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Lady in red, in gorgeous peplum dress

Another gorgeous red number 

Blue by Tubo Woman

In her industry, that’s talking about the entertainment industry, this thespian par excellence, an award winning interpreter of roles has got the game totally on the lock down!!! If you would rate top 5 most stylish of all times in that industry, she would be amongst the top 3 no doubt!!! And that says a whole lot.

We weren’t mincing words when we say she is one of the very best to have come out her world. And we have also put into consideration the past, the present and we are even already looking forward to the future and we can’t see very many yet, who can do it like she does it.

“Rita Uchenna Nkem Dominic Nwaturocha” 43 (D.O.B July 12, 1975), makes style look effortless. Like it is her 2nd nature, a part and parcel of her being. And like we have always said, for us, ‘Style is not just about the dress (es) (outfits). For us it is all encompassing, a totality of the the well-being. For you can wear the best of the best and still make it look totally and unbelievably and unquestionably drab and cheap!

Style means from the hair, to the make-up, to the nails to the dress (outfit), to the carriage, to the attitude, to the steps and the sheer confidence and joy that the personage exudes, the Oomph projected, when all the elements come together and all speaking-poise, elan etc without being unnecessarily loud, the head to toe package, that for us is S.T.Y.L.E!!!

All of what we have spelled out above and more is what Rita spells and because of it, we have been absorbed totally and without a doubt in her magic and therefore we have thought to salute, without any form of reservation whatsoever.

Not only is she good at what she does, as the awards that have poured in in torrents testifies to that, she is also a perfect representation or better still representative of that world of klieglights and make belief, but the beauty of hers is that, hers is as real as you can get it, not FAKE!! 

This salute to her style, is a well deserved salute to a real  entertainment style icon already in the making. She doesn’t do too much and that’s our trip, not for her the over indulgence of packing on too much, but what actually, gets us is the embodiment of the Parisian chic that she projects.

It is well known all over the world that the French, both men and women are some of the classiest, most stylish dressers in the world and they project that effortless charm that’s inviting, which is why most would forgive their in built rudeness! It’s like Rita has either studied them or she’s just naturally French in her mind and this comes off in how she perfects her looks and we are mesmerised by it.

So we lift up our glass of bubbly in celebration of Ms. Rita and we ask her to take a bow, for her style and good representation.

And so we say—-“Salute-Elegante….., long may your reign of exquisite gorgeousness be!!!!!!

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