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Ozinna Anumudu, Nkiru Anumudu & Joyce Jacob

Joyce Jacob

The beautiful tear drop diamond engagement ring. 

At the couple’s engagement in March of 2018

Loved up duo-Enyinna & Joyce

Joyce Jacob

What a feeling??? That’s love for you. It has this air of totally lifting and suspending the one she envelopes into the cloud and they are suspended in the air of giddyness, drunk in the effect of an unexplainable and overwhelming joy. Those around you would begin to see the beautiful glow that covers the one, most often the feeling can be contagious too.

So the renowned make up professional, born and bred in the US, but from Imo State by name Joyce Jacob, 29 is having her “Traditional wedding and Engagement” ceremony, come December 27, 2018 in her home state and it promises to be off the hook! Joyce’s Beau, that’s Enyinna Anumudu, is none other than the second son of top billionaire and businessman owner of Globe Motors, Uncle Willie Anumudu and his stupendously stylish and gloriously fashionable wife, Nkiru Anumudu. Nkiru is known to be on 1st name basis with the likes of Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana of the Dolce & Gabbana fame; And
that’s just one amongst several designers that she’s on their speed dial.

While Joyce Jacob is renowned for what she does, which is make up artistry, she owns her own eponymous brand that was established in 2009, having a clientele list that boasts of the likes of Angela Simmons, Alek Wek, Alexandra Burke, Tiwa Savage, Lloyd Banks, Millen Magese, Waje Iruobe, Dolapo Sijuwade, Abisola Kolapo-Daisi (nee Ajimobi), Omawumi just to mention a few. Enyinna apart from being the 2nd son of uncle Willie, that’s his nickname and the gorgeous Nkiru-rated to be one of thr most stylish Africans alive; he is an up and coming banker. Enyinna is in fact the 2nd son of 4 kids in all. Uzoma Anumudu is 31, born August 1987 and is the first born, followed by Enyinna who is about to get married, who recently clocked 30, born 1988, he is followed by the twins, who are the last borns- Ozinna (Zina) & Ozichukwu (Zikky) born, December 19, 1991 making both 27 come December 2018.

While Ozinna one part of the twins is the founder and owner of “The Style Concierge”, she is in fact a major chip off the old block, just as super stylish like her doting mom (check out our upcoming profile on her). Zikky her twin brother lives in the US, where according to the information at our disposal, he is doing very, very well!

So all the roads would be leading to Joyce Jacob’s village (town) in Owerri, Imo State come Thursday, December 27, 2018, though the invitation cards are not out yet. Her place is said to be just about 30 minutes away from Mbieri, in Mbaitoli council which is just 8 km from Owerri, which is where Uncle Willie her father-in-law is from. This wedding promises to be a top Liga event as this would be the first wedding ceremony of one of the kids of the famous Anumudus and in fact Enyinna’s wedding is the first by any of the grandchildren in the family.

With the kind of money that Uncle Willie is reputed to have & equally with how very solid Nkiru’s family from Nanka in Orumba North Local Government area of Anambra are too and not forgetting also that Joyce’s family are no pushovers at all in any way, then it would be one first class, cultural jamboree, that would be very well steeped in ibo tradition and culture, come the date.

All the big named friends of both families are eagerly awaiting the day as they prepare to celebrate with the Anumudu’s, most especially many of thrme upscale friends of Nkiru, who would do anything possible to play dress-up. No matter how big the traditional and engagement ceremony would be though, if the kids would allow their parents to host their “white wedding” which should come up in the new year, that is 1st quarter of 2019 most likely, then Lagos would most likely be the venue & if not Eko Hotel, then it would be somewhere very upscale and we can bet it would be super stylish, totally 7-stars all the way. We are trusting Nkiru to help package that as a one in town party that would be one of the best to happen in 2019.

So wait for it. Congratulations in advance to the couple.

More after the break.

Enyinna had proposed to his babe-Joyce earlier in the year, Saturday, May 26, 2018 to be more precise. And the over elated Joyce had spoken about it on her instagram page afterwards-

“Besides conquering face beats, meeting the man of my dreams has always been a day I looked forward to”.

“A man ordained by God who is capable of loving me unconditionally. Also, a man that I could love unconditionally. That man is Enyinna Anumudu!!!

Last night was such a whirlwind of emotions, excitement, pure joy, and tears; as my Enyi asked me to be his wife! Of course I said yes!

I wouldn’t choose anyone else in the universe! I am so ready for this journey as we move forward to all God has in store for us!

“Another highlight of the evening was seeing my big sister Peace & Brother in-law Dozie who flew over 5,000 miles to surprise me! I could never thank you two enough for making my proposal that much more special!

So what this solemnization is all about, is the celebration of pure, unadulterated love. 


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  • At Fan Hmmm!!! You must have been living in the wood to have made such comment about Nkiru. Go back to that wood you came from Fan She is harmless my foot

    • Here’s to help you with your nitwit head. My comment was sticking to this topic about her family and in response to the first comment about scaring her grandkids when they are born. Again, in a family setting Nkiru is harmless. I’m not here to discuss her personal life. Please stick to the topic at hand and if you took comprehension lessons in primary school you must have been sleeping and you need a refund. Except of course you studied in the same woods (not wood as you indicated) that you think other people came from. Grow a pair.

  • @ Fan. Did she give you her used masquerade clothes or bags? Sorry that the anonymous got under your skin. You better go and get your money for defending her

  • Yes oo, Fan, Aunty Nkiru is a nice lady. She just needs to cut down on the gossiping, but she's actually a sweet lady. This isn't the rainbow son, is it?