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She’s undoubtedly one of Nigeria’s authentic ‘influencers’, if you doubt that pedigree, sign her on to see if you would be proven correct or wrong. For one to have 2.1 million followers now in Nigeria ain’t no joke at all, even we our self attests to that fact. For you to better understand it, Linda Ikeji is just 2.5 million followers, while the famous instablog9ja is just 1.7million.

The totally in your face celebrity, OAP, author, businesswoman is a Scorpion, star sign Scorpio without a doubt. She loves been seen, she enjoys the attention that fame and stardom brings and she obviously must be smiling to the banks for it.

She has just clocked 34, that calculates to mean she came to this plain in 1984, and in just 30 plus years of existence, she has seen, still seeing, she’s done a bit and she’s still doing more and she’s conquering, more and more everyday. What she’s packed already into her 34 years of existence, might take some a whole lifetime to put together, so love her or not, she deserves some accolades.

She’s one of those people that must have picked the Kardashian family as a model, especially Kimberly Kardashian-West and Kylie Jenner as models. Though one can simply argue that those 2 or the entire family loves attention. That they seek and crave the attention to the point of craziness, but let’s look at it objectively and also from the business point of view, while many might not necessarily like them, while many might just see them through the moral compass and don’t see them as exact moral models, they all without a shadow of doubt are millionaires with far-flunged influences. In fact, some are multimillionaires many times over and one in under just a decade is actually on the verge of becoming a dollar billionaire pretty soon!!!!

So like the Kardashians, so is Omotoke (a child worthy of care) Makinwa, good or bad attention, attention is just what it is, attention. And she’s just smiling home to the banks for it, not necessarily minding whose ox is gored.

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So on the occasion of her 34th birthday, which is today 03/11/2018 she had thought to exploit again her celebrity status, so she did an in your face, so sexy bombshell bikini shoot, showing off her well shaped body and glowing skin in that 5 ft 2 or 3 package for all to see and savour.

It has been an outpouring of well wishes for the stylish bombshell on the social media today, with people falling over themselves to say one nice thing or the other.

Check out all the gorgeous pictures above and salivate.

So from us at MM, we gladly say more grease to your elbow and happy birthday, long life and prosperity. Hip hip hip hooray!!!!


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