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Kiss of life

Entering with the dad-Pastor Chris

Officiating minister Pastor Benny Hinn 

The super elated and overjoyed father led his first daughter and child into the hall as renowned televangelist BENNY HINN waited patiently to conduct the service that would officially stamp the gorgeous bride as the newest wife in town, so show could be now addressed officially as Mrs. Sharon Carissa Phillip FRIMPONG.

Pastor Benny Hinn the officiating minister was supported by other pastors and clergy men. He is renowned for his healing ministry, of which Pastor Chris too has made a name for himself across the world. After the beautiful traditional wedding in the bride’s hometown of Benin in Edo State, those behind the whole ceremonies had said that the Lagos edition of the nuptial was going to be totally upscale and that it would be tagged the “white royal wedding” and it was like a royal wedding indeed, as the 1st princess in the household of Rev. Dr. Chris Oyakhilome, Sharon like Diana, the late former Princess of Wales looked every inch like a royal.

Her supremely beautiful white wedding gown was totally glam and gorgeous and it is very obvious, indeed very glaring for all to see that good money was well spent to make everything happen. Pastor Chris is noted to be one of the top 5 Wealthiest men of God in Nigeria and by extension Africa and nothing was spared to make this occasion, the 1st in his immediate family a grand occasion by all and every standard.

The husband, Phillip FRIMPONG, who is the co-founder of ONUA an online Advertising agency, looked super handsome and well garbed, just like his father-in-law, who is known very much as a super stylish bloke. The officiating minister, Pastor Benny Hinn as usual too was on top of his game, with his silver air well cuffed and outfit as outstanding as usual.

Congratulations to the couple. 


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