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There’s the reason for wanting to celebrate to high heaven this dynamite of a lady, who most know as ‘Jennifer Obayuwana’, the Executive Director and heiress to the Polo Lifestyle Conglomerate. For those who might not know or might have forgotten so quickly, she is the stupendously gorgeous and most kindhearted daughter of the Czar of Lifestyle himself, his imperial majesty, ‘Sir’ John Obayuwana, the owner of Polo Ltd, Polo Avenue, Cat Construction and other brands.

Like already stated above and a good virtue at that, that we cannot stop from emphasizing, Jenny like loads call her, but who some close people to her prefer to refer to as the ‘underboss’, the anoited one learning from the Capo Tutti Capi himself, is  unpretentiously one of the most kindhearted angels to have stepped foot on the face of this earth. She’s one person that can give her heart to her friends or those she comes in contact with, without necessarily rationalizing about who they are and what she could get in return from it or them. A class act in all ramifications.

But not only is she so generous to a fault, take it or leave it she’s also undoubtedly one of the most stylish Nigerian alive and by extension African on the face of this earth, with a style that’s very avant Garde, futuristic and quirky. Any where in the world that you come in contact with her or across her, be it in London, Geneva, New York, Miami etc as she’s a avid traveler, who speaks French very well, a bit of Italian/Spanish, if you truly understand and appreciate high fashion and style, you cannot but nod continuously in approval.

So on this wonderful occasion of her birthday, we cannot but wish this princess of elegance, duchess of good form, heiress of grace and panache, a happy birthday and a wish for many more years of goodness and happiness.

Long may you live J! 


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