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More than 2 decades ago destiny crossed our paths and we met while at the University of Ilorin, Kwara State. From that time in the early 90s till you passed on untimely and so suddenly about 2 weeks ago, you remained a perfect gentleman.

If death had permitted  and not acted funny maybe, you would have clocked 50 or so next year. From having a degree in Agricultural Sciences you left for the United Kingdom for pastures anew and in your own way made your good mark in the sands of time, leaving indelible footprints. From Agriculture, like someone who knew what the future held, you got into ICT and gave it a fair try, excelling as much as a hardworking and relentless achiever should. At a point in 2012, as the CEO of Afrimobile, a UK based Telco, that brand was already targetting about 40million plus of the African ethnic minority.

Ever always calm and generous to a fault, ever willing to help and lend a helping hand to family, friends & associates. In the course of making ends meet, you became an avid traveler, going around the world, ever always looking for the next exciting business opportunity to invest in. In all your dealings and quest to make ends meet, you remained a perfect gentleman, the type that everyone you met along the way, always commended for all the good reasons. So so much was expected of you and you really tried. And everyone believed that the time for the investments of the past years were just about coming to fruition.

But alas, just as the time for the fun, relaxation, enjoyment, semi-retirement was drew near, you decided to lump it all and dump it and thought to start another journey again, but this time around it was a journey of no return that you had embarked on. You were snatched so cruelly and so unexpectedly from us all that loved you, by that most despicable and shameless of enemy-death.

Till this very moment many have still not been able to rationalize it yet. Some in fact cannot yet believe that you have passed on. It would most definitely take time for the pain to heal. It’s just damn too fresh bro. The only solace that we have, is in the fact that you have left good memories behind. And that’s what everyone is just clinging on to.

You have left behind plenty of dreams yet unfulfilled, much hope cut off, loads of great achievements have been left in limbo. But not just that alone though, your loving wife and kids and even your mom and other family members and we your friends and your business associates would all miss you so much.

Kay D Kay baba, Alhaji Kay to some, Isuzu K to many….. We go miss you oooooo. Till we all meet again on the day of your resurrection bro.

Sleep well……. (sun re ooooo) 


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