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Love like it is said conquers all. All hurts and everything negative that can bring or cause heartbreak and it seems like that’s how tall, dark and handsome, Ghanaian heartthrob Chris Attoh sees love. Not for him the darkness, not for him the heartache, not for him the negativity, but for him just love, pure and simple. That kind that totally sweeps everything away and while doing that even sweeps the one in love, off their feet too, basking in the euphoria of an unexplainable, deep rooted feeling.

After only just a year since he divorced his ex-wife of just under 3 years and mother of his son, that’s talking about the gorgeous and fantastically gifted thespian Damilola Adegbite, the handsome bloke, as shown he is not immune to love and has thought to take the plunge again and give matrimony another trial. And this time around again, the lady is also another stunner per excellence.

The wedding was said to have happened on Saturday, October 6, 2018 in Ghana. The new wife is said to be of Caribbean origin and Chris is head over heels, unquestionably madly in love with the lady. So swept off is he that he had to exclaim it thus-

“I want to thank God for his love and for hearing my prayers, indeed when the sun appears, all things are suddenly seen with clarity!!! Thank you Jesus, thank you Lord!!! ❤️❤️❤️”


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  • Aloba, Ehizogie of Sayaveth Interiors just called her Husband- Kenneth on Emmanuel Iyamu a devil reincarnate and an occultic man. All gloves are out

  • Aloba, Ehizogie of Sayaveth Interiors just called her Husband- Kenneth on Emmanuel Iyamu a devil reincarnate and an occultic man. All gloves are out

    • Ehi is a greedy dirty and fake girl and she met her match in occultism in Ken. The man is an oil mafia and Ehi couldn't tame him all to her greedy self reason why is is so bitter and angry. Who says such a statement to the father of their child on social media? This shows how dummy she is. She only knows how to lay it down for guys

  • At Palesa Yes we carry Ehi's story because that is part of life. We all talk about one another. Why are you carrying her story for head too. She put her story there first and people help her to finish her story. If she is your friend since you always defend her, why don't you advise her to zip it

  • @ Palesa If you love Ehi that much why don't you tell her to zip it and stop putting her dirty linens in public? Did anyone tell her to post on social media that her husband is a an occultic and a fake man that acts like a rich man in public while her immediate family lives in penury? And now doing damage control to clear her statement? Please tell her to focus on her kids and stop making nuisance of herself

  • Small poking, una show face😂😂, Na wah o. You people should be happy with the mess going on, why still so angry? What more do you guys want? Una prophecies came to pass, drink Fanta una no gree, take bitter kola, una no still want. Which one you dey for the society?😂😂😂

    • Who is this eleribu drooling from the mouth like an imbecile because of stupid matter. If she bothers you so much you know where she works, go and meet her. Idiot! See me just having fun and joking with everyone even after you called your stupid self puppy, and this goat is just convulsing everywhere. Chill out and stop spouting “STFU” all the time like a silly being. This life is not hard pls, carry your frustrations with Ehi elsewhere.

    • @ Palesa I'm not the other Anonymous but i will respond to your nonsense comment because if their is one person that is losing it over the ratchet Ehi is no one but you and you need to STFU too. Why are you alway being a pest over Ehi story and taking panadol for her headache Ehi's puppy.
      Stop fighting her battle and zip your filthy dirty mouth. And if you really care that much about her that you are making nuisance of yourself all over the Internet fighting a lost battle, why don't you advise her to stop calling her husband an irresponsible and occultist. Get. Life and stop being a nuisance for ratchet and immoral girl. She has always been into married men and pray that your man meet a woman like her that will do same thing Ehi has done to other women too. From her first husband to this one ( if you cannot say amen to my prayer for your man to meet a devious woman just like her, then STFU)