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For this story to make sense, we would have to reverse a bit to give a proper background to things, so that one can look and judge to make a head of it all.

Who are the 2 main characters in this story? They are none other than, the tall, gorgeously stylish, big eye-balled successful entrepreneur, turned designer on one side by name BO and on the other side, is the super filthy rich Uncle GU, who is a super big boy, in fact he is as filthy, stupendously wealthy as they come and with more than one wife.

When these 2 were together it was like the world existed for only the 2 of them alone. The man went above what was normal to shower indescribable love on this lady, who he fell for stupidly in any way you could imagine.

How and where did they meet? It was at a party, in fact a burial party and where the dude was totally mesmerized by what he beheld. So taken was the man that he had asked that the lady be introduced to him at the event. And as a big boy, when the lady was taking her leave, Oga blessed her with a paltry $10000 as transport, sorry fuel money home. That surely must have hit home and accelerated things as a by a week after the cosiness had set into their then growing relationship, the dude bought for the lady a Toyota Tundra 4 x 4.

That was just the beginning of the unbelievable largesse that would flow the way of the lucky lady. It was obvious that the man had fallen and had fallen rather stupendously and foolishly too in love. So for him, nothing was off limit for the subject matter of his undying affection and love. And because he had it in his head, that the lady was going to officially join his growing harem as his newest most delightsome wide, he went totally overboard with his affections and extraordinary gifts.

What is in fact money to a man who has it in an unquantifiable amount? It’s a means of exchange, especially to get some of the best things money could afford and with this lady, money was put to great use. This lady’s jewelry collection alone, went hyperbolic, in fact to such a level that it would buy houses for many other people. Her watch collection alone conservatively estimated, cannot be less than $1m dollars that’s about N360m and that’s a conservative estimate! The man used to buy for her, a his & hers watch collection, so that alone must tell you all, about the kind of purchases he would have made. So it was the very best of the best that money could get. At the height of it all, the man bought for his favorite girl a land said to be worth at least N160million  & then built an humongous edifice, fit for a queen that’s estimated to have cost between N400million to N500 million Naira. And just because the man was highly connected with Italy and the Italians, as they were his business partners, many things for the impressive home were brought in from Italy in crates.

So impressive is this house in the estate that’s its located in, that madam’s room which is fully Versace-fied is valued at about €36,000 alone, that’s at least N14 plus millions. You need to see the chandeliers and other things that makes a home stand out. With furnitures and other things that makes the mouth open in disbelief and utter admiration. With the house came a gorgeous GLE merc, a G63 & Hummer, all brand spanking new.

During this loved up edition, madam even got a N100m from a deal that she and her man were involved in, that she just let her have. It was like love that was made too perfectly from love heaven. Forget about all the other little little things too oooo. Travel was on the highest level that can be imagined. The love was so much that, the man’s other wives were somewhat intimidated!!!

BO, has always from her young days, always had men, especially those with means eating from her palm. When we mean young days, we mean her much younger days, as she’s still just about 44. Then, in that part of Ikeja, Opebi to be precise, where the family used to live. Their abode was a type of a mecca, as men always wanted to outdo each other to gain her attention and she greatly reveled in the attention and gained a whole lot from it. So having had the experience from such a long a long time, when it comes to men, she’s got the expertise via experience of several years. She was in fact once married and apparently things didn’t work out.

So even now and till tomorrow men still salivate to get her attention. So when Uncle G came unto the scene, he was totally mesmerized and was swept off his feet. But just as soon as our man thought he was going  to have a forever ever after, soon the love began to collapse and alas, so shockingly too the lady dumped the extremely wealthy man who had done so much for her like bad stench or is it habit. The man couldn’t believe what befell him. He was shocked to his marrow and did all he could to win back his gal, but alas no! Nothing he did seemed to work at all. Madam in fact, started making fun of the dude, even calling his other wives then for them to rein their husband in and call him to order so as to stop disturbing her peace!

Shocking we hear you day!!!! Yes and totally too!!!! It became so bad, that both would engage in face offs, raining abuses and curses upon each other. The lady had gained so much, yet she didn’t care nor gave a hoot and it was on to the next for her. After dropping the man like a bad habit, in then came a much younger, well known person. It was thought that the relationship between her and her new lover would turn to marriage. In actual fact it nearly did.

Both her and her man’s relationship though didn’t turn into marriage, both still dotes on each other till tomorrow. Her place was his resting place then most evenings. One of the reason she didn’t actually get what she wanted with this younger man was that, his first wife did all, did everything to make sure the marriage didn’t happen and it never did. She went all the way, leaving no stone unturned to make sure. But BO’s loss later  became another person’s gain. As the man has now married another (full story on that upcoming), even as his first wife didn’t want that to happen again also, but this time around, she met more than her match.

But now the strange and yet unconfirmed news is that BO & Uncle GU are mending fence and getting back together againx for a 2nd missionary journey!!! What!!!!!!! Can that actually be possible??? Hmmmmm that’s what we are hearing for now! And it’s quite unbelievable, totally shocking too!!!!

We are as surprised as you all are too! You mean after all the mess, love can still conquer all?

About love-Seems love forgives all ills and overlooks all types of abuse and things. So is this 2nd missionary journey truly LOVE???? 


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  • She should have stayed with him all this while. The guy is calm and is a major donatus. Is she ready to marry him now? Will she claim she never said he wanted to use her daughters for rituals? G.U never got over B.O.

    It is easier for her to marry G.U than to marry King S.E. G.U's wives cannot do much but Queen S went all out to make sure she stayed away.

  • I laugh in mandarin! Bunmi stop deceiving ya sef o! That ship has long sailed! Don’t let Emma poor acid on you πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    • Did aunt Bertie pour acid on Emma when she came as no 2? Abeggi. That Bunmi with her opolo eyes. Uncle G sef. The man no dey hear word. But uncle is a legend in the game oooo, so are you sure. Them plenty for bros hand o. Bunmi go Rest Biko

  • Hi! Do you use Twitter? I'd like to follow you if that would be okay.
    I'm absolutely enjoying your blog and look forward to new updates.

    • My friend will you sit down somewhere! This is not your regular public blog, this is the inner workings of lagos blog, a lot of you won’t understand! Go to other blogs that post on twitter! Rookie!

  • BO is just deceiving herself. She's just covering up shame of an Hausa woman taking up her dream position.
    Uncle G is hot cake, the new women on scene won't let BO come over.
    Madam captivating, oya start your waka for another money bag.

  • Who are all these newbies asking the most annoying questions??? β€œWho is BO? What is LSA? Who is Aloba?” You must be silly. Run along to Instablog or LI and leave this place for the ones who know. Commoners.

    • Haba! Take it easy now. I'm sure even Aloba wants this blog to grow, hopefully, he's past his abracadabra days.

      Stop shutting people down. Though the anons too need to be quiet so they can learn.

  • You really are a lowlife people are commoners cos of gist about some operson's life how foolish and stupid can one human beign be