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Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu National Leader APC flanked by Prince Dapo Abiodun & Mr. Babajide Olusola Sanwoolu, Governor elects, Ogun & Lagos States. 

To whom much is given, very much is also expected. So it seems would be the lot of these 2 extraordinary gentlemen, that have the world as their oasis since they have now won their elections to Govern 2 of the most important states in the Federation called Nigeria for the next 4 years, that’s talking about Lagos, The state of excellence and Ogun, the Gateway State or better still the Gateway to Nigeria.

Lagos State has the honour of being the number 1 state in Nigeria, as it is the economic capital/financial nerve center of the country. This is the nerve center of what goes on. It is even said that Lagos is richer than the Federal Government! Ogun State by been the nearest state to Lagos, enjoys so much, as it is the 2nd most important state in the South West, an industrial powerhouse in the making that can give even Lagos, a run for her money, with the right person who can harness her potential at the helm of affairs.

Ogun has the single honor of being the only state in the South that has produced more Nigerian leaders than all others put together. Set to be in charge of the affairs of these 2 juggernauts of States are 2 well equipped, well prepared, well destined gentlemen, from whom very much is expected. With how the campaignss and elections went, both of these APC men were pushed so much into the limelight that the pressure that is now on them to perform and perform extremely well is much, even extreme!

Many months back, in fact say about 8 months back, the only people that knew who Babajide Olusola Sanwoolu was, were more of those that he actually worked with, his family members, friends and associates. But then in the last 8 months, since destiny zoomed in on him and beckoned, knocking quite incessantly on his door, the rest like they say is now history. That someone, who himself who is considered a golden boy, a star, was rejected for him, really brought on him much attention.

Who is he? What is his pedigree? Where did he just emerge from? What makes him different? Why him of all people? Would he not be a puppet? Would he be a stooge? So, so many many questions that needed answers. The scrutiny was unbelievable, in fact quite unprecedented. Another person without a strong character and will, would have capitulated and collapsed under the burden of the searchlight. The most unbelievable part of the period was when even from his own camp, those who had adopted the maxim or principle that all is OK or accepted in a war, alleged falsely and deliberately that he had mental issues! How low can it get? But here was a gentleman par excellence, who refused to go or do gutter with his supposed adversaries who were bent on taking him down at all cost. He took it all in his stride and went about his business with purposefulness and quiet strength. He didn’t falter, not once! Instead of him to sit, gloat and rely on others, assuming that the deed is done, it was in fact then that he showed more his strength and mettle. I doubt, if there’s any other candidate or aspirant that worked as hard as this man did. He touched every part of Lagos, not leaving any part untouched. And because of the circumstances that surrounded his emergence, he had to be a bridge builder and so much more all at the same time and he did all he had to do with a permanent smile on his face. He faced so much unnecessary antagonism, not because he wasnt a class act on his own, but because of who he was wrongly perceived to be. He must be commended for not allowing the weight that was on him to submerge him. Kudos to him.

Now that the 1st little part, the 1st hurdle has been done away with, which is the election and which he won rather more convincingly than expected, the onerous task of elevating Lagos State to near stratospheric levels has begun. The pressure must now be hitting home and it’s not a little thing. Heads must be bursting now. So many alignments across board were done to get this victory and all of those that are part of those alignments would be expectant. The number of those that pitched in, to support the quest was astounding. People gave money, supports of all kind in cash and kind was staggering!

To be the Governor of any state, is not a joke at all, but it is easier for some than the others. To be the Governor of the state of excellence, a state known by the moniker, “Eko for show is not a joke at all. The job is not one for little kids, neither for boys, but for strong men only. To be the 5th largest economy in the whole of Africa and as a state, is not a joke. One hopes, that this quiet gentleman and achiever, would with his expected all-stars team, men and women of timbre and caliber, of intelligence and capacity, would dazzle all comers in no small way. Very much is expected of them, as the performance quotient has been raised sky high.

From his first official speech as the elected Governor of the state, come May of 2019 he would be under extreme scrutiny. That much expected speech, must deliver the much required punchlines that must hit home straight setting the pace. That speech must whet the appetite, galvanizing the people, it must not be an anti-climax. It must show a blueprint that would astound all and get them involved. It should try as much as possible to lay things out in their proper perspective, with proper time lines too, but if must not be ambiguous but ambitious. It must engage the people, bringing the minds back to that slogan “the development and growth of Lagos, is our collective responsibility” (igbega ipinle Eko, ti di a ju mo se).

A lot of the roads all around are in bad states. And they actually need urgent and immediate attention. The Health sector/system needs a good shock to it, to galvanize it. The mass of the citizenry needs to feel the warmth, embrace of the Government & governance. Development should be broken into phases. Areas needs to be mapped out and the urgency of actions needed in certain area should determine the focus. There should be short term, middle term and long term goals.

Mass transit needs attention. If it can be made to work far better than it is now, maybe it would reduce the numbers of personal cars on the road. Our waterways should be exploited far better, all to reduce the number of cars plying our roads to reduce traffic. If the roads are improved on, widened where needed, urgently repaired where needed, newly built where needed, well maintained and public transport is top class, the pressure on the roads would decrease substantially and time wasted would decrease too substantially. But things must be done and encouraged with best of standards and safety in mind.

Please please and please, this metroline or mono-train needs to be delivered and quickly too, it has taken too long and the people are already too suspicious. 2 years would be too long to make this happen. With what Rotimi Amaechi has done with the trains across Nigeria, the Lagos Metroline can be delivered on time with focus and purpose. Refuse management in Lagos, needs urgent attention and one hopes that an holistic approach to make it work, would be implemented that would become the envy of all. Lagos is not said to be for show for nothing.

Much is expected from Babajide Sanwoolu and part of his service delivery would be showcased by those he would pick to assist in running his agenda. So he must pick well. Prudence should also be his watchword in everything.

With Dapo Abiodun, here is a supposed private sector guru and expert, coming into Governance or better still the public sector. Someone who is already very very made, coming in to serve and to deliver service to his people. Because of how is emergence came about and the in fighting etc etc, he was brought into our consciousness in a way that he wouldn’t have preferred. But all through the shenanigans he held his own and handled the situation quite admirably. Ogun State needs a plan to take it to the very next level. All those that have been in charge apart from Chief Bisi Onabanjo and maybe Aremo Olusegun Osoba, haven’t done anything extraordinary worthy of getting them into the Ogun State hall of fame when one is officially established, for developing the state outstandingly.

A state that normally because of her proximity to Lagos, the economic nerve center of the country, should have gained so much in terms of outstanding development and internally generated revenue. One would have expected a smart and purposeful Government with ideas to have turned the state into an industrial hub of activities much better than it is now. This incoming crew must look for ways to attract massive investments. The landmass is there already for positive exploitation. And just like there’s the landmass for industries, it is also available for large scale farming of all kinds too, but only a few have exploited the opportunities. Then other things apart from the norm like building roads, providing quality education and environment for the people are what the incoming government should do, that would astound and mesmerize all?

Let’s even talk a bit about the roads in the state, that Otta-Ewekoro-Aro road  leading to Abeokuta should have been a good sample for how good a road is, especially with a Cement factory on that road, that the Government could collaborate with to deliver a world class road. There are other areas in the state and other sectors where this new Government can shine like the sun and that would endear them to the people.

Just like Sanwoolu, Dapo Abiodun must chose for himself, people of ideas, action packed men and women, those who would hit the road running to help him achieve an Ogun State that’s beautiful, well governed and exemplary in all ways.

These 2 men, upon whose shoulders, nature has given the reins of 2 great states, are under immense pressure to perform exemplarily. They are the 2 poster boys their parties are relying on to do very well. One is hoping that in the next few weeks, before they actually come into power, that they would use the opportunities, they have now, to strategize and come up with award winning plans to govern their 2 great states.

Lagos and Ogun are in 2 very capable hands we believe and we pray to God, that these 2 would shine, in fact that they must shine, like the sun amongst the many stars.


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  • Hopefully Dapo will do the honorable thing and make his long suffering wife the First Lady and he leave those runz. Just saying

  • All you worshippers of Tinubu, we don’t do it. You see the way we pushed Rochas out? We don’t encourage political dynasty.