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Like the Yorubas of old used to say, there’s so much stories in a 10kobo book, meaning that for so cheap you would get endless stories, in fact tales of the totally unbelievable type.

We have since found out that OM’s husband is the very definition of a man who cannot keep his ‘John Thomas’, that rod of mass destruction, that rampant shooting star, in check or in control.

According to the quite reliable gist, it seems that rather than be a model husband as expected of him; a quite disciplined one at that, one who is able to hold his emotions in check, a man in control, this particular man is actually controlled by more or less his out of control mammary gland. According to those who know, it is actually where his trusted weapon leads him to, that he just follows. Like a homing device it’s like he is always looking for a target to nail with his thing and there’s no distinction whatsoever. They could be just about anything or anyone.

He has the unenviable distinction of once impregnating a house help (maid). What?????? How very low could a man have gone? But yes he did it and that’s the actual fact. We heard that people used to carry and run away with their maids once they know he was coming or around. That’s not all at all. They claim that with the dude, there is not a no go area, everyone is ‘game’ to be tried out or checked out, just in case they might just ‘gel’. Even the wife’s friends were not untouchables.

And according to the gist it is not like madam was oblivious of all his chicanery and shenanigans. In fact she knew about it all and her ears have been full over time, but she had just thought she could weather the storm and maybe he would change as time went for the best. She had thought why the need to throwaway the baby and the birth water? But alas, it seems her best has not been good enough. As this leopard, like all leopards couldn’t change his spots.

The man couldn’t just resist the allure of his other woman, saying the truth wouldn’t kill anyone, at least so we think, this other lady pretty die oooooo. So instead of just helping to keep his beautiful home intact, a home that was badly shaken to its marrow and very foundation after the first outside pregnancy and other misdeeds; he just still went ahead, not minding the consequences to continue his relationship unabated with the lady some have even started calling his 2nd wife and now that their 2nd child together is on the way now, maybe he would do the next best thing, which could be the most honorable thing in the situation, that’s if he hasn’t done that already by officially marrying his darling girlfriend-EG and making her his official other wife. Would madam agree to that arrangement though? The lady is presently abroad gearing up for her delivery, far away from the hoopla her pregnancy has caused.

What we hear, though not confirmed is that the once peaceful home of OM is in turmoil especially as madam of the house cannot rationalize this intentional betrayal again. If it was this once, it might have been understandable, but it’s not once, neither twice, so is she going to stay and just accept her fate or not?

The embarrassment of the whole mess is epic to just say the least. Madam cannot just believe what  has befallen her! Not only is she shocked, she cannot actually believe it. She went way backwards to try to accommodate her man’s excesses as a good woman should do. The truth is that if she had left, she wouldn’t lack for anything at all, not even a small thing, except that cap of her being married and living her husband. The lady we speak of has her own very successful business-she’s a fantastic creative, and apart from that her dad is super well to do, her married sister too is as wealthy as they come too. But the issue that’s a major dilemma now is that, should she leave all that she’s sacrificed everything for over the years, that she has received embarrassment for, for another to come sit on and  enjoy???? 


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  • Women go thru a lot in marriages! She shouldn't leave her home ooo! Stay there and let the marriage run its full course! Why should you move out? Don't go anywhere! After the storm, comes sunshine!

    • Your type is the kind to ask why did she stay when she finally dies. Never seen a group more desperate than married Nigerian women

    • Anon 1:49pm! Oh please! Spare me! What is really out there??? She should leave her home?? What about their kids? Wont it affect their lives? You think women don't know what to do?? But you have to stop and think about your kids as well.

    • You think children raised in acrimony are better off than children raised by divorced parents? Again I say, I've never seen a more desperate bunch than Nigerian married women. They will rather stay in marriages collecting insults, disgrace and humiliation risking disease and death than move on from the mn that doesnt care about them. They keep lying that "it's for the kids" but how is dysfunction and disrespect better for children than mommy and daddy living apart? It's not. Women like Madam O, who are monied and connected tend to stay in marriages like these to "save face." Its not about the kids at all.

      But all you ladies of wow types love to give "stay in your home" advice. Oniranu

    • Madam Judge, defender of the universe. Keep quiet. What do you know. Let your own come and let’s see how you handle it. Leave your home naw. Before you step on the street, another would gladly lick all your over sabi. Ode to the first order. Yes, if my husband likes, let him do his worst, I would not go anywhere. That alone gives those foolish idiots home wreckers the biggest migraine. I would enjoy the fruit of my labor Biko. And who told you because the stupid man stepped out, he doesn’t care and love his family? You’re a big fool. Most cases, the guy even loves them more. And would do anything to keep his home. A foolish woman throws her goods outside for vultures to feast on. Go out now. When your friends start keeping away from you and your children have to book appointment to see their father, mehn you’re a mumu. Women that have been married for 15yrs and above can relate. Not all these newbies.

    • Friends keeping away from you? That statement alone shows women like you stay in these situations for other people not the children lol. Love you more than the other women? Kai Nigerian women which way forward ooo

    • Darling @8:41am, please leave us and our husbands alone, ok. You can leave yours and be doing women’s lib up and down. It’s your choice. Leave me with mine. I wear the shoes not you. Obviously you’re a baby. By the time you’ve been passed round searching for the perfect man, your children would resent you for not being a strong mother. By the way, there is no perfect husband out there. Some of us, our parents bought us our place of honor by staying and we are doing same for our children. As long as there is no physical abuse… dear seat the hell down and go more on your knees. I’ve seen the worst of the worst turn around. So my dear your choice not mine and respect that please.
      @7:55pm, thank you sis. You couldn’t have said it any better. All these ones that keep deceiving themselves, good luck.

    • Exactly! Really again I will say, I've never seen a more desperate bunch than the averagr Nigerian married women. Women who truly believe they're nothing without a husband, no matter how useless he is.

  • From the story, its either the man is a nymphomaniac or he has been locked up in a bottle! It doesnt sound normal. " everyone hiding their house helps anytime he comes around""! When he is not " Dauda the sexy guy! The man has a problem! Serious problem! They used a male dog to jazz his activities in life! He needs deliverance!

  • Na wa for ds gist. Aloba , uve forgotten that ‘still yet ‘ is repetition? Well ,no one knows it all. Morning guys.

    • Is it only his 'still yet'?
      Aloba does that constantly in his write ups.
      Whilst I admit he writes quite well, the tautology and over-use of words makes his pieces tedious to read.

      Look above:
      'In check or control'
      'Everyone is game to be tried or checked out'.

      Mr Aloba, please work on your tautology; there really isn't a need for it.
      Nice gist.

  • @anon 7:55 you even have strength when you see daft comments like that you should know its either one of the home wreckers, or a teenager or early 20s who still think in terms of Hollywood movies.Prince William was outed by the media as a cheater last month, his wife stayed put and pretended as if she didn't see the news.Same as several western celebs, if you leave this one plunging children into uncertainty, leave the next one, and the next you have given home wreckers the power to control the narrative

    • Prince William is a whole actual prince and heir to the throne, you people are staying with men you're feeding and financing, who OPENLY disrespect you, have babies on you and leave your name to be dragged through the mud. You're actually delusional if you think you're in the same boat as Kate Middleton 😂

    • @ 5:32pm, you must a baby my dear and you are delusional.Still living in Lala land. We are not married to peasants please. We don’t spend a penny of our money ok. We and our children are well taken care off. So everybody’s story is different. Every marriage is different. You can’t compare marriage A to B. Prince or no prince, we are all human at the end of the day. By the way most men are very polygamous. Even if the man doesn’t want, some women would do everything and anything to get him. Most women find successful men very attractive. Marriage is no beans. Besides how has him impregnating another woman mean dragging my name through mud? That’s the stupid girls business not mine. She would always be beneath me both her and her kid for the rest of her life.It’s when I give her the chance, that’s when she can flex. As long as I don’t….. she remains what she is, a mistress, miserable and stupid.

    • Anon 10:19 don't worry keep holding on to him, all his useless side chicks will move on even with their babies and you will be the last woman standing after he's all used up.
      Sounds miserable to me, but everyone knows what they want out of life

    • @8:17am, thanks for the advice. However I would enjoy him last last with my children. He would be weak and tired and I would employ a nurse for him while I enjoy the money! After all I warned him. My children would have graduated from very good schools and well grounded. Side chicks? Moved on? What’s my business with those miserable hoes? Karma would most likely have come visiting. Serving them some correct illness, and battles of life. Please. You don’t worry about me and my children. We’ll be good. You sit on the shelf waiting for me Perfect. Have a lovely weekend darling.

    • Thank God I worked hard at school and have a great job. About to buy my first house and engaged. No man can turn me into a doormat and hold me hostage. Human beings cheat. Not men. Men are not a different species that should be held to different standards. Be allowed to disgrace you and run you mad because of financial security. Iv seen it happen to too many women. Empty women with sad eyes. Life is for the living. Madam I hope this is not what you are teaching your daughters.

    • I’ve always said it. No point arguing with you my dear. I was like you too, with my degree and all. I didn’t take rubbish…..,, but hey here I am today!!! Sit down and ask your mum about life. It’s not about the society you live in now. Come back to Nigeria and live here. Let’s see how you fair. My best advice for you, don’t move back with this mindset. It won’t work here. It’s a totally different ballgame. Yes I’m real with my children. Both boys and girls.

  • Please both Anons cussing each other out should stopeet….you both have valid points… so how do we marry the two opinions ..let me give you an example there is an ex minister wife whose husband could not keep it in his pants though she was enjoying the massive wealth …her friends advised her after sometime to take her kids and leave ..they meant well and wanted to to protect their friend right?? ..she took the advice and left with the 3 kids ….even though she had a good office job but nothing compared to what she enjoyed when in the house …and you know some Nigerian men are mean once u leave they cut you off …things became bad for her and the friends who advised her to leave began to avoid her in other not to assist her …..the kids had to return to the dad so they can get top education they were used to and rightly fact i wish laws in Nigeria could change to favour divorcing women me most of these adulterers will stop ….because that is what keeps men in western world in check ..I'm sorry for this long epistle..please let's debate without insults..some people may say are him to court but with which money and what happens to the kids mean time??

    • My dear she made the greatest mistake of her life. Listen to friends ke? They were probably envious of her in the first place. And would want her to be at their level. You fight from inside the house, not outside. Some women are so dumb. How did she think she could pull it off. She’s even lucky the man did not marry one of her friends. Yes I’ve seen it happen twice!!!! Friends would go behind and tell the man everything the wife says and every move. Friends? Who keeps stupid friends these day? Women never ever fight from outside. Think of your children first.

  • Anonymous 9.05 you are a sorry excuse of a woman. You are the kind that will advice your friend to stay in a marriage where she is being physically abused until the man kills her. The kind that will advice her sister to stay in a marriage where the husband is giving her STDs until he gives her HIV. God keep me from women like you. Look at the lawyer who recently killed her husband. He mentally tortured her and she stayed and stayed until she stabbed him to death. Now she is in Kirikiri. Please stop spewing nonsense. Die in your marriage if you like.

    • That is also a complete different sinario Physical abuse is a no no. Besides, you should be able to study your man. Never ever try to fight back. And always hold your tongue. Some women’s mouth are lethal. Always try to walk away

    • @ 9.37pm, my advice to you, please don’t marry a Nigerian man oooo. Even oyinbo s are something else too these days. Just kuku marry ya sef. Use dildo and bullet, adopt a child. No need to preach. They all cheat. Ati closet cheating pelu open Werey one. They all cheat. Shikena.

  • When we hear one day that Odion has murdered Folabi, people will say if it was so bad why didn’t she just leave. There is only so much a woman can take. Odion cannot be ok mentally. Impregnating house girls everyday. How can you be helping your housegirls abort your husbands baby? Her kids are grown. She has a good business. She deserves happiness.

  • what im saying is each marriage scenario is different …there are a lot of factors to consider ..the solution of pack and go is not a one size fits all solution ..There is a lady i know the spouse was so loose and impregnated the girlfriend and all sort of things …Meanwhile wife is a kind of custodian of joint business money ..So after she consider everything she took time to use the money to establish herself personally then she said goodbye in good comfort when the man refuse to change so as not to lose what she has taken years of sweat to build with the man if she was this type who easily get pepper body and does not cool down to consider things she will suffer and even mistress and other advisers will laugh at her one has to be wise concerning this matter not everything is black and white..

  • A man's perspective. I would say leave even if first time but definitely leave if a repeat offender. With STDs, peace of mind is priceless. My father was a serial cheater, even taking me with him to see his girlfriend as a teenager. It broke my heart for my mum and I so wished she had left but she stayed. He was the breadwinner and i truly wish she was financially independent to have left. So for those who say even if financially able to stay, I say leave for the mental and emotional well being of you and the kids. Personally, I am damaged enough that I am resolved not to cheat on my wife (18 years now and counting). So I am tempted to say there is hope that not all men cheat. But I live in the us and realize my environment helps but most importantly it is God's grace. I don't know how men who don't know God do it.

  • This person shouting leave, leave up and down, I'm sure you're not the photographer who has gone to birth his child? Are you telling madam to leave so that you can find a comfortable home when you come back with your child? Sorry to burst your bubble, madam says she's going no where! She's there to fight for her home, she's fighting with her knees, it's okay to fight for love. Foluke Daramola is enjoying another woman's home now while the woman is getting the blame for leaving her home for a home wrecker vulture looking for where to perch. It's okay to fight for what rightfully belongs to you. There's no domestic violence involved.

  • You’ve said it all @3:57pm. You don’t live in our environment where men are encouraged to cheat and if you don’t you are touted as a weakling. These topics really are for us that live here in this sick environment. It’s very unfair to compare please. I would never advise a woman to leave her man here because of baby mama issues. Now it’s a totally different case abroad. Society there don’t care and won’t torment your life. Or make you feel inadequate. My divorced friends here are not finding it easy at all. I’ve been with a friend who refused to invite another friend because she might eye her husband. Yes shit happens. It’s a no win situation.

  • It breaks my heart to see that Nigerians still think the way you guys do. These women you hurt and humiliate are human beings and have rights to be happy. This is my first time commenting online by the way! How did we get here? What has given these men this right to cheat without giving a damn about the women in their lives? Money? Conquest? To my fellow women, Pls train your daughters to be financially independent first before settling down! Make sure you have an equal stake in that marriage if not you are doomed! Money humbles men Eg the Alakija's! Her success humbles that man and I doubt the story would have been the same if the tables were turned! Women pls be financially independent so if you want to leave you would not be disgraced as many women are. Staying in such an unhealthy marriage isn't good for her kids Either especially the girls! It affects them psychologically to think no man should be trusted and many begin to hate men when they see the pain their mum is in. Please look out for yourselves even if it means taking out such a "daredevil" side chic. I cannot build for another to inhabit that means that side chic would have to leave this world. And to the side chics trying to take madam's position be warned o! If you do not want to lose your mother or whom ever you love the most with you also because I will take the both of you…stay away!!!

    • But aunty Folorunsho upon all her wealth adapted this same "don't leave your house for any woman" strategy while her husband carries on with women, so it's not just financial independence that will make Nigerian women start demanding the respect and loyalty they deserve. This society makes them feel like failures if they're not Mrs. Somebody, so they eat platters full of shit to remain so.

    • Who is humbled? Uncle Modu? Humbled by his wife’s wealth? Obviously you don’t know nathing. Modu is a Don. Forget aunty wealth or nah. He was very successful and is a very successful lawyer. And upon all the money, he controls her. Every woman just wants stability that’s all. No marriage is perfect.

  • This save your marriage thing has left so many women with incurable std's! Imagine dating a TM with herpes and the anal sex dog herself (the Calabar big booty hoe actress). Heard her last ibo boyfriend don dump am just as her former governor bf dump am. Haq Haq Haq. Wonder why she was lying about being engaged to the Stan… when the guy dey laugh am with him guys about their sexcapades and her desperate moves to get the ring! Him friends dey shout God forbid bad thing for their friend to marry her as she dey assume! …Smelly Ass! Fool thought she had him! Haq Haq Haq! Please o! These girls sleep with multiple men and cannot be trusted o. The anal queen with her smelly self. Her conquest was complaining the other day about how badly she now smells. Side chics aka herpes and leaky leaky asshole please take a break to treat yourselves before coming for our husbands o biko…imagine living one life to be known as a dog or an ashawo with disease chaiii! Una well done o! In other news please women be strong and learn from other women's mistakes. Make your own money to avoid story that touch. Aloba happy Sunday o.