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Senator Dino Melaye 

Senator Dino Melaye representing Kogi West Senatorial district in Kogi State has declared his ambition to vie for the position of the state Governor of his beloved state Kogi. The man who many have tagged as the ‘hilarious one’ for his many ‘uncommon antics’, acting and singing prowess made known his plan, just yesterday.

The very popular politician who had dumped his former party the APC alongside other heavyweights like the out gone Senate President Dr. Bukola Saraki in 2018 to go back to the PDP, had against all odds won his election to return again to the House of Assembly as a strong member of the opposition in the 9th Assembly. In the 8th assembly, where his man-Dr Saraki was at the helm of affairs, he was the Senate Committee Chairman on the FCT.

Now with the Governorship election to the state house presently occupied by his outgoing excellency, Yahaya Bello who is also seeking re-election back upcoming, it promises to be an interesting ‘battle royale’ of the most intriguing kind in Kogi state come election time.

Senator Melaye and his state Governor, Yahaya Bello are like sworn enemies bent on taking each other down by any means that’s possible, so with Melaye making known his intention, Bello now has 2 battles to fight on 2 different fronts for him to get another term in office. Apart from having to face the somewhat formidable Dino Melaye, who all things been equal would most likely be the PDP Gubernatorial aspirant for the upcoming election, Governor Bello has an uphill task to convince all stakeholders to support him so as to remain his party’s preferred candidate for the election. The dilemma for Bello is that very many in his own party the APC, are already clamoring for the son of the late former Governor of the state in the person of the late Prince Abubakar Audu, who had died prior to being announced as the winner of the last election. It was as a result of that untimely passing that Yahaya Bello who was never in the mix in the first instance came to power. But it seemed that Bello totally forgot the circumstances that brought him to power and in fact totally neglected the main area that had won the late Prince Audu the election then.

So that area have now thought to redress what they considered a total neglect and instead of supporting the incumbent, they are clamoring for the late prince Audu’s son- Prince Mona Mustapha Audu, who had moved from the YPP to the APC.

Away from the immediate above and back to the main subject matter, Senator Dino Melaye. To dismiss him and his ambition for any reason would be to do so at one’s own peril. Prior to him declaring his ambition, people had wondered aloud before about who was more popular between ‘The Melaye’ & Yahaya Bello. Now the opportunity to know has come. 


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  • Dino is one of those that likes to package himself as sugar but na saccharine. I really pity girls that follow his stupid ass

  • Senator of Fed Rep of Baboons, Nigeria is so dillusional that idiot like this become senators, Cluless and brainless mofo who knows than gallivating .