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Distinguished Senator Dino Melaye

Yahaya Bello, Governor Kogi State

Some would liken this story as the story of the absurd, but what we hear or are hearing from some quarters is the above as stated as a question above in tbe title. It is been said that if an election, Gubernatorial Election for that matter were to be arranged today or better still conducted today, with the incumbent governor of Kogi State on one side repping the APC on one side and the enfant terrible of the house of assembly in the person of, the very flamboyant motor mouth, distinguished Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Dino Melaye on the other side, that the latter-Dino Melaye would win the said election hands down!!! What?????

According to those making the assertion, they claim that the notorious loudmouth lawmaker, who loves to sing as well as dance even with all his antics and so called shenanigans is far more popular than the Executive Governor of the state gbam! We wonder why though. It might just be the same way that the dancing new Governor Elect, Senator Ademola Adeleke mesmerized the people of Osun State. People seem to be fed up with hard face stoicness and just wanna have fun, as popularized by Cyndi Lauper.

Part of why those saying Dino would win have pointed at the fact that much as the Governor seem to have tried to remove or dislodge the lawmaker, he hasn’t succeeded at all. First was the recall process, which failed despite all that was done. Second now was the recent election which many had thought was a deep hole that Dino would fall into or for Dino, a re-election for another term which Senator Dino Melaye contested against a said to be formidable opponent, in the person of Smart Adeyemi of the APC, who despite all he did, still lost to Dino Melaye.

So what those who are in support of Dino Melaye are saying is, despite how people from outside the state see the Senator, whether as a cantankerous person, a clown or what have you, when it comes to the politics of his domain, he knows the heart of his people and he is well loved and well liked and would sweep the votes in his state of Kogi, any day, any time.

For Yahaya Bello, the Governor who is probably the youngest executive Governor of any state in Nigeria, maybe his issue might just have been the burden of expectations. Being a young man that such leadership position came to, he is expected to have performed extraordinarily well. But some have claimed he hasn’t done so. Though the perception in the last few months seem to have begun to change, as pointers to some major achievements have begun to spring up here and there all over the state. The rice mill and the road constructions going on around are just 2 of those things. 


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