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There’s the need for us to continually support our very own. Reason being that it makes a whole of sense and the ripple effect of it would go a long way too. We are eagerly awaiting that day, when a top Nigerian home grown brand can stand side by side, shoulder to shoulder with any of the international fashion brands without flinching.

One brand amongst our several home grown brands that’s really showing the right sparks for us at least in the last 3 years has been Mai Atafo. Not only has he being honing his craft well steadily and sure-footed in the last few years, he also knows very well how to add the required drama to his showcases every time. There’s never ever a dull moment when you watch Mai’s catwalk shows and for that alone we say a massive kudos and we know for sure, that the top for him is already is a foregone conclusion. You can dispute it all you like, but for us, Mai’s showcase at the last Arise Fashion Week 2019 in Lagos, was one of the highlights of that Fashion Week. He delivered on all counts and in all ramifications for us.

When 2 cool, quite stylish people collaborates, the end result is always totally on point and standout. So when Mai Atafo and the handsome, suave, quite stylish finance guru by name Sonnie Ayere got together to collaborate on the outfit for his beautiful wedding to his superlatively stunning wife Uche, what the groom wore for his nuptial ceremony, which was an hybrid, blue with gold embroidery kaftan ensemble, that quite simply impressed us.

Sonnie the man carried the ensemble that was made to measure very well and added the required oomph!!! Not only that, even the groomsmen outfit were also totally on point too and we salute the whole package.  Uche the then bride, now the wife looked exceptional in her own outfit and her make up, hair everything were on point, it would have been perfect for her to totally upstage her husband. And thank God she didn’t, even as she showed like a super gorgeous emerald. 


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