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Mennnn!!!! The silent war is epic!!! Maybe it’s the reason the one on the other side is making all the noise possible especially as she owns a platform to do so. Both ladies have been having the fun of their lives the past few years. While EEA a young mother of 2 girls, has been a known, somewhat visible side chic for about 2 years now, we don’t know how long for matter that SJ and LI have been an item.

What  is quite obvious and we could easily deduce from the whole shenanigan is that the sharp, Delta born South-South, oil and gas dude, who is said to be very liquid and quite classy, who is also a cool friend of fellow very liquid men of exemplary package has been having the very best of both worlds all of these while. The curious thing or question is, did both know that they were both at the same time, were contesting for the heart of this handsome, quite suave bloke?

Girlfriend 1-LI, she’s not one for any reason other than for easy description, had and has been quite open about her dating or to have dated SJ, the result of their many romps is now very evident in JJ. But girlfriend 2 had been very clandestine about the whole affair, up until now, though their relationship has been on going now for 2 good years. Maybe that’s the reason why the dude seems to prefer the nos 2, that she’s able to “chop and clean mouth, like say nothing dey happen”. No drama of epic proportion that would cast him out as an adonis and chopper extraordinary. This dude is in the mould of Lanre N, who took the definition of a Lothario to stratospheric levels.

You all know EEA very well, no no no she’s not Emporio Armani, but truth be told she has excelled in the world of fashion, by holding down well as one of the gurus in that part of the world of fashion she’s engaged in. She is a veteran in the game and her ‘manufacturing’ company of human mannequins is one of the major ones in the country, if not the best to reckon with in the country. Still young and with 2 kids, she is estranged from her husband and has been for quite a few years now. Both from the looks of it, are never coming back together again! So she’s been “free, free like a bird”, just like that 2Baba classic song inspires! So if one is free, without any restrictions whatsoever and not held down by any matrimonial clause (s), then she is free to indulge her fantasies  to the outermost and do whatsoever she likes or pleases! Like the Yorubas are won’t to say, shebi we go sha eat/chop!!!

Her somewhat rival though is badass rich. Infact so wealthy, so filthy rich is she now, that she is a Naira billionaire many times over. Let’s even drop an unconfirmed bombshell💣💥, it has been said or speculated that LI and SJ had their very quiet, totally secret, registry about 6 weeks prior to the BBB! And if that is the case then, EEA might have lost out then oooooo. Except she would just remain as a side chick, like she has always been, but another unconfirmed clanger might be in the offing as it is claimed that girlfriend 2, EEA might also be on the 9 months leave!!! Can that actually be True? ? We doubt it, but we are also keeping our fingers crossed, because anything can Happen !!

SJ himself is a sharpshooter of mean and extraordinary proportion; a rapid fire dude. He, like a very sharp knife has cut thorough much, plenty better pretty effortlessly over time. Apart from his now ‘wife’ LI, that tag is still subject to confirmation though, who he was dating while simultaneously ‘shirking or wozing’ EEA too, he was also at a time digging through and dealing with the famous “Bermuda Triangle” of that very tall, exquisite looking, fashionista of ex-beauty queen–DL, who loves to death to show off her mildly molded new body. The mother of one, is a shopping complex owner along that very famous road or way on the Island. He was also at a point very interested in KK the tall exciting and mad dresser of the ‘good’ business, whom he apparently chased through FF. SJ is also living up to his own self-made legend as one who comes on relentlessly, sweeping you off your feet, plays deftly and then scores the goal as rapidly as he wants and then vanishes and in to the next. He also did dance “azonto” with Sabrina too. But he danced Azonto or is it “shaku shaku with LI and became hooked and that might just end it all.

But the truth is this, even if both have agreed to become one, can a legendary leopard change its spots ?????

Congratulations to the duo though, if in actual fact the deed has been done. And congratulations also as per the bundle of joy too!!!!



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    • Announced being preggy alone!
      Did babyshower alone!
      Went through childbirth alone!
      Bought push gift for self and alone!
      Supposed BD denies sm statement!

      Something is definitely wrong somewhere..!!!

      You invited me into your business by putting it out on social media, so don’t ask if it’s my business, shikena!

  • I'm not God but one thing I know for a fact is that Sholaye will never marry LI. She may have money but unfortunately she has no class. And her loud mouth siblings doesn't help her with their loudness. They just announced that she bought a Bentley for her son but why announcing the price tag of the car? Stupid and ratchet people does that

    • You are obviously poor and wretched .and jealous and I know you trust me I know you EE fucking all Island men now you think you can SJ. You are just a fuck away, same parkview estate. Good luck fuck body.

  • Enter your comment…hmmmm Linda ikeji with all her integrity got her self into this kind of messed up relationship.the man self way no pure with women.


    • Anon 11.53 Integrity ko, integrity ni. Linda and integrity has never been on the same page. She is a dirty fake ass girl. She is making up her lonely miserable life with those material stuff

    • Big liar. We all know linda pays you 50k every month to feed your family in surulere. She is the one feeding u this info and u know iys a lie but u are doing your job ask her to rent u a flat so that u will leave your fayhers dilapidated house..your gist is everywhere as speead by yoir 50k paying boss..londa and sholaye do.not speak at all..stop wedding happened. Idiot..

    • Anon 5.16 We'll said. Aloba I didn't know that you get paid by Linda but I'm disappointed that you that is a journalist with more info in your hand get to be kissing Linda's smelling ass. No wonder you have been quite about writing the story about who her baby daddy is. Get your life together Sliba and stop taking crumbs from people when you can also be the big deal.

    • @Anon 5.16PM. GBAM. I'm glad you gave it to Aloba just the right way. We have been begging him to give us the tea about who she got pregnant for with no response and now here he goes going on and on with the epistles. Keep your Linda story paying PR to yourself Aloba. You are nothing but a sell out

    • Come sef, how can Linda be sharing prick with Elehor? Abeg Abeg Elehor is too much for this nah. Billionaire or no billionaire. Anyways they’ve sworn for Nigerian men. I cant shout bye

    • Linda And Sholaye did nothing other than sex which is clearly evident! Registry ko? Roll call ni. Now it’s battle time for elohor & Linda . These ladies ewww!

    • I gather it's 3liz@b3th 31😊h@r

      Dont care for her but I can't deny she's way classier.

      Whachmacallit is Bush and the same tears she made ppl cry while building her gossip blog may she cry triple

  • That fellow is not classy one bit. Liquid my black yansh! Classy man and he is fucking Linda raw without protection? No classy man will duck anyone from that family without protection unless married to that particular Ikeji. They are way too loud and tax for any supposed classy man. As razz as Elohor is, she don pass to dey share man with Linda.
    I wish Linda's son the very best and may God keep him safe but bit is slightly ironic that this is happening to hypocritical Linda. Miss. I love in Banana Island. Self-made billionaire. Miss. Independent.
    May we all learn from this and be introspective and humble in this life

  • Nice try Linda. As public as your entire pregnancy was, why hide your so called registry. Even showed pictures of baby, seconds after birth. I'm expecting video of the child birth to surface knowing your clan. Too bad Jeremy not getting married to you ever. To put this news out there is a very big low Linda. You need to get off social media and take care of your child. Also post partum depression is real so be very careful. Leave all this social media wars. And stop dragging Elohors name in the mud. You are not on her level of you like have 2 trillion naira in account.

    Peace and Love

  • I don't like both bxxxxx
    LI is razz with a PhD in razz

    EEA is full of shit and full of herself I had an encounter with her on Instagram until I blocked and spammed her page. She acts like a her shit smell like roses. And to make matters worse she talked shit about Idris Elba girlfriend (Idris is my brother friend we grew up in Hackney). I said to her fck you Elohor, at least Sabrina got a man your bitchy stank ass got left by your husband cos of your bitchiness.
    You'll be single till u die. Same with Linda

    I doubt jeremi will marry any of these heffas..

    Whom hell marry no one knows her cos she is private like him

    • Foolish woman I'm not Sabrina. Get off your fking high horse, or you elohor you will be single till you die. Skank bitch. Humble yourself No wonder your marriage didn't last and your ex found a better woman. Shameless thing. You have the most stank attitude ever.

  • Wow wow wow. Hey Linda, please if you can truly do it, please add me to your monthly payment package dear. Before anything congratulations. Azuka thanks a whole lot also for the misdirection. Surulere and father's house a bag full of laugh. It's obvious loads don't understand style of writing or use of English. But it doesn't matter though. Linda please would send my account details ASAP. 😜😄

    • Azuka is an old hag. Jealous biatch. After fuc*ing and having a baby for her ex bestie's hubby, she still has the guts to come type trash.

    • Shameless beggar. Everyone knows your story out there. Old ugly fool. Didnt u call freda to beg for money a few days ago and she sent u? Wasnt it enough?yet u included her name in your lies. Everyone knows your game dont worry your time will soon ne up..old idiot that wont go.and face family it is the old frustrated celebs that give u pussy I pity. Dirty old fool..even Yobo that u think I roll with knows your game linda heraelf says she pays u so why act like u are surprised?u collect money from her.And there is proof..that was how owen oasoen used tp pay sch fees fpr ur kids until he stopped cos the betrayal was toouch..we know you oldan..we know you

    • Anon 10:38 suprised you are following the “Ugly old fool’s” blog. If I were you, I wouldn’t. Seems you think you have more class than Aloba. If I ws to judge from you post, you sound Wretched so not sure who is more classy? Aloba “the Ugly fool” OR Anon “The bitter wretched woman”?

    • Anon 4.25pm You forgot to add Hermes birkin bag. None of those popular high class girl is worthy to be wifey. They are meant to have fun with and when is time to marry, go with s quite and not over exposed Birkin/chanel girls. Like what Skymit Motor did. He was going out showing off with those girls but when it was time for him to marry, he married a young simple girl from Lasu and they are still together today. Those girls are too much after superficial stuff

  • So he has the following babes:
    Elizabeth Elohor Aisien
    Linda Ikeji
    Dabota Lawson
    Kika Good Hair?
    WOW! He is the GOAT then.

  • Lolllllllllll. Wow wow wow. Seems like a livewire was touched oooooo. Eeeyah. First Elohor was my boss, now she's no more that. Na wa. Owen AK47 my geeee. Let's get it on!!!! On FF. No problem. It's a good thing. Linda dear, I truly, sincerely want that 50000 a month, who would not accept a free thing! Please when you decide, I send my account details. Since you E want to play the game. Let's start jare! For your information though I have never lived in Surulere in my life before.

    • Aloba ignore Eloho, she's the one ranting upandan. Useless woman.dont allow these women push you to the wall. For them to continue to attack you means that you are doing something amazing. Be consistent, always show up. Always update your blog. You are the maestro. Always remember that

    • Which Maestro?? He need to update and be focus rather than going around for peanuts from celebrities and handout from his Oga – Linda

    • @Maestromedia. STFU The comment about you being silenced by Linda with money might be true though. Why did you keep quite all this while and now going back to back with her story? Who cares now about what you have to write? Definitely not me. Get yourself together and become a billionaire like her. I see moshame in your game looking h for hands down from that little girl that started yesterday after you

  • Abiola, Abiola, Abiola!!! Pls ignore those rants. We that know you know you've never been a Surulere person neither do you beg beg.

  • Everyone has on drama or the other. She is a socialite and rolls with the wrong people. She should just focus on her children.