is truly Sholaye Jeremi, hence no more speculations again.

The story had been that the baby daddy might not have sanctioned the pregnancy, maybe his agenda from the get go was just for them both to have a beneficial, symbiotic relationship, but Linda knowing fully well that her biological time to be a mom might be winding down had thoughtfully refused to abort and decided to have her baby a very sane decision we dare say, with or without her beau’s consent.

Sholaye Jeremi lives in Ikoyi and is in his 40s, a Delta dude much involved in the Oil and Gas sector, so according to the gist he is very liquid, equally liquid as his girlfriend and now baby mama. Maybe now with the birth of their baby, whose initials is JJ, maybe both would now do the most honourable thing and forgo ego and do the right thing by getting engaged and then married!!!

Truth be told though, either married or not, Linda can very well take care of her baby and more of she needs to go it all alone.

Congratulations to both daddy and mommy all over again. 


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  • Jeremi will never ever marry Linda. Aloba bring us the in house gist, every thing you wrote here is not new. You are the maestro, the undisputed. Please stop falling our hands

  • Enter your comment… Instablog naija was on fire.people are claiming she is secretly married to the dude which i doubt because Linda na madam show off and noise maker.she couldn't hide the pregnancy so why will she hide her wedding.well na she sabi.what i don't really like about her is her too much show off.


  • Linda is an hypocrite that is full of shit. Money can't buy you class. Linda is an arrogant loud and cannot wait to see how her mighty fall with having baby for Sholaye. Karma is a bitch

  • I doubt if Linda and her money can tie him down. Linda has a way about her that might not pleases Shola. In Stella word, I'm just observing

  • Please I heard Elohor is his main chick and ste is also preggers… I guess Linda decided to go all out full WAR, hence her brining up his name…


  • Linda might have money no doubt but she is loud mouth and also have no class. The guy is too classy for her and he has his own money too

  • Confirming that Elohor is preggers
    Confirming Linda has moved in with Jeremy before she travelled
    Confirming Linda’s bride price was paid
    Confirming I am just a by stander with kunu

  • Anon 2:41…
    Confirming Elohor is not pregnant
    Confirming Linda is a baby mama. FYI babymama would post her moving to his house
    Confirming No dairy was PAID. Where is the ring? Wedding Pictures? Proposal
    Confirming Linda was dumped.
    Confirming your jist is dead.