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Hmmmmmm. This lady with the bombastic shape or body is the undoubted rave of the moment.. The one dazzling them with her unique backside. From our findings, we learnt that the men, ever always foolish, are literally falling over themselves so as to be the next one to take charge of what they consider to be their property.

What is this Ekiti born lady’s claim to fame? It’s none other than are ‘badass ass body’ thst she possesses and that she flaunts to all who cares to see. So humongous are those backside, which at first was huge au naturel, before she now went to enhance it further to take it to the next several levels, that it has become the reason for all the attention.

If you doubt what we are saying, go check out a music video of a very popular musician, who is connected to plantain, to see how even a blind man got totally confused on touching the mountain by mistake and was literally taken to heaven and back. From what we have found out, Anabel or is Bejide or is it Bella, pick whichever of the names that readily comes to you or that catches your fancy, is not averse to sharing her goods, her Bermuda Triangle or better still treasure trove of sweet joy to whoever can pamper her.

And it seems like the good times have begun to role in as she has become an avid traveler around the world and also she’s the owner of a good 4 wheel machine, that she drives around like her chariot. It’s a C-class Mercedes Benz Saloon car. So mesmerizingly hynoptic is her shape, especially that backside that even one of the sons of a certified SW billionaire, reputed to be the richest is totally hooked on it. It is this said dude, that supposedly bought her the Merc.

Bejide claims to have gone to a school in Ibadan, Oyo State, but some claim it’s a lie, that’s its all part of the package she tries to sell!!! This ultimate slay mama jammer, who has come on the scene like a bolt out of the blue to retire other slaymamas, has a sister who is like too, that one at a point dated a tailor, who later lost his life prematurely.

We cannot overemphasize those humongous twin sisters at the front that 1st gets the attention immediately she enters anywhere, but it’s the backside, the one that the expert had to remold for a good purpose, that now finishes it all. So now that we have another princess in the process of becoming “the ultimate slay queen”, all other slay mamas had better take notice and bow down. As she’s coming and not taking no prisoners!!!

All hail Queen Bejide……

Long may your reign be and may your treasure trove never be found wanting or never even age!!!! 


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    • Not the Same person, the person you are talking about is Aj. Aloba is talking about a different person. Bella posted an alert of 40million recently.

  • Warris dis…gist no sweet if we don’t have a clue. Some of us live abroad nah? Please at least give better hints.

  • Bella big ass that has slept with all the men in Lagos.only Benz to show for it olosho.who will marry that one,sleeping with sumbo buzz bar owner.,Adebayo footballer doing twosome in London and turkey all for designers her destiny is gone