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Abdulrahaman Abdulrazaq

Hon. Razak Atunwa

Prince Ayorinde Adedoyin 

Wow wow wow. While the election in Lagos is seen as a big battle between the APC’s own Babajide Olusola Sanwoolu and PDP’s own Jimi ‘JK’ Agbaje. Oyo’s battle would be between APC’s former CBN deputy Governor and PDP’s own Seyi Makinde, the battle in Kwara is three pronged and it promises to be epic by all accounts as the 3 aspirants representing the 3 most visible political parties in the state are heavy, heavyweights by all accounts. Not only are they very visible, the trio are also moneybags by any account you’ll want to judge it by.

On the side of the APC, you have the one and only Abdulrahman Abdulrasaq, a billionaire businessman oil magnate now turned politician. He at the last election gave the Senate President, Dr. Bukola Saraki a major scare at the Kwara Central Senatorial election. And there’s no love lost between the 2. When Saraki jumped ship to the APC back then, Abdulrasaq immediately moved out of APC & moved over to the PDP. Just as soon as Saraki again jumped ship to the PDP from the APC, Abdulrasaq immediately dusted himself again and moved out of the PDP back to the APC with about 120000 supporters.  The 50 plus year old moneybag, with major investments in oil and gas and others, is the founder of First Fuels and is not a neophyte at all in the political terrain of Kwara State. He would love to have one over Saraki at all cost, as he believed that he won against him the last time.

To become the flag bearer of the APC in Kwara State, the very intelligent businessman, sports enthusiast cum politician dusted all other contenders by polling 29098 votes against Alhaji Yammah Abdullahi who came 2nd and polled 22116 votes. AA as he is referred to by a lot of people has the resources and wherewithal in abundance (a moneybag per excellence) to prosecute his ambition to a favourable conclusion. His younger sister is the popular Senator Khairat Abdulrazaq Gwadabe. What he has going for him apart from age, he his just 58, is that he has a proven wealth of experience in the private sector in creating wealth. His business forays has him having investments as far as Cote D’ivoire. He is the founder and sponsor of Abuja FC. From our findings, there’s an unprecedented groundswell of ever rising support for him to win the election. In fact the elite and others prefer him far above every other aspirant for the job.

Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq, is one of the well to do kids of the first ever lawyer from Northern Nigeria. His dad Alhaji A.G.F Abdulrazaq a renowned jurist was also a prominent Minister in the 1st Republic.

In the race to the Ahmadu Bello Way Governor’s office also is another very formidable personality by name Hon. Razak Atunwa. A super intelligent lawyer and Lawmaker, who since he returned to Nigeria and Kwara State has been very much involved in Governance as it concerns politics in Kwara State. His bio for a 48 year old is quite staggering and impressive.

He knows his beloved Kwara State inside and out as he has been part of the Governance in the state for quite a bit, which is a major plus for him. He was a commissioner over many different portfolios-finance, land and housing, information, works & transportation, in Kwara State from 2005 till 2011, that’s all of 7 years, before he was elected into the State House of Assembly KWHA where he went on to become the speaker of the house from 2011 till 2015, for 5 years after which when he ran for the House of Representative and won to represent Asa/Ilorin West at the House (so that’s at least 15 years experience in Governance). It is from the lower House now that he contested the Governorship Primary of the PDP which he won to represent the Party now at the next election.

He is a very strong ally of Dr. Bukola Saraki under who he was the Commissioner. He had got his law degree both LLB and LLM in London and was called to the bar also on London too. In fact according to the gist he was brought back from London by the late Dr Olusola Saraki, where at a point he was said to have been cab driver to help fund his education. There’s the little controversy though about where he is from in Ilorin, for no one has ever been able to pinpoint his supposed family house in Ilorin. His strong connect with the Saraki political family may either be positive or negative for him in the long run.

The last but not the least personality by no means is none other than the ‘Prince of Agbamu’ himself, “Prince Ayorinde Adedoyin”. Prince Ayorinde has thought to tread a totally different path to achieve his aim. He would be riding on the back of the Accord Party towards the goal. But to talk about this quintessential good dude and Philanthropist per excellence, we would first talk about his father, the super wealthy industrialist, Sir Samuel Adedoyin of the Doyin Groups Fame. The old man’s story is the stuff dreams are made of. The old man now in his 80s rose from grass, the very last rung by the dint of hard work and providence to grace. He owns a vast conglomerate that includes industries and vast property portfolio and other investments. Ayorinde Adedoyin is his 1st son and the highly connected young man by every standard, is not a pushover at all too by any means.

By the grace of God, the man in his early 50s whose late elder sister was a former Health Minister and a Lawmaker, that’s Hon. Funke Adedoyin till she recently passed on, has really done extremely well for himself too in business. Not one to sit on his oars, believing that wealth has already been made and then all he needs to do, is to run his father’s vast business and that’s it. But as soon as he finished school he immediately branched out and began to chart his own path immediately, by setting up his own firms which are variously into maritime, oil and gas, logistics, aviation, real estate and hospitality, all under the umbrella of a holding company Peacegate Group. Peace Gate group is a successful multifaceted company by all standards. He has going for him, very excellent private sector experience.

His passion for Kwara State is enveloping. The Prince of Agbamu believes so much that not even a quarter of the endowment of his beloved Kwara have been exploited. And like he preaches at every turn, that his ambition is not a do or die one, just that he wants to serve his beloved state to the best of his abilities. He has come in as a new star, not on the old beaten track of the APC or PDP, but as a real alternative from the Accord Party!!!

So from the looks of things, this would be a 3-pronged battle ROYALE, a major slamdunk 2019 event!!!!! Who would carry the day eventually! !! 


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