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Dr. Adedeji Adeleke 

Dr. Adedeji Adeleke & Son. Davido

It is a known fact. incontrovertible fact at that, that in the music or better still entertainment business, that DAVIDO’S generosity when it comes to the people around him and those who are lucky to come across him is incomparable & “legendary. That the young guy is probably one of Nigeria’s wealthiest entertainers is also not in doubt too. Right now the young dude seems like a money minting machine. Some have even claimed that he probably sits on top of the pile as the numero uno, above Wizkid, D Banj, Don Jazzy etc. For you to understand how filthy rich the young man is, just imagine also that the legend as since grown about that supposed “30 billion in the account”. Yeah the story now is that he has at least that 30 billion Naira in his account now. Can that be True from just music?

But it’s not just about having the stack load of money alone, it’s also about lifting up those around you, upgrading their lifestyles to a level, so much so that they also become the envy of all too. Davido is not averse to giving out Rolexes to all those around him at the drop of a hat, not to talk of buying all of them the latest phones, not to talk of upgrading their cars each to new ones that leaves the mouth agape in wonder. From what we have learnt, the dude’s generosity knows no bounds. He can just wake up today and just surprise all comers with the unexpected. All the acts under his label we hear, all have one tale of wonder or the other to tell about their label boss.

But this actual story is not about the son-Davido though, it is more about the dad, Sir Dr. Adedeji Adeleke, the stupendously wealthy owner & chancellor of the Adeleke University, Ede, Osun State. What we have just tried to do first, is just to show that it is true, that certain things things only come from the DNA. Generosity or better still charity obviously runs deep in the DNA of these Father and his son combo.

From what we have found out about the legend of the father, no wonder the son too acts in tandem, showing that he is a true son of his father. Like it is said “the cub of a Lion can only behave true to type”. According to the legend, Adedeji Adeleke not wanting to lose touch with or to be cut away from his friends who they all grew up together or who are his contemporaries had to intervene to make sure that all of the ones who were not actually up to scratch were lifted up too. He is said to have given each about 150m to build homes to their own tastes. In addition he bought them 2 SUVs each and then gave each cash of 10m to do whatever they want with. 


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