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Like it is said now and that has gain so much traction unabated, “everything stew” and we also add to it, sauce, Maggi and a pinch of salt.

Our divine focus today just seem to epitomise it all-tasty stew, gorgeous sauce, flavour-filled Maggi and right amount of salt. She must have been answering to the saying that, “if you have it, then show it off”, flaunt what your mama gave you. So not in anyway minding whose ox is gored, the delectable mommy, top actress, filmmaker, entrepreneur, brand influencer and brand ambassador has thought to help add good bite to your beautiful Monday.

So if the day was gloomy or not too exciting before, mere starring at this gorgeous, twin mound of elasticated bazookas, would immediately help to galvanise the day and get it back on the right track, at least that’s for the men!!! For the ladies also, at least it has given you all an assignment, that you must answer to by hook or crook, since Merciful MERCY, is a role model, you all must follow suit and do the same!!!! Please, please we are waiting with bated breath. But please ooooo, if not as well packaged as Ma here, don’t you dare flaunt those flabby, frail twins with veins that have lost traction.

Truth be told, this exciting twin hill of Gibraltar, like those famous many hills of Ibadan or Idanre, look delectable. Mercy is just looking more and more gorgeous and beautiful by the day. You must consider it (the fronts) exceptional, considering the fact that Mercy is a mom & not a sping chicken at all. So if her Manchesters can still be this ramrod straight and demanding attention, then she deserves our accolades.

So we say to our dearest Mercy, long may your reign continue to be, especially as your strength is very obvious for all to seeπŸ‘€πŸ˜²πŸ˜³πŸ™ˆπŸ‘.

So to our outstandingly boobalicious Mercy, we say SALUTE!!!!! Na only those we them properties don fall now, go dey vex! Hmmmmmmm!!!!!


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    • Fake it till you make it. I'm sure she wishes she can afford the real Hermes Birkin bag. Doesn't make sense why they called themselves a rich celebrities but they carried fake designer bags!!! Fake ass celebrity my ass

  • Mercy ku oro aje.

    MM, all your customers accusing you are quiet now. Pls make a post on their females, am itching to code drop names of lesles.

  • What a great role model to her daughter anyway Benin women are always susceptible to prostitution,it is in their Genome/genes.

  • What a great role model to her daughter anyway Benin women are always susceptible to prostitution,it is in their Genome/genes.

    • You 're a fool, this your comment just gave you away. How you come on blogs and expose your foolishness like this? I am sure a Benin woman took your boyfriend/ husband while you where busy displaying your stupidity.

    • Fisayo Welcome honey !

      I know booboo you are obssessed with blogs and whats being said about you love.

      Stop hating men dear. Not every man is your ex or your father. Whatever your father did to your mum, pls forgive and forget.

      Fill your heart with LOVE. You will feel better.

      God doesnt like ugly my love. Your mama raised you in bitterness which i blame her for.

      Anyways be more positive, negativity is showing on your face, starting to look like your mum, (not a good look).

      Abi please advice your daughter better, i know you regret certain stuff. Her attitude on SM doesnt well of you too.

      Anyways sending you both much love, you need it.

      Aloba pls post my comment they both need to read this.

      Abi and Fisayo πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹