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Better late than never ever at all. So thespian and one of Nollywood’s more affluent practitioner Halima Abubakar was a year older recently, she’s either in her middle 30’s or moving very close to 40 and to mark the happy day, she invited her friends to a classy dinner party to celebrate with her.

Halima is well known to always mark or celebrate her birthday every year with pomp, so 2019 was no exception as she had a rather more subdued but classy celebration. She came to her own party looking all glam and sophisticated in her all white, exquisite outfit showing off her impressive cleavage to good effect, especially with that strategically placed tattoo on the left boob. As an aside with how the twin towers were peeking out gorgeously in her dress, many were wondering if maybe the average height bombshell might have augmented slightly her delightsome pair very recently, especially with a few doctors now very available in Lagos to help do the magic. But others have pooh-poohed the idea claiming the best Halima might or could have done is just the good use of a nice push up bra, that would have given the pronounced lift, while also creating the impressive roundness at the same time. Any which one though, na she get her mammary glands however she one do am (mold it) na her issue.

From the look of things and emotions expressed, it was quite obvious for all to see that she appreciated the good support she got from her friends that attended to wish her well and witness her happy day. It’s been a bit somehow of late for the gorgeous Kogi born lady, who has the ears of her State’s first lady-Hajia Rasheeda Bello. Halima has had to battle insinuations from her former friend and colleague-Cossy ‘the boobed one’ Orjiakor who had been unrelenting in her scathing remarks at casting aspersions on HALIMA as not being a true friend but a snake. But as expected of a classy lady she had refused all through the unrelenting provocation to say a word.

One of the mutual friends of both Halima and Cossy, the quote in your face Uche Ogbodo was quite prominent at the recent birthday dinner of her friend. Check out the lovely pictures here.

More pictures after the break.


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