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Femisoro Ajayi

Femi & Gbemi in an old picture together. 

It’s definitely going to be lit without any shadow of doubt!!!! That’s talking about top radio/media personality and Lifestyle entrepreneur (she owns her own shoe brand) GBEMI OLATERU-OLAGBEGI’S upcoming November 2018 wedding.

According to the available information, the d-date slated is Saturday, November 3, 2018.  And towards that upcoming day, she recently had a very beautiful bridal shower (hen night) that was organised for her by her very close friend, Olakunbi Tomori née Oyelese the founder/owner of April by Kunbi.

In attendance at the private party were some of GBEMI’s close pals-Toke Makinwa, Fade Ogunro, Kunbi Tomori and co. The happy bride was looking very gorgeous as usual in a piece by fashion brand-Tubo. That’s the fashion brand that is gradually becoming the go-to brand for the very stylish set in town. 2 of the fashion brand’s most visible clients are GBEMI herself and ace thespian Rita Dominic.

Gbemi would be getting married to a media consultant (talent manager) and entrepreneur, Femisoro Ajayi, who is also said to be Falz’s manager.

More pictures after the break.


Gbemi Olateru Olagbegi

Olakunbi & Gbemi 

Gbemi as Princess Gorgeous 


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  • for someone who is marrying late don't think all these drama and paparazzi is necessary.Do a quiet and coded wedding away from public scrutiny then you can throw a massive child christening by that time you and your hubby would have had a chance to build your union away from public scrutiny.I hope she realise Nigerians will now throw their whole focus on her marriage I wish her all the best sha,and use her as a point of contact for my own too congrats

    • I totally disagree with the view that she's marrying late so she should have a private wedding.

      I've friends who married late and had big weddings. If a big wedding is her dream, she's free to have it at any age.

      All she needs is God's protection and keeping her marriage out of public view.

  • @mamabrngirl
    Yes that can work for a civilian not a celebrity in the public eye.I pray her marriage also works but we all have seen the pattern replicated several times.There is no way to keep a marriage with celeb wedding out of view o