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The palace has somewhat come out to confirm that a new wife for the king has been found. Judging by the message from the OONI’S IG handle, we can now tell you categorically that the Ooni of Ife, or better still the Oonirisa Adimula of Ife, Africa’s number one and most reverred king, the son of Oduduwa himself, the chief spokesperson for the Yoruba race, his imperial majesty, Oba Adeyeye Enitan Babatunde Ogunwusi, Ojaja II has finally again, found his long lost missing rib.

The new wife is a stunning beauty from Akure in Ondo State and she is a prophetess and her name is the former Miss Prophetess/Evangelist Shilekunola Naomi Moronke Oluwaseyi of the En-Herald Ministry, who is 25 years old. The gorgeous lady of ‘God’, had a major program in December of 2017 in Akure, Ondo State, tagged ‘Hosanna Night’, it was the 1st of it’s kind program in that city. See the YouTube video above.

This marriage, which was officially stamped yesterday, is the 3rd missionary journey for his revered majesty. Both his earlier marriages ended in divorces and the prayers from all and sundry is that this would be a far more successful journey than the earlier 2. His first was to Olori Adebukola, which was at a early age and which didn’t yield any issues till it scattered, and the last which was to Olori Wuraola Otiti from the Benin kingdom in Edo state lasted only for several months, before the centre couldn’t hold again and both had to go there separate ways, that one also didn’t yield any fruit too.

This time around, it seems like the oracle took its time to search and pick the right personality to be the queen (Olori) of Ife better still Ile-Ife. The beloved new wife of Oba Ogunwusi is a young lady at only 25 years old  It is the fervent prayer of all and sundry that this particular oracle’s choice this time around would be the very best.

We can tell you categorically and authoritatively that it was a low key traditional marriage ceremony yesterday, Thursday  October 18, 2018 with only very close family members on both sides in attendance. Moronke’s parents and siblings were part of it all and she even arrived the palace about 10 yesterday. We can also tell you authoritatively, that yesterday’s ceremony is just it, no big wedding ceremony is coming up anywhere again, except maybe some kind of reception though, if people go to visit the Kabiyesi.

With this union, this marriage is the amalgamation (merging) of the traditional religion (isese) of the king, who is a father of all religion and the Christian faith of his new wife. We pray that the blessings of God would pour upon the newly married and make this a very fruitful one. We are in fact already awaiting in the next few months, the twins that would be the first fruits of Naomi and the 2nd fruit of Kabiyesi but wouid now be his 3kids. 


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  • She speaks well and I have a feeling that he might be a virgin too. Good luck to both of them on this marital journey. And hopes she get pregnant ASAP

    • Anon 3.12 PM Linguistic Professor can you post your own speaking video and let us be the judge on how perfect you speaks. I don't know the new Olori nor I'm related to her or Ooni but truth be told and and at such age and with the Facebook post I saw about her ministry, I GIVE IT TO HER

    • Ok, fine-she is a local Akure/ekiti fine champion. Not eloquent but adequate. We will manage her like that. Read on LIB she has a fleet of exotic cars and very wealthy. Coded runz in her past by powerful men like the king. But sha, she will do for now. She looks like she might have gotten pregnant. She was arranged for him. Tall bleached to lightness and she at least has a passion for something. She seems to be able to carry her own even at this young age. She will grow and become more refined. We will help her become the best Yoruba Queen!

    • Beauty is a skin deep but my thing about her is that she seems to have a good head on her shoulder, put together and focus too.

  • pls people should leave ooni nd this girl alone. He has finally found his wife. She is an omo omi(water child) & daughter of the river goddess just like the ooni himself. And as a child of water, her water spirit is of the light side not the dark side hence she's a priestess.. The ooni's own is of the light side thats why u see him bn religious but cos of his traditional tittle, he tries to balance it. Before this marriage I saw it in my dreams and I told him via dm 5months ago and yes I am a water child myself and I am of the light side.(God side) & we are very powerful spiritually.
    people are just confused with this Christianity of a thing. who do u think God truly is?? and from what did He bear CREATION from??? Is He God not of WATER & SPIRIT?? does He not dewl in the the water above? (Heaven) and where is the universe from?? does the spirit of GOD not flow in the waters??
    This marriage is the last for the ooni and he has met his divine wife connected to him by our Creator.
    FYI, I am not related to any party by tribe or whatsoever, as I am Delta & I am a proud water child..

  • @anon 6:39, I look like a normal human being. nne a water child doesn't mean one looks differently , it's a spiritual thing. I am light in completion nd very beautiful.😘

    @anon 9:52, I leave in Lagos. u??