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You can be making all the money in the world and be foolish. You can have all the opportunities in the world to advance yourself and still be foolish enough not to take advantage of it. You can be surrounded by grace, and still be wallowing in abject poverty. It is the wisdom to take advantage of the not too many opportunities around one or that comes ones way, that separates the smart from the stupid, the knowledgeable from the knuckleheads. So like they say, always do your best to make hay while the sun is still shining. For your future could depend on it.

Maybe the assertion above most likely, may be the guiding principle by which Chioma Ikokwu, that’s Kika’s other very stylish partner seem to be living by. Instead of just only designer bags, shoes and clothes alone, which are good, at least temporarily that is, she has gone a step further and has thought to invest and in fact invest very well too to secure her future. Or why would a young lady, still single at that, get for herself a 5 bedroom, fully fitted penthouse?

From our little understanding of real estate, it has been said by so many experts to be a good way to invest for the future, as the value of such an investment more often than not, increases substantially over time.

So there was the mild astonishment not too long ago when it was revealed that Chioma had gotten a house for herself in Ikoyi, Lagos. While some were somewhat skeptical about the purchase, others just thought maybe it was just another PR stunt. We can tell you categorically well that, o yes she got a penthouse for herself.
And it’s a 5-bedroom, well appointed (fully fitted) place at that.

And according to our Intel, the place was in fact paid for in [full], without any kobo being owed anyone anywhere. According to the verifiable available gist, the bulk of the money for the penthouse was actually provided for by Chioma herself, while her dad is reportedly said to have supported her with the remaining. How anyone would have thought that a highly cerebral Chioma Ikokwu, a barrister-at-law from a good university abroad, who also has her Masters, that’s (LLM) in International Environmental Law and Commercial Arbitration wouldn’t be smart to handle her business(es) baffles one.

To know whether it is actually possible for the duo to have made money or are still making  money from their hair business we did a little digging. Theirs actually, is a growing lifestyle conglomerate that’s into hair, a business we hear people make good money from, have made crazy money from and still making making money from. Hair goes from as low as N100,000 upwards depending. And they seem to have a large number of customers too. Their tentacles from what we hear is not just limited to Lagos, Nigeria alone but they were existing in London earning Pounds, before they came to Nigeria too. So it’s a combination of Naira and Pounds.

From just selling hair, a virtual goldmine at that, ask Akunna & others doing the same lucrative business and making good millions from it. And the duo have done this hair business since 2009 meaning a whole decade of reaping. So if they were smart enough, they should have a sizeable amount in savings that can afford them good luxury at any time, if they want. But not just relenting with just selling hair, they also opened allied businesses too to add value as multiple income stream. They have a hair salon, a restaurant & lounge and to add to it, they are landlords too, as they have tenants in their complex (building) who pays them rents too. If they have invested wisely, smartly and well over the years, especially because of good patronage mennnnnn!!! they sure might be rolling in dough already!

So buying just one penthouse isn’t strange or is it?? 

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  • These girls have pay masters, some are into money laundering for politicians and drug lords, a lot of them are eating 💩 poo now, 🤮🤮🤮🤮, the money from their businesses alone can NEVER fund their lifestyles if truth must be told. Some of us know these things. I only condemn them when they come out to lie, they thank God, they say ‘able God’, they claim they worked hard, all sorts of bullshit talk to deceive the gullible ones pisses the hell out of me. Just keep your damn poo eating mouths shut and enjoy your dough because some of us know EXACTLY WHAT’S UP.

    • Damn that’s heavy- money laundering I can get that, a lot of people take the opportunity and their business booms….damn you said eating poo- that’s a stretch for these two

  • @Blair Witch Well said. Some of those so called lucrative business cannot even pay the business overhead. Of course they make money but not the kind of money up maintain their high end designers. I’m sure the gullible ones will believe the hype that is money from their so called hair business that finances their vain lifestyles. Give me a break!!!

  • honestly,@ Blair witch.this one that bought a house in na hair money she take buy am?these girls should stop making the real hustlers feel bad. thank God i don't fancy social media show off.if not someone will just be depressed.


    • Well said. Reason why people should stay in their lane. Can u believe a so called actress that has never been paid a million Maura to act buying a house worth Millions.has not one but 2 expensive cars and telling people she bought them with her acting money Really????

  • Enough with the hating I know these two girls. First of all the good hair space is a mall with other shops they rent out (1 source of income ) secondly good hairs cheapest hair cost 380k not 100k. The range is from 380- 700k a piece. They have good hair in lagos and london. The london branch sells more . Price range £600- £1500 a piece. Clients include a lot of billionaire wives and First Ladies. Who can order £10k at a time. Avreage weekly sales in the uk alone is over £25,000. (Second source of income). They are also co/owners of brass and copper which makes 2million naira a day (food and alcohol )- (730 million a year) Christmas and holidays 5-10 naira million a day . (Third source of income). Fourthly they do a lot of public speaking and attend events such as Forbes Africa , and master classes like the one they did recently in Paris – that master class alone earned them £10k.(fourth source of income) . They also charge on social media to promote other brands , advertising (fifth source of income) . Numbers don’t lie. While people can hate these girls have built a mini empire .

    • See as babes just Dey hate for dis page nawawo! Ashewos !!! Any babe wey Dey call woman ashewo na prostitute she be!

    • Everybody knows that’s Kika and Chioma are prostitutes. Nobody is really buying their overpriced Chinese hair. The hair business is saturated with so many better brands. You can get better quality for way less. Their hair is not as popular as u think. Look on YouTube and see if you see any recent reviews of their hair. Two very fake babes. Overdone all the time. Over hyped..ppl know there gist hence why neither one of them are married because they are too casted for there ashawo life. There was a article recently on another blog that got deleted because it was exposing the fact that Kika was smash Tunde Fowler for private jet rides and money. That’s probably who bought her first birkin and Mercedes… before than she was sharing a car with her mother in London. Aunties go and change your ways and marry like your mates.. you both are aging from sleeping around and stunting for the gram.

      All time saying “thanks baby” for random gifts they show on snap.. but this “baby” we never see because it’s someones uncle or husband

  • This girls need to keep their private life out of social media. This type of publicity is harmful in the long run in a society like ours.

  • non 1pm easy o..they don't have to marry as its not a do or die achievement but saying brass and copper make 2m a day is not true nah lets be honest..

  • She did a mortgage on that house probably payed small down payment by force to live in ikoyi, dirty prostitute. She looks like a corpse without the filters her legs are black. And she is always begging men for money. Forbes where, they lie about everything on their instagram page. Chioma is dating 3 guys at the same time 2 married and one single guy in London. The fake life and wanting to belong by force is appalling. You are there flaunting meanwhile your father doesn’t have more than 6million in his bank account.