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Margaret Adenike Balogun

We all know who the heavenly gorgeous boss-lady by name ‘Adenike Margaret Balogun’ is. She’s none other than the MD/CEO of many popular and growing lifestyle conglomerate likes of “Diamond Inks Events Ltd”, a one stop, Topnotch event management company, the ‘Event Room’, a beautiful, very well appointed space, where all types of events can take place or hold, Maggiesfleurbox, that’s the brand via which Nike, FDI as a “certified wedding floral specialist” showcases her extraordinary talent/skill and gift as a top florist, in fact one of the best in Nigeria at that, and then also the newest, totally upscale baby of them all, The Tea Room, a 5-star melting pot sort of place where Nigeria’s happening crowd meet up to have good things to munch and drink.

The ever up and about ‘Nike, not one to rest on her oars of laurels and achievements, has raised the bar again as she has just added another feather to her growing plummage. The gorgeous peacock this time around just added the super upscale’ ‘Harvard University’ as one of her conquest, by obtaining a certificate from the prestigious University’s Extension School. The Harvard Extension School is one of the 12 degree granting schools that compose Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts. The school offers liberal arts and professional courses, graduate and undergraduate degrees in 60 fields.

We can only say a massive congratulations to the ever resourceful Adenike. Who is very well known in Nigeria, for her off the hook style. More grease to your elbow Nikky Bizzle! 


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  • MD of which conglomerates abi a slew of failed businesses behind her. The only training she needs is to work on herself

  • Hope she's worked on her attitude. Emenike's wedding planner. Nigerians we can do better please – treat your customers with respect. No point acquiring degrees if you can't get the basics right.

  • Tell her to work on her attitude, her TEA ROOM has the worse customer service everrrrrrrrr…..anyway what do you expect from someone that has an attitude, what will she teach her staff?…lol

  • chai you guys never fail to bring it ….dont even know the lady just the tales of emenikes wedding debacle

  • Such a nasty insecure women! Frustrates everyone below her and only caring about anyone she can benefit from. Grow up! Denike Balogun!

  • Such a nasty insecure women! Frustrates everyone below her and only caring about anyone she can benefit from. Grow up! Denike Balogun!

  • She's the worst of all MDs in terms human sympathy, and takes pleasures in seeing others cry. She has offended many and yet willing the offend more. If you talk about her changing so sorry Nike can never change cos she feels all she's doing is right even when it is entirely wrong in the sight of many.