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With what we have seen over several months now, #Lovebyjulez, whose real name is actually ‘Juliet Olaonipekun’, stands out outstandingly as probably one of the ‘most stylish Nigerian lady’ currently in the whole universe, especially on the gram. Her wardrobe must be humongous and from the looks of it, totally and unpretentiously intimidating. Filled most especially with all the latest and best brands, quirky, stand out and avant-garde, all of those beautiful things that money can buy or afford. The likes of the Bottegas, the Chanels, the Guccis, the Louboutins etc…..

The beauty of it all is that this lady by name Juliet, has the height and body that carries what she wears well, with loads of oomph added too. Not only is she like a professional model with all the outrageous confidence in loads, with the good height added to the great shoulder, then on the overall she has the grace and attitude needed in good loads too. She’s probably one of the most celebrated Nigerian ladies on the gram. One that people at least check her page daily without fail, to see what is it that she’s garbed in again today, People always always wants to see how she would turn out again and again and again. Just to show that with her, style is all encompassing and just not about clothes and bags and shoes alone, even 2 of her of her known cars, one a beautiful Mercedes Benz saloon car and the other, a matte black, super fine machine of a car, a hybrid Mercedes Benz G Wagon, G63, are both intimidating gorgeous too.

What basically has arisen loads of curiosity about Juliet is that people who see a lot of her pictures on the gram looking badass outstanding every time and every day, like she never ever has an off day or a bad day such that she’s never well turned out, are very curious to know what this quite impressive lady does for a living. And we are also very curious too. But what we have heard, though not substantiated in any way, is that she is a PR/political strategist to the very powerful and the very important people. By that, it just means that her clientele list would boast of those in Government and even the government herself. In fact several state Governments and even the Governors and other Government officials could be included.

And like you all already know well that, if you are well patronized by Governments and her officials in this our clime and if you are seen or known to deliver on your promises or tasks given, then the sky would most definitely be your beginning as the funds would most assuredly pour in like a waterfall, that you would be swept off your feet by the avalanche.

If the above then can be the case, then one would easily be able to understand very well why, Juliet can easily be the lady with the highest collection of the iconic Hermes Birkin Bags in Nigeria and most probably in Africa. From the pictures of her that we have seen, she probably owns all thr colours of Hermes Birkin bags available. Though we have heard vicious snide remarks, where people have insinuated that her collection might actually be a mix of the good and the bad. But we actually doubt the insinuations though! If you work pretty hard and earn good money money, you can probably spend as much as $200000 dollars or more to acquire a collection, if that’s your cup of tea or coffee or would it be cappuccino!!!

Juliet aka #LovebyJulez, from what we have seen has the Birkin in probably all the colours ever made by Hermes till date. If you want to know for sure or are in doubt of what we are saying then, check her out on the gram as she dazzles on endlessly day after day after day. If we are to calculate at least the value of the collection of Birkins and Kellys we have seen, a conservative value or estimate would come to not less than …. $150,000 (that could come tk a staggering N54 million Naira) just the cost of great machine!

We actually know for a fact that with women there’s no chill at all. Once they feel intimidated by another of their kind, or they just feel that one seem to have it all going good and that they don’t and cannot readily come across a dent, then the next thing is for them to attack that one and try to bring that one down. They would and are ready to go all the way to smash that one down and give the one a major, unprecedented pin fall, that the one might find it hard to recover from, if she’s not strong enough.

And part of the varied weapons at their disposal, in these women’s vast arsenal, that these various anonymous rivals/competitors would use are, to terribly disparage their perceived enemy via snide remarks and terrible comments  that can make a weakling begin to doubt him or herself..

But surely not this one!!!!

#LovebyJulez, is no slouch from what we see and she’s no doubt, one of the most celebrated female Nigerians on the social media. And since she arrived on the scene, everything about the tall, Google-eyed fashionista of the highest repute has intimidated everyone and put them on the back pedal. You are either admiring and salivating or you are just plain hating and unpretentiously too at that!!! Most especially those ladies on the gram that would want to live her kind of life themselves given the opportunity.

Ride on girl!!!!
More pictures after the break.


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  • Did she send these pictures in by herself? We talk now, some magpie will come here now and start preaching! Let me come and be going!

  • Oya o, drinks are chilled, hotdogs, burgers, corn, chicken all grilled to perfection 👌🏻! Na to put this our aunty on top the grill remain. 🤣 time to tear her limb from limb and gobble her up.

  • Ok ooo! They said we should give positive vibe! She is so beautiful! In fact she looks like a gazelle !😁

  • Go julie!!go julie!! Go julie! Go julie!! 🎶🎶♩♩🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶go julie! Go julie! This is a hit! Please someone should sign me up! Up coming artist! Yeah!

  • I know this particular house inside Banana and the owner,not far from ayeni’s house.I hope she and the owner are not…..

    • Thanks. I know both lived in GRA. I'd been to the house opening party at Tayo and Tutu's house over twenty years ago. I recently heard he sold it and moved to Banana Island. Maybe that's not true.

      Tunde yes with all that money why not? If he can buy for his babe, he can afford for himself too. 😉

    • Really, Tayo has moved? I'm not surprised if he has. When I saw his house last year, it looked quiet with all the renovating.

    • It’s close to Tayo Ayeni’s house….my family was there was the Christmas/his birthday party. I think he kept the GRA house or perhaps sold it.

    • FAKE NEWS! I know that girl from london, she certainly doesn’t carry fake. That is confirmed! Stop hating and focus on the news of the day.

    • E ku ishe o Joy
      So you paid 15million Naira for your blue Hermes bag and your house rent is 3m.
      Your bag is fake like your new body.

    • Honestly it wasn’t me that typed the message before but let me help you because I don’t hide. My house rent is N8m since you are so eager to know and the bag stated cost N3.7m. My job is not to pull others down and spread negativity or lies. This page doesn’t come onto my radar. It was drawn to my attention this morning because they posted something about my friend. However please feel free to visit my stores in Lagos and Abuja for all your lingerie needs. Shine your light of positivity! God bless you.

    • Your house rent is 8M, your bag is 3.7, you sell lingerie at your stores, where you are most likely paying rent too. Doesn’t add up! Do your olosho work in peace & stop justifying rubbish!

    • If you're buying bags of 3.7M, you have serious money, so can I encourage you to get some sort of mortgage facility and work towards owning a home instead of paying rent since cash is not your problem? Would free up more cash for you in the next decade to do as many luxury buys as you want.
      Also anon 11:30am, if you ran any kind of business,you'd know it's very possible to make a huge profit from selling clothing and it doesn't make one a prostitute, in this day and age we're still calling women we envy prostitutes because they live lives we can't afford??

    • envy who? For what exactly? We? You and … Will you keep quiet.
      Truth will always be the truth regardless of your understanding or ignorance. Encourager general,
      Kindly list the clothing/ lingerie business that are making the profits you speak of.

    • Ok but why are you so mad? Is she using your toto to service anyone? Is it not her own to do what she likes with it? Aunty Angry bird, tell us why you're really upset

    • lmao. Joy .your mates are living in their house yet you're bragging about 8m rent. That 8m can get you a down payment on a property and if selling bra and pant is as lucrative as you claim, a mortgage will be easy to pay off within a very short time. No matter how hard you work, if you've ever been associated with runs it becomes very difficult to break from that mold. Someone who has dated jojo cannot be taken seriously.

  • Abeg what is special about this babe sef?she no fine oo,she just dey form Nigeria Naomi compbell.i regret following her on Instagram mtchew.


  • are we all ignoring the fact that Toke carries fake? i saw this coming and to be honest are day of reckoning is just around the corner. She has succeeded in deceiving people for far too long but we have our receipts and we will be spilling soon…

  • Joy we all know ur sponsor is HW…. so keep quiet there!!! Lingerie my black yansh! Lmao lingerie paying 8m rent and 3.7m bag . Abeg shift!

  • There is nothing wrong being an " olosho! Olosho get class, ask the olosho up there!🖕! Very stylish olosho for that matter! Yeah, i said! Yup! Fucking wrinkled balls pay! Ask toke!

    • No one said anything was wrong. However, justifying that your business is funding such is wrong. Since olosho is trophy why lie? Why camouflage behind a dead business. OWN YOUR BALL SUCKING WITH PRIDE!