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Toye & Seun

Oluwaseun in Deola Sagoe 

Toye & Seun in Bini Outfit

Seun & dad, Segun Awolowo 

Teni performing & Seun & dad dancing

Chief Dr. Mrs. Shade Okoya

Alhaja Montai, Mrs. Joke Sogunro & Aunty Tola Ademosu

We (that’s talking about Maestro’s Media) had broken the exclusive many months back when many didn’t even know about the wedding then. The ceremonies were supposed to have happened much earlier in January of 2019, as the year opener, but for the unfortunate demise of the mother of the groom-Akintoye Olabode Kayode, who had passed on untimely in London on December 20,2018 and was buried in London on January 11, 2019. So there had to be a slight postponement to honour her. Her name was Osayomwanbo Bobo Bode-Kayode nee Giwa Osagie.

Toye’s mom was the younger sibling of the famous or better still renowned Prof. Osato Giwa-Osagie, who is renowned for his work on human IVF & assisted conception. As a reproductive biochemist with specialization in assisted reproduction, she had trained as a human IVF embryologist. And she and the professor worked together at the Advanced Fertility Center, Omni Medical Center in Lagos, where she was the Ed & Chief Embryologist. In fact, she was said to have being the 1st female human IVF Embryologist in West Africa. Toye’s dad, Olabode Kayode is also late too.

The groom Toye, is an Account Manager with SmartTransit USA, who are the operators of the Smart Metro & Safe Rail. He is also the founder of the Lifestyle start-up-Neocove. He has a Bachelors degree in Economics from the University of Reading.

On the bride’s side, Oluwaseun Awolowo, who works at Goldman Sachs as a member of the management and strategy team of the organization and she is a graduate of Warwick University with a degree in Politics and International Studies. She is the first daughter of Olusegun and Bola Awolowo. Segun Awolowo Jnr, is the ED/CEO of NEPC, that is the Nigerian Exports Promotion Council, a parastatal of Government where he is enjoying his 2nd stint or term. Maybe it’s for a good job well done in his 1st term that he was brought back. The handsome Segun, is the 1st grand-son of the late sage “Chief Jeremiah Obafemi Awolowo” and his wife, “Chief Mrs. HID Awolowo, the late Yeye Oba of Ife and he is a cousin of the present 2nd Lady, Mrs. Dolapo Osinbajo, wife of the Vice president of Nigeria. Segun’s famous mom is none other than “Hajia Abah Zaibab Folawiyo” of the Labanella fame & one of the wives of the late ‘Baba Adinni of Nigeria’, the late “Chief AbdulWahab Iyanda Folawiyo”. Segun’s wife Bola Awolowo nee Fowora, is a lawyer by training and her own dad, the late “Engineer Amos Adeoye Fowora”, was a renowned Civil Engineer.

The D-day was Monday, April 22, 2019. And the event venue was the ‘Balmoral Convention Center’, inside the grounds of the Federal Palace Hotel on Ahmadu Bello Way, Victoria Island, Lagos. It was the traditional and engagement ceremony of ‘Seun and ‘Toye, tagged #st2019 & #thelovestory2019. From all indications these 2 young kids are head over heels in love with each other and so excitably in sync.

As expected, because of the caliber of those involved, it was very obvious that a good amount of money was obviously well spent. Since in Yorubaland, the bride’s family does the bulk of the work with good support from the groom’s family though, it was more like an Awolowo thing. But the groom was equally very well represented too. The venue was packed to the rafters with personalities from all works of life. In fact they were too numerous to mention, even the VP who is an uncle of the bride and his delightsome wife, Dolapo Osinbajo were prominently present.

From former Governors, to outgoing Governors, to incoming ones and very many top Government functionaries to top businessmen and women, many from the diplomatic community etc. With the luxury in display and the sheer number of those in attendance, this wedding is already a candidate for a wedding of the season already. Who was somebody that wasn’t there?

Entertainment was provided by the quartet of Sir Shina Peters, who has been a great friend of the bride’s father since God knows when and even sang with his name in their hey days. Then there was the rave of the moment, in the person of Teni, who is now a constant feature at such high octane events and occasions as this one. And the other 2 were Styl Plus and Beejay Sax. Funke Bucknor Obruthe and her Zapphaire Events Ltd were the Event engineers.

The day’s colour was Purple and as expected the women went over board in their expressions of their creativity.

More exciting pictures after the break.

Prince Dapo Abiodun & Mrs. Dolapo Osinbajo 

The couple 

Hajia Bola Shagaya and Mrs. Bola Awolowo 

Donald & Onari Duke 

Sir Shina Peters 

Aliko Dangote’s daughter 

The Sogunros

Chief Mrs. Nike Akande, Mrs. Maiden Ibru & guest

Olori Ladun Sijuwade & Oloris Tejuosho

Demola Seriki & Prince Sijuwade 

Senator Abiola Ajimobi & Segun Awolowo 

Senator Abiola Ajimobi, Otunba Niyi Adebayo & Dr. Kayode Fayemi

Senator Abiola Ajimobi & Dr. Kayode Fayemi

Abiola Ajimobi, Niyi Adebayo, Femi Otedola & Kayode Fayemi

Groom-Akintoye Bode-Kayode

Shade Okoya

Aramide Sogunro & Tola Ademosu 

Alhaja Tai Elemosho-Okesanjo (Montai) 

VP, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo & wife, Dolapo Osinbajo and niece, Oluwaseun

Prince Dapo Abiodun & Alh. AbdulSamad Rabiu

Tony Elumelu & Femi Otedola 

Babajide Olusola Sanwoolu & wife

Mr & Mrs. Sanwoolu, Dolapo Osinbajo & Segun Awolowo. 


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  • Aloba… You are the best! Don't disappear on us again.

    Beautiful, beautiful pics. God bless their home.

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      You promised you're back, bigger and better with A BANG, so don't go AWOL again…..side eyes. Loyal since 2014

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    • So because you dont do it and others do its self esteem.

      Nothing we wont here. How about respecting other people way of doing things. There no right or wrong just everyone does their things different.

      If you think its your way or no other way then you check yourself

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      Dont ever classify others or insult others about their self esteem. Work on yours first .

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  • @Mama Borngirl I was so surprised with the way Mo carries herself, none of the true big wigs were present! Maybe it's true that they don't really like her

    • They were there. Just that they didn't feature in some of the pictures posted online. I saw Mrs Saraki and Ekua née Abudu.

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