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Do you go out a lot? Have you seen or noticed the avalanche of very feminine-guys that seems to be out and about a lot nowadays? Anytime and everytime there’s a major fashion show in town, it’s like who’s let out the dogs??? They come out in great numbers and are mostly often in a group. So once you know one amongst the group, it is very very likely that the whole group or team are all the same then. Like it is said, birds of identical plumage, congregate in the same vicinity. So it’s like even if they don’t want to be noticed or want tk be clandestine, they just gather in a group, by default !!!

Mind you, it’s not a problem for us at all and we are not complaining about it anyway, as it doesn’t necessarily bother or affect us any which way, it’s just that we have observed over time now, that more and more babe-guys are coming out of their cocoons/shells daily and are somewhat openly embracing whom they feel they are! Like someone said, they are openly embracing their femininity and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Imagine also that it’s not just about the guys alone, even the women/ladies who favour their own like, also seem to be increasing daily and are coming out of their shells too! We know a few, in fact quite a lot. But since it’s their stew, would allow them to eat as they want. But one we know for sure, who is an Abuja based multimillionaire.

You would be shocked to learn or know that many in the creative/artistic industry are part of those we have noticed. Plenty of those in the fashion industry. Models and designers alike and many others too, especially some in the entertainment industry too.

Just imagine that we took the courage very recently and approached a young, very brilliant and quite creative lady who was willing to say a bit about herself. In opening up, what she said actually shocked us a bit!!! She revealed/confessed that she has never ever being attracted to the opposite sex (male) before. In fact she went on to say that she’s strictly into the lady-lady love and she was actually disvirgined by another lady and that she can never ever be attracted to a man, neither can she allow a man get into her Bermuda Triangle, that sacred and hallowed cave of discovery. She even went on and gave her situation a name, which we cannot readily remember now! We were just too shocked to continue, so we just had to leave her in peace!

Back to the shy-boys, though they are men/guys/boys their very dispositions reveals their preferences. A lot of the time, they can even be more feminine than even the actual women are, that is, those who were actually born as female as nature allowed it! There’s a way they effortlessly cross their legs when they seat with the grace and Oomph of a lady. There’s the way they do their hands when gesticulating or even when just talking. Though some of them are very manly in their appearances, but if you take the time to watch them, they are kind of very fruity and soft, in that female sort of way. We actually know a Yoruba dude with the initials WA, who is that fruity in all types of way. There’s a way he does his lips, roll his eyes and talk, that you just know for a fact, he is a babe-guy. The one that particularly gets us is when these she-guys come out wearing their feminity up their sleeves in the choice of their outfits that they wear out.

Imagine wearing totally transparent, lacy outfits in some kinds of fruity colours!!!! When you see those outfits you immediately know they are feminine, but they would wear with much aplomb without batting an eye.

And because we see more and more, newer ones at that as occasions/events comes up, we are won’t to ask if more and more are recruited daily or just that people are just coming out and declaring who they are??? 


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  • Its a real shame and very scary..wish u could publish names and see what happens. It might help put shame and caution. Am really afraid for the newer generation.

  • The height of hypocrisy. I came straight to comments without even reading the post. Aloba you're extremely feminine, it even shows in your poses in your Instagram pics. Let's not even get to your colourful writing style. Wife and two kids doesn't fool anybody. Everybody knows which team a current presidential candidate plays for despite his dozen kids.

    I don't judge effeminate or guys that are suspect, live and let live. You know you're in a society where being gay is criminal so the last thing you should be doing is pointing fingers especially when you haven't pointed yours at yourself.

  • Aloba, I don't want to believe what shaking my head is insinuating about you. I don't see you as being feminine nor gay!

  • My dearest gbg. I wish I was fruity for I would have made crazy money from it. To violate my bum would have meant mad payments. Truth is I can't be for i know what the thing is and whence if came from. It has to do with a spirit thing, it is a dna issue. You are it because of where your spirit being hails from. It's not a thing you do as a fling or just for the sake of it. So in response I had rather be an eunuch than it. The head shaking person's cord was obviously touched by my observation and write-up, so he/she needed to defend his/her community to which he/she has a right to defend.

    • Of course I trust you my dear. And so do I understand that shaking my head is guilty of the post you made.

    • Hey Aloba please can you explain this spirit thing to me? I’m really trying to understand this thing as it has become very popular now?

  • Just read the post. So it is even just WA that you’re calling out? Stale gist. I am just triggered by the sarcasm in this.

    I’ve seen you at a couple events saying hello to my older sister when I still lived in Lagos. I got that “vibe” from you from the very first time I saw you.
    Again, your personal life or preference is none of my business so it doesn’t bother me.

    Your instagram is seriously not helping.

    Wearing fitted knee-length shorts at your ripe age when most younger guys (straight ones included) won’t :

    Same fruity colourful outfit you’re against:

    These glasses speak for themselves:

    Posting a grown man wearing a kilt and saying he looks great in it:

    Rolling up your trousers so high like many of the ones you’re attacking:

    The same way you think you’re not feminine is the same way some others may not see it in themselves. Don’t throw stones in glass houses.

    • Wow, you have time. They say people who can tell who is gay/lesbian or people who have a gaydar are gay/lesbian.

      Are you?

    • He/she has got serious time, obviously one of that clique. Sorry if we've mentioned your name or partner's name here in the past.

    • I never seen a picture of maestro before but I been a reader for years

      I could have sown the writer is gay for sure. There something about the way he writes . Shocked he married with kids

  • At shaking head or something. Please get you vibe right. Firstly you saw me in shorts inside an hotel room with my kids and wife around me. In fact my wife took those pictures and and encourages me to be more out than I even am. I roll my pants up, basically because to me it's a style that I like, either my Trousers are precise or I roll it. I like particular colours because in some cases I think sometimes a spot of bright colour is great. If you truly know me well like you said, then maybe your sister would have told you my world revolves around women then anything. I right on style,fashion and lifestyle, so I have had to develop myself, especially my style of writing by reading loads of Vogue, Vanity Fair, GQ and the likes. So to imagine me being fruity is a laugh. The other thing is to be on the other side and then expose them, would have made me an hypocrite, which I ain't.

  • Your fashion sense isn't much different from WA or even the very "elegant" doll maker TO (also married with kids).

    Regarding writing style, you write a lot like Perez Hilton and he's openly gay. If you changed the names of the celebs on your posts to American celebs I would have thought Perez wrote them for you. The excessive use of "!!!" and "??????" doesn't help. Don't let me even start on all the *wink* this and *wink* that, haba!

    Gossip blogs/magazines are the sisters (not even cousins) of the very same fashion and entertainment industries that you say is the core hub of these guys. Page Six, Dlisted, Just Jared etc….mostly girls and "feminine" guys work there. The editor of Vogue UK is gay, the editor of GQ USA is gay. Meanwhile in Naija there is LIB, Stella Dimoko, Lailasblog…….and Maestromedia.

    I no fit shout.

    PS: I "write" not I "right"

    • You just gave yourself away with your last paragraph!
      Aloba, please leave shaking my head…at least he's making the comment section 🔥

  • anonymous 3:43 truly am really scared for the newer generation.sometimes i imagine a normal human being will start feeling God made a mistake by creating them a male or female.the devil has really taking over.hmmmm,truly the end is near.God please have mercy on us.


  • Shaking head shut the hell up. You sound definitely fruity. Bloody fagott. Nonsense get lost. Also a don’t bother with this psychotic adofuro!!!

  • Ooooo no. Shaking head & friends shouldn't stop abeg. They need a place to let out steam or pent up rage, and so they are allowed to air their views. If the way I write is gayish it must mean I make the effort and so I am happy that trying to improve has been very noticeable. If the way I dress wearing my jeans folded or because I wore shorts at the hotel is fruity then, every stylish person I know then must be closet gays!!!!! I quite understand though, that a live wire was touched. So shaking head and Co, please have fun. Blow out please eeeeee!!!!!

  • Abiola, you've got special guests in house today. They're here for you not your BVs.
    You obviously stepped on their toes. Kindly ignore "it". Let it continue to rant, it's good for your blog.
    We know them gay community, bank MD, ex dictator, polo guys, entertainers, etc!

  • What about that chef that just married his actress wife. He is quite effeminate but no one batted an eyelid when he got married.

  • @anon2:08pm I ll gladly explain it to you. Who we are is not about the skin/body. We are our spirit-beings that the body carries. Every man is spirit being wearing the soul and domiciled in the body. The body we have determines the world we can exist in. For us in this plain we have the terrestrial body, the mortal bodies. Who we are really is who our spirit is and where that spirit came from. You can either be a descendant or an ascendant. To descend means that spirit being came from the bosom of the Father. To ascend means that spirit being was birthed by the abyss, the matrix. Each of the spirit beings have their characteristics and that's why some can be intrinsically evil without a remorse whatsoever. Where you came from also would determine where you would return to. Grass, weeds is of no use so it is burnt. What makes us up are all very important. The spirit being is the actual you, but it is not visible to the naked eyes. It is that part that connects you to the Supreme Spirit Being God. But because it is not from this plain, it must be trained to gain the superiority. For it is gain for it to be in charge. The body is earthly, terrestrial by nature. It follows the natural inclinations of the place that birthed it. And because it belongs here, the earth a world not yet perfect, it is mortal, tending towards death. Death is natural to the earth in the form it is now. The spirit must gain the ascendancy via the revelations it eats. The spirit being just like the earthly body needs food for sustenance. But what the spirit being eats, is what is called esoteric revelations. When you feed it aright, it grows in stature and nature and the effect of it is outward. There is what the soul does. The soul is the enabler, that allows the spirit being to live and engage the body. Without the soul the body is deceased (dead). The soul has the natural inclination towards the spirit being. When the spirit being combines with the soul in the absence of the body of is known as the ghost, it means the person is dead!!!! That was what was meant, When Jesus Christ, His Preeminence said, what shall it profit a man to gain the world and lose his soul. What He had said very codedly was what shall it profit you to own everything a b s still die!!!! Where your spirit being came from determines so many things. That's why many of those in the mild of fruity mess can tell you blatantly that that's how they were born. How they behave is just a natural thing to them. When they say that, they are not actually lying!!!! Your origin is very important. Your origin would determine where you would return to like already said before. Your spirit being came from somewhere and when it took body from the seed of your father as nurtured in the womb of your mother, it came on a mission here, on a pilgrimage, it must either return back or stay put. The ones that were never part of the original plan must return to whence they came in the 1st instance. Adam and Eve are the models for the actual human/mankind race. All that are of that race must conform to that model. Any that doesn't conform is an impostor and would be revealed as they truly are and sentenced. The womb of a woman is the only legal/legitimate means of entry into the terrestrial. To come another way is to violate the law any that understands spiritual laws, any ordained to interpret such laws, can deal with such impostors. Demons are spirits and not spirit beings because they have no bodies of their own to be able to express themselves. So to function they take possession of what does not belong to them. And because of how despicable and thoroughly and unrepentantly evil they are, wherever they possess, they destroy. They are extremely and indescribably ugly and evil and violent. Their are the origins of things. It is for you to know. There is where the gay spirit came from. Let me stop here for now.

    • Wow.. Thank you so much for the write up Aloba. Will keep reading it again and again. Means the world to me cos am trying to understand who I really am. @loveandwealth,i am yet to send a mail to you as suggested by gbg, Will do today around noon. Thank you

    • Well done Aloba,now I am beginning to understand this LGBT thing better from this angle. I have not been able to comprehend how a man will see all the different specs of women especially the boobs and correct ass all over the place and still say he is not attracted to the opposite sex but to a fellow man like himself and fucking the butts and vice versa for women to only want their fellow women…
      I have not thought of it from the spiritual POV, but this explanation of yours is quite revealing to me.

      I used to to also think it was a fad from the over exposed and indulgent western world with the third world countries just trying to fall in line, as with wanting to copy everything from them most times,rather annoyingly hook line and sinker.

      This your write up is quite expository but I believe it is still not normal… From the spiritual POV,the demons that can be attributed to this deviant orientation, can be overcomed by attacking it spiritually,if such people know who they are…

  • Aloba sounds just like my fave author, Anne Rice!. I was reading your piece and I understood perfectly. I like the same sex, never been attracted to a male… I’ve tried severally and gone for prayers, still nothing.
    Now I’ve tried to steer clear off that route but to God it’s really hard!.

    • You need help real fast. I've helped people like you change their orientation and now they've normal thoughts and sex drive. Pls seek help and don't be shy!

    • I hope you get the help needed. Sex with a man is sweet, the thrusts and even oral sex. I married my husband cos he's good in bed, Babcock girls nearly poured acid on me for being the one that ended up with him. Good luck.

    • It's good you're open to help Palesa. That thought need to be eradicated once and for all. You need to get closer to God and be busy with your religion. Stop using sex toys too if you've been. You can send an email to me, I'll be willing to help in the journey.

    • @fan, I’ve done 3days dry fasting countless times. It got to the extent the deliverance ministers stopped asking me to fast that my “egbe” usually comes to help me fast. A close relative of my is a regional Pst at mfm, so you can imagine how many deliverance programs I’ve been to… I’ve never opened to anyone, they just think my disinterest with marriage and men is a spirit husband thing. I see men and formerly., children as bothersome, the few times I did the do it was excruciatingly painful and I was just disgusted.

  • Aloba. No offence but you come off gay to me. I’ve met you severally and each time I say this man must be gay!

  • @Palesa, don't make the mistake of confiding in a friend or family. It may boomerang on you. Go see a medical doctor for psychotherapy referrals.
    Am protecting my real identity, would've invited you to my family hospital in Lagos.
    All the best.

  • Palesa we're in same boat. Just me am lesbian and still do my husband. Shame I only enjoy sex with women. Have seen a man of God for deliverance but his shakara is much. Kept saying my demons will hunt him for a while. My sister I confided in says i should be patient with him he'll still do it. For now in my head I always say NO when the thought flash again.

    • @anon, 11:47, I can’t stand a man’s touch. Atleast you are married…I’m super feminine, the everyday 4inch and above heel wearing, makeup and shiny jewelry kinda babe. I wonder sometimes maybe something happened to me when I was younger because I don’t understand why I despise men. But with women, I come alive in their midst! I always want my female friends around me, I don’t do anything sexual with them, I just feel secure with them… till I saw that most of them were just users and just around for their selfish reasons. Now I’m a loner and comfortable with being alone but sometimes I want a companion and it’s usually a woman I crave for.

  • 11:47pm. True be patient with the pastor. You can even beg or pester otherwise you'll keep going from one place to another. During my spirikoko days we were skeptical about deliverance. But we ended up doing for those who exercised patience or begged or pestered. Continue to say no to the thoughts. May the holy spirit descend upon you and you too Palesa. Amen IJN

  • Palesa I'm Anon 11:47pm. Mfm is ovevrrated when it comes to deliverance. Don't let them drain your beauty with dry fasting. The pastor doing shakara for me is from a not popular cac church and is very good in deliverance. When he's done with me, will open an email for you to reach me and give you his contact and others who helped deliver me. It's true you've egbe disturbing you. The egbe from edo are too stubborn.
    Yes fan, bisexual is the word for me .

    • @anon 11:47, are you also from Edo state? The thing tire me sef! Pls let me know how yours went. I pray the Pst attends to you soon. Thanks and God bless.

    • MFM is far from overrated when it comes to deliverance. Dry fasting for deliverance doesn’t have to be one week. Usually stop eating from Thursday night and go for deliverance on Sunday. There’s women’s one day deliverance where you stop eating on Friday night, wake up on Saturday and go for deliverance. It’s very effective. Then try Prayer City, that one you can’t even do. Very tough.

  • Hello Palesa. I believe that if you have the right mindset and trust God, especially if you are one of His own, nothing is impossible! I on my own though have very serious issues with all this crap deliverance many of these so called men of god (the small g was deliberate) say they do. The deliverance from my understanding of it, is when you are under the rain (outpouring of words/revelations) of a true Man of God and you are consistently under the atmosphere getting filled with true words, one of that abilities of the true messages is the cleansing ability. It had that power to purge and to remove dirts. Do not be deceived by the crap preachings that you hear nowadays, when someone would tell you that those that have such affections are also God's children. To say that would go contrary to what the scriptures says and the scriptures in its true sense is not contradictory. It spells it out clearly in Romans when it said-For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections:for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature: and likewise also the men, leaving the natural use use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another;men with men working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that recompense of their error which was meet. It went in to talk about a reprobate mind, which means a mind void of reasoning. So I brought up the book of Romans 1:26 to 28, to show you the mind of God concerning such affections. Since for you it hasn't gone further towards doing the deed itself, it is a mind issue that you can still work on. It is like being hooked on drugs, so get it out of your system. But you have to decide to help yourself. Many of those praying to help with the so called deliverance in the 1st place are contaminated souls, so if one is not careful, you could become even far worse than when you started. From what you haven't said though. I believe that certain things happened to you while growing up that helped to push your affections towards such a thing. If you were not naturally like that from birth, it must mean that certain things might have been happening or occurring around you and later to you to make you feel that was the proper way to Go. You must understand very well the character of God. There is such a thing as the character of God, when you begin to understand it, you would know for certain that because of that character of is, there are certain things that HE wouldn't do. Not because it is impossible for Him, but He wouldn't do because it is a violation of His character. One of such things is that He can never lie. Another of such a thing is that HE can never make a mistake. When He birthed Adam and Eve, the principal ancestor, He brought forth a male and a female. The unity of these 2 becomes one and they were like God as one. Their mission on earth was pro-creation. It is against the natural order of nature, for likes to attract like as husband and wife. There was never an instance where God changed from who He was at the beginning to another. Mankind's model or the human race model is none other than Adam and Eve. Any other model that must have come after through which any got their justification for Adam and Adam or Eve and Eve, is against the order of God. God got it right at the get go. He is a God of order and not of chaos. You need to tutor your mind to conform to the proper realities. At the end of time, any that is of the actual human race or mankind race must conform to the 1st and actual model, which is Adam and Eve. At that time all the fakes shall be revealed as the grotesque terribly horrible monsters that they are, who took up flesh in disguise and deceived many. When they are revealed for who and what they are, these waste or debris would now be commanded to go to whence they came from, the abyss. Nature has her laws and it must and would take full affect. None can escape it. I pray you get help and that help would work for you.

    • Thank you very much dear Aloba for your kind words of encouragement and to my fellow bvs that have reached out to me. You have given me a new, refreshing resolve to fight back and not just be complacent with this situation. I love you all.💕💕

  • Hiii Palesa, let's roll. Here's the email
    Maestromedia.anon at Hotmail dot com

    Unnecessary offers not needed.