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@mbplingerie is pleased to announce the founder/CEO of @tiannahsplacempire Ms. Toyin Lawani as their brand spanking new “Brand Ambassador”, the gorgeous mother of 2 with the bodacious body structure is surely a good pick for the brand.

We all know her as,
The Hottest Mom in Business🌟
The Queen of Hustle 🌟
The king of All Queens 🌟
The Fashion Mogul 🌟
The fashion icon🌟
The Serial Entrepreneur⭐
Beauty with Brains🌟
One of the Most promising Moguls Of our Time👑
A Book Author🔥 #Beunstoppable-TheBusinessmogulsGuide
A reality show star via @Ebonylifetv #TiannahsEmpire, adding this new deal to the feathers on her well worn cap/crown is a big move & big deal too and most definitely a added value or should we say, value added.

Nothing seems like it’s impossible for this ultimate mama jammer, who sees obstacles as stepping stones to higher heights. A super hardworking mother of 2 adorable kids, both of whom she’s already training to own their own spaces too. A major business mogulette by all standards, owning at least 30 known businesses and running them all successfully too.

Is it easy to be a Fashion designer to the stars, celebrities and dignitaries? And she caters to a very large number of them without necessarily making too much noise about it. Is it not a big deal to be an award winning stylist of note too? You have to be very creative to excel as one, especially in a cutthroat environment!

Some would claim there’s nothing extraordinary about opening a restaurant, but they forgot that some have tried same and failed at it. So kudos to her for getting it right. She runs a very successful spa business, having as clients many top names she would prefer to keep under wraps. People don’t even know she well trained personally to do that. Just imagine that her fashion academy, where future top designers come to learn the trade, is always packed out with students. These are just a few things to say about how she’s holding down very well.

The unstoppable serial entrepreneur is known to many as Tiannah which is her daughter’s name, but which she adopted as her business name. But to very many she is just plain Toyin Lawani, the super star, who under the veneer is so hardworking and so focused many can’t even keep pace with her. Every other day she still launches one new thing or the other, as she keeps expanding her business frontier and horizon. And before you all know it, Forbes would soon take notice and give that ultimate stamp of approval and accolades.

The gorgeous risk taker who believes quite fervently that the sky is just the beginning, has just gotten a lucrative endorsement deal and another feather added to her cap and she would be bringing to you various, super sexy and steamy collections from the brand known as “mbplingerie”.

It promises to be caliente!!!!!

Check out her hot-hot shoot here.

More after the break.


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