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Welcome to the “Throne of Grace” , the haven of exquisite beauty and functionality.

Located in the heart of Victoria Island, at 11 Bishop Aboyade Cole St, next to the famous Nail Studio. This is Nigeria’s number one haven for the most exclusive, most exquisite, very upscale and very contemporary, totally stand out, quite impressive Italian furnitures and furnishings.

We go the extra length, the mile, we take the pain away from our clients to get for them what turns an ordinary house into a home, that becomes a pride of a place, turning a carcass into an enclave of beauty that’s very fascinating and quite functional or an ordinary space into offices that stands out and impresses, but very functional too.

The brand takes the pride in stocking some of the most exclusive names or brands in furniture,  that are renowned for their awesomely intricate and stand out designs with modern flair, renowned for their superb functionality and  exquisite beauty and so much more.

Owned by the very stylish and very hardworking Monalisa Okoye, Throne of Grace is not just only about selling firnitures and furnishings, they are also renowned experts in space management and interior designs/decorations either for homes or offices, for hotels and more.

In the last few years, we have handled and executed some of the most exclusive, first class but very private projects across the country from Lagos to Abuja to Anambra to Port Harcourt and more. All of these various, very well appreciated projects have all won the brand loads of commendations, which have also brought in more jobs too.

At Throne of Grace, the brand is backed by some of the best trained experts in interior designs and space management, from briefs to the execution of such briefs, we make use of some of the best things available in the market to deliver jobs that would wow the client as well as others who come across our jobs and projects.

We are also supported by the expertise of the brands in Italy that we deal with and we stock. You can either buy off the rack, meaning you see things at our gorgeous studio/showroom and you pay and we deliver to your destination or we go through catalogs together or you come up with or we agree on suggestions on what your preferences are, we adapt to your specific signature needs and we execute and deliver to you.

We are a Nigerian brand with world class, 7 star focus, ready to serve your needs in the niche market we play in.

We are in a Liga of our own and we take pride in that distinction!!!! Never ready to compromise on quality and our service.

Welcome again to Throne of Grace, exquisite furnitures and furnishings is what we know. Space management and exquisite designs is the expertise we deliver! Check us out.


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