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Babajide Olusola Sanwoolu 
Abdulrahaman AbdulRazaq 
Dapo Abiodun 

Except a miracle that would be totally outstanding happens, then and only then would the tide change and maybe, the opposition in Lagos and the ruling party in Kwara State might have a chance to change what is looking like the inevitable.

Though the election in Lagos, the economic capital of Nigeria, that is supposed to lead by example was somewhat blighted by voters apathy, with the numbers of voters drastically reduced, compared to what had obtained at the February 23, 2019 Presidential and Federal House of assembly elections, even at that people still went about to vote and majority of the votes have been for the APC, which is the leading party in the state of excellence.

If the tide of event would continue like it is already in many units and no miracles would occur to change things from other polling units, then the candidate of the APC in the person of Mr. Babajide Olusola Sanwoolu would most definitely coast home to victory by a large margin. If that would happen, then a new Governor from the ruling party, would be taking over from the outgoing incumbent, in the person of his excellency, Mr. Akinwunmi Ambode. If as we have gotten our feelers, until the official results are released, everything for now are still based on speculations.

As per Kwara State, where the “O to ge” enough is enough phenomenon has swept through the state like a Tsunami uprooting their former, seemingly indespatchable oak tree, if feelers we have also gotten from our people on the ground are anything to go by, then a new executive Governor from the APC could be sworn in before June 2019 to steer the train of the state.

If the report of the defeat of the PDP & her candidate is ratified eventually by the electoral umpire, which is INEC as true, what that portends for the former strongman of Kwara State politics in the person of Dr. Abubakar Bukola Saraki, the outgoing Senate President is a total annihilation, a totally embarrassing and shameful defeat in all ramifications. And that can only be tagged as a massive humbling and humiliation, the full and final slamdunk. If it goes like it’s been predicted, then it’s the seal of political oblivion for the outgoing Senate President.

In Ogun State, where we had thought that the Gubernatorial election would be fought 4 ways, the surprising thing is that it has only been a contest between 2 political parties and 2 main characters or personalities and they are APC vs. APM, Dapo Abiodun vs. Adekunle Akinlade. For the other 2 parties namely the PDP & ADC and their candidates, in the persons of Buruji Kashamu and Gboyega Nasir Isiaka, it has been an abysmal showing so far, except they would gain some extraordinary votes in what could be called their strongholds or enclaves, their overall showing at the end of it all might just be embarrassing.

So far, Dapo Abiodun from all indications, seems to be having a great showing and if he continues like he has started, then the outgoing Governor, in the person of Senator Ibikunle Amosun might just be handing over to his former friend, now turned enemy who he totally dislikes now just because of politics.

In Oyo State it’s too close to call for now. With both men from the APC & the PDP both having good showings in their strongholds. But like it was expected, the outgoing Governor of the State, Senator Abiola Ajimobi again disappointedly, couldn’t win his polling unit for his party, the APC, losing again to the PDP. So it’s more like he has become a liability rather than an asset for the ruling party in his state. If care is not taken, there’s the possibility that it could be a change of baton in the state. 


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