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On Saturday, April 27, 2019 one of the newest married couple in Nigeria, in the persons of Uche and Sonnie Ayere held their wedding reception at the Landmark Event Centre, in what has been described by those who had the privilege to witness the party as one of the most upscale private parties they have ever attended.

It was lush in any and every way you might want to look at it. Quite upscale it was too. It was well managed from all indications, in fact it was said it would rate as 5-stars plus.  Everything as expected was topnotch. That’s including the guests that attended, be it the family members and others too and the fashion itself was off the hook.

Truth be told, we didn’t attend the party itself as we were at another upscale event just a stone throw away. But from all the accounts we got, a big kudos must be given to the couple and all of those that handled the management of the event for them. The flowers were much and that must have cost a good deal too.

And what a gorgeous bride!!!! One that every grrom would have loved to walk down the aisle gladly. In fact, she looked ‘screamingly scrumptiously beautiful and gorgeous’ all the way. Sonnie knows he is a lucky fella. From Uche’s badass makeup, done by the undoubted master and ‘czarina of make up artistry herself’, her royal majesty, ‘Banke Meshida-Lawal’- the authentic make-up artist to the stars, celebrities and super well to do, to the beautiful well coiffed hair, to the maturely, white sexy lacey wedding gown with the long tail and even to the wearer herself, it’s so obvious that attention to the minutest detail, was a clear watchword.

How more beautiful, how more stunning can a bride be? Especially one like this Cinderella who is already a mother of 3!!! Mennnnnn, she’s taken care of herself very very well over the years. And we are too sure that the handsome hunk of man that the husband is, must be gloating in self admiration, for finding his gorgeous gem without an equal.

Again we say, congrats!!!! 


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  • Mr Aloba, these ones don’t have any wealthy pedigree abi? Obviously, because the write up would have been longer than this because you would have inundated us with how the bride is the granddaughter of oba sikiru Adetona and how the groom is the nephew of errrrm, who can I say now, ok, chief Odogwu 😄. Na joke I dey joke o! No vex o! 🤣

    • The aloba guy's ass kissing is nauseating with his thick lips using unnecessary English words trying hard to sound polished

    • Anon 2:08, you can't tell there's a "flesh colored" lace in a scoopneck? You think it's photoshop? Lol.

    • Anon 11:12 am; when they tell you to go to school, you refused!

      So since you've been coming to this blog, you can't differentiate between sarcasm and other styles of writing?

      Just tell us you want to abuse Aloba, you that has thin snake-like lips. Odenson!

  • Aloba, we see what you're trying to do. If you like post her daily, waiting for your hounds to tear her apart and spread her "gist" like was the order of the day on that collab project NGL, it won't change anything. UcheExotic made a beautiful bride, that's that.

    • Congrats to Uche my ex boss, you made a beautiful bride. I'll be here to be her Voltron in case some people want to tear her apart.

  • Banke Meshida Lawal, I hand you over to God🤣, have you people seen what most of her clients look like in real life? Ahhhh! You go fear this MUAs. Forget their faces on Instagram, most look the exact opposite in real life.

    • I attended one of her bride's wedding last Easter weekend and I can testify to the fake magic she does.

      Bimpe is a real bridal MUA, no yahoo yahoo stunts.

    • Lovely Bride, lovely setting looks classy and elegant the only But is she should not have used blue contact lenses. I think a bride should look like her best natural self on her wedding day. But she may be bi-racial and they could be natural. Then I think she still looks beautiful. Power couple loading…

    • Banke does no magic. Yea she's good (minus the brow) but she over filters and destroys her work with that.

      I still prefer her early works on her blog where she had zero to moderate filter and you'll see the beauty of her work.

    • To be honest, this bride looks hideous with the photoshopped thing, extraordinary lashes, cakey under-eye, angry brows, and her lips?…

    • Lol @ Yahoo stunts.
      Anita brows does good bridal makeover. Others are – House of Tara, flawless faces by Jane, Iamdodos, Joyce Jacobs.
      My comment is for brides to be in Lagos.

    • What surgery? Other than the too much contouring on her nose, this is what Uche looked like from Abuloma days.

    • Hailing my anonymous abuloma mate! Yes Uche has always been stunning..she even won some beauty pageants in secondary school!

    • Hailing my anonymous abuloma mate! Yes Uche has always been stunning..she even won some beauty pageants in secondary school!