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Is it a bad thing to be beautiful?? Is it wrong to be able to effortlessly combine beauty with brain? Why would anyone hate another for being a fashionista of awesome repute? Is it not a fact that Tracy is very good at what she does and so should be celebrated? And therefore she owes no one any apologies whatsoever for God’s natural blessings?

But the naysayers wouldn’t rest and wouldn’t agree. So why would these faceless naysayers, ‘anonymouses’ at that without spines, who are so scared of their own shadows, very lily-livered souls, without conscience, those who prefer to be masquerades, hiding in the dark rather than coming out in the open into the light to perpetrate their dastardly acts without conscience.

Just imagine the kind of tales by the moonlight they have been spreading about, about this angelic soul of lady, claiming that, all things bright and beautiful  all we see is plastic! Whattt!!!! They that all of the bodacious wonder and supremely sexy body we see with our very own eyes and that leaves our mouth agape all of the time, is all man made. In fact they went as far as saying that Tracy has been under the knife at least 5 good times! The claim further goes that, she’s done the surgery all of 3 times abroad and the remaining 2 times in Nigeria here. The naysayers even went as far as saying that one of the surgery was somehow botched and that it affected the pointers on her mounds. Whatttt!!!!!

That actually got to us as we are of the opinion that if that is true, then it’s a revelation that must have come from a trusted friend! And even if it were true, would she have shown anyone such a thing to anyone? And then, is it not even her body?

Just look at this awesomely blessed darling and see how God had taken time to sculpt the whole body to perfection and then some people want to give such credits to some doctors in America and Nigeria? What a nerve? ??

That’s not all ooooo. In answering our question about why she had decided to go low profile for a while now, under the radar, somewhat incognito. These naysayers also went about to claim that there was a reason behind that need to go quiet. They allege that the gorgeousness personified, has since found her missing bone in a US returnee whose initials could easily form (chief justice!) They say that, so in love are these duo that they are always together, in fact if you want to catch up with both who are permanent fixtures at Cocoon every Sundays, where they have a place always reserved for them, then go catch them there. According to their tales by moonlight, the tall, buff and good looking, filthy rich dude used to live in America and is now in Nigeria for now for one or two reasons before he would either go back or might not again. Dude is said to dote on Tracy so much and takes care of her with his substance and all. Ain’t that lovely ??

This super loved up couple are said to have met, when Tracy got a job to do up the dude’s place and one thing apparently led to another and they are now so head over heels in love with each other and maybe it could lead to both walking the aisle one day soon too. Dude has a dedicated friend though, said to be a baby Mama who comes in from abroad annually and when she is around, she only gets all of the attention. Dude is said to love humongous, state of the art automobiles. One of his SUV is in fact a one of a kind in Lagos. Dude we also hear is very nice and generous.

According to those spreading Tracy’s rumors, her main Bobo then by name Abdul and her parted ways after that attendant fiasco of a public fight that many had frowned on then. She was said to have loved the dude so much, that she was taking good care of him.But alas, the ungrateful dude who was at the law school a few years back still jetted away.

Bad as they might want to paint this very lovely and hardworking lady, from what we know, nothing can take away her shine as she’s using all the negative vibes as her stepping stones to greater height. As we speak she’s gradually building her own mini-mall, which insha Allah would soon be ready and would0 be celebrated to high heavens. And to tell all the naysayers that they should all go to blazes, you need to see Tracy sometimes late at night when she goes out looking super sultry stunning in those sexy skimpies that show off her dashing shape to the world. 


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  • Why can’t she apply ‘cream’ on her feet. Nigerian ladies try and ‘rub’ cream on your feet, so that your complexion will blend, too many of you have Fanta face and Coca-Cola leg. Ko da o! 🚶‍♀️

    • Very difficult area to bleach. It’s like the cream blackens the legs. Hydroquinone and Mercury don’t work on the feet.

  • Me who in interested in knowing is @withlovefromjulez. Biko Aloba who is Julie aka Julez?
    What kind of political strategist is she? What’s with her and Oga elegushi? Constantly flaunting him and even snapshots of their FaceTime/ what’s app video calls. That luxe living, that giganomours rings.

    • Tracy is all of the above my dear. That and a plastic psychopath. Ask all the people that have been to close to her what they really think about her. She’s even a bitch to her customer. Her mama no born am well at all at all

  • @lovefromjulez is dating/ engaged to a married man with three kids called Abiodun Ponnle. He chased his wife and kids out of his house in Banana Island because of the juju she used on him. That is where she now lives with him. He is such a fool because she still sleeps around but hey so does he with anything that moves. His estranged wife is Jibola Ponnle @jibolap

    • Why do married women just sit down ‘repete’ and allow all these olojukokoro girls to come and take their bread from their mouths, you have to safe guard your home ‘any which way’. I am a strong advocate of fasting and prayer, especially awe funfun (white fast). It helps a lot o! Unless u are tired of your home/husband then you can let awon elese jati jati/yamayama take over. How can a man chase out his wife and children because of one bastard girl, what rubbish, it is not by going to ‘ivy league’ schools o, you have to roll up your sleeves spiritually and fight them off. Which babalawo is stronger than God? NONE !

    • So a married man gave her that tacky ring? It’s sad the extent these girls will go to. Tracie collect ring from CJ. God pass them.

    • Hmmm, are you sure they were not having issues because if not her he could gone after another girl…if you don’t know the story please do not insinuate what you don’t know. It’s not about the money because she is comfortable…

    • White fast. You fast for a period of time, say 3-7days. During this period, you don't take anything with salt, sugar, pepper and oil. When breaking the fast, you take only fruits, water, boiled egg, white pap( without sugar, honey, milk), boiled yam( do not add salt and sugar)

      Also ensure, you pray very well during the day and wake up and midnight to pray naked. There are usually Bible verses and Psalms you also need to pray with but it all depends on what you are praying for.

      All the best…

    • You don’t need a formula for a fast to get your husband back! A fast is abstaining from food to reach a deep spiritual level and clarity to commune with God and not this ridiculous method to force God to force your straying husband.

    • Anon 2.29 please keep quiet if you don’t understand something! KEEP 🤫 QUIET! Anon 5.10 thanks for answering BUT I want to add to your message. Anon 2.58 , if any issue is bothering you, declare a fast over it, I will recommend, 7days minimum, some people do 21 days, make sure you don’t eat palm oil, pepper, salt, do not drink alcohol AT ALL, when you break at 6pm everyday, eat fruits ‘that have seeds’, please don’t ask for the significance because I will not say it, it is very powerful, oranges, watermelon, apples, grapes(not the seedless ones), you will lose weight but you will get what you want. No babalawo juju can withstand this thing I have told you for free. I don’t recommend pineapple o but you can add a little, please leave banana out(u know about banana trees and ‘meetings’). Any fruit that has a seed or seeds inside is ok! This fast prevents bullshit from coming into your home, I mean strange crooked leg women, your husband not taking care of you, your husband spending outside and giving you peanuts, besting you, people taking customers from you, receiving bullshit at work etc all sorts of rubbish that enter people’s lives will just be passing over your own head. It is not easy to do o! You have to be determined. Prevention is better than cure, your husband doesn’t need to know what you are doing, he can join you if he has issues with his work or business sha! Ignore this anon 2.29 different fasts address different problems. Life is deeper than what your ordinary eyes can see.

    • Blair Witch, for the sake of all these young, up and coming runs girls and also the cheating wives that come here to consult you… while they are trying this your "white fast", can they swallow spunk? After all, it is white and contains "seeds"….
      – Elenu Obe Nacet

    • Fast and pray until you are blue in the face for a man that continuously disrespects you. You sad lazy women be doin all this just to keep a man dog. Why not use this same energy to ask God to upgrade your life so you can take care of your own desperate self. I tire o. Husband: the end all be all. Na wa

    • Memo to awon ode, dunce, foolish people. The fast is not only for husband matter o, it cleanses your spiritual atmosphere generally, read my message again👆🏻🙄, prevention is better than cure. Anon10.39 YOU ARE A FOOL

    • Wow all this effort to keep a man… women are really trying o. GOD knows i aint gat no power to stress over my husband . Hopefully he continues behaving but if he doesnt . I am eating my food daily. I fast for no man

    • Why do Nigerians find it so hard to read AND UNDERSTAND ? Ahhhhhhh! I am never commenting here again. This fast is for ‘general cleansing’ , jeeeeesus !! No wonder the country is fucked! You people cannot read and understand. Goodbye Mr Aloba. I am done with your blog.

  • Please i just want to say all this married women that dont allow married men to rest are worse than single is seriously stepping on my toes and i will expose her very soon!!Mrs island big girl hausa social climber.!!

  • Why are the blogs mute on Funke Fowler’s nuptials. Baby Aig finally did the needful. The young lady seems to have a type – men from perceived rich familes.

    Hope their union lasts and is hitch free.