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First of, let’s tell you all categorically that Dakore Egbuson-Akande is beautiful inside and outside. And we say that with all sense of responsibility. We are not mincing words either too. And she’s also a consummate professional to the core too.

On this occasion of her big 4-0, being born on October 14, 1978 we would have loved to wax exceptionally lyrical by spewing out much epistles, but we have found out that the truth doesn’t need colouration at all and doesn’t have to be so long and so much. Punchlines, can equally easily do the job and carry the intended weight of delivery too.

Facially and body-wise, this wife and mother, sister and aunty, child of, cousin to, niece of, friend to is as beautiful as they come, in fact what greatly adds to her own beauty is her good, gracious and very caring heart. She is a human-being in the proper sense of it, humane to the core. We have known her now for more than a decade. And we believe that length of time is enough to know someone very well to a certain deep extent and to be able to at least testify of their character. Character like it is said is like smoke, you can’t hide it. Dakore is a good person!

She is also a dynamite of a talent. Many might not know that apart from acting, she was first and foremost a singer and she’s equally very good at it too, just like she’s is awesome as a role interpreter. So we can tag her very well without the fear of contradiction, as a thespian per excellence. It was through her that we met her hunk of a husband and we are always delighted to see both of them together at occasions as they fit so perfectly.  Dude himself is also a good, pleasant person. When nature sees how you are, we believe it allows the right things and people to come your way. This 2 are more like one person in 2.

On this your 40th birthday, the 40th year of your existence, that 40th major step in your journey on this realm, we wish you more happiness, peace on all sides, outpouring of immeasurable love. May this birthday be the beginning of the rest of your life. May your glow forever and that glow and love continually embrace and envelope all around you and all that you encounter. May you leave indelible prints upon the sands of time. Long may you live.

Happy 40th birthday. 


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