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Toke needs no introduction of any kind. She is in fact one of Nigeria’s most popular celebs/media personalities, a freaking rich one at that. And a fashionista to the core. She’s one person that’s always seeking to explore new opportunities, to extend her business frontier and at the rate she’s going she would soon become Nigeria’s own Kylie Jenner, owning her own multi-billion Naira business empire and obliterating all comers to smithereens.

She’s an OAP, a bestselling author, an entrepreneur in the beauty and lifestyle sector. And apart from owning her own beauty brand, which sells a range of products, she also owns a fashion brand that makes bags too, with her initials TM stamped proudly on it. Truth be told, they are well made.

As a quite confident and beautiful woman, who is not in any way afraid to show off what she’s got, she just put her stunning petite frame in spotlight to the envy of all recently and the result is what you have above. A perfect showoff of her enviable well sculpted derriere. The main picture like she’s described it, is art and we have captioned it “Art in dazzling motion”.

This is what it means, totally showing it off, putting your most pronounced asset on the spotlight. How can one hide what Miami and a fit lifestyle made happen.

Kudos dear.

If you have got it, flaunt it even before the angels. If you don’t know before, now you know why Toke’s products are flying off the shelves. Toke is in the quest to take over the world, dismiss her at your own peril. Way to go gal!!!!


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  • No matter what she can't beat the records of 90s society women – each married like 3 men with big names.

    • She is full of it with her fake ass. She is sad inside but deceive those girls that look up to her with her poker game. Very sad and lonely girl

    • Which truly big name will accept this as wife? Except maybe yahooyahoo big name. Radarada tio se ra aso ni Gbagi.

    • Which truly big name will accept this as wife? Except maybe yahooyahoo big name. Radarada tio se ra aso ni Gbagi.

    • BE Warned ahead. MOST of the positive comments below under anonymous are Toke herself. She is a master at manipulating comments to sway a positive reaction. She has jumped from Linda here. She was abused out of LIB by inserting herself while we were having a heated debate on sexyal molestation and people were very irritated and angry and cursed her out on LIB. Then she tried to make amends by sending two other topics about standards and women asking for to be assaulted or something to that effect. People became really furious with her.
      I have come to conclude she is mentally unstable and needs an intervention.
      When an old woman doesn’t know when it is appropriate to make jest of a serious matter like Rape then you really begin to wonder about her state of mind. So let Toke be. She has lost all credibility and her constant attention seeking is a call for help.

  • She is going to end up depressed! Nigeria is not the place to do this. Go to Europe or America where this sort of thing is appreciated. She is going to end up killing herself.

  • I feel sorry for this lady. I hope she will not look back and regret in years to come. There is a way that seems right to a man…..

  • Old woman struggling to draw attention away from the new bbnaija housemates. Sorry for u toke, come to my daughter’s school and see the very beautiful girls graduating this year, you will weep in shame, your time is up, at your age, o lero Lori rara and you have completely gone off track, until your sister’s children start insulting you on Instagram, then you will curse the person who ‘did this to you’. All her friends are egging her on, awon alabosi, they will never tell you the truth about the end result of what you are doing. In this country Nigeria? We shall see your end! Nigeria that is filled with witches, you want to come and do Kim kardashian here, they have already altered your journey in life.

    • If i were Toke, and i came across this write up. Holy fuckery!, i will quickly connect third mainland bridge and do the needful. Una fit kill person with words o

    • Can you imagine this stupid woman wrote this words about someone they don’t know or create? Are u God?? Ridiculous

  • Na wa ooooo this hate is on a epic scale ooooo. Shey the gal no go sell him wares to customers again? New men are at the helms of affair now. So they must see to salivate and then make purchase. Abeg make we give it to the gal for always reinventing herself ooooo. After spending all the money you no go show the final product? Abeg Toke show us puna too jare! Make we take eye see wetin dey yonder too. Even if we no fit purchase, make we ogle am abeg. The thing fine????

  • I am a Toke Makinwa fan for life and I love this exposure very well and don't see nothing wrong with it. You people are hypocrites who would love to be in her shoes. Envy kill all of you people die.

    • As a good fan, start saving for her cancer treatment. Death is hovering over her, that is what happens to women like her. She has buried herself. You will come back in a year to call up this post.

    • Pls take this death comment down aloba this is utterly disgusting and should not be read. Satan is a liar! Toke will live and not die. She will flourish and you will be put to shame!God hv mercy on your soul

  • Tokeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!! I've been wondering when you'd show us this behind! Ahn ahn! everytime you'll be covering it, after spending so much money. My friend you better show it off, na your money you dey cover. Well done ehn although methinks that's alot of ass for your stature but im not the one carrying the load! E ku exposure!

  • Abeggi. TM is a child of Grace nowwww, so no issues whatsoever. So people should go and rest.

    • Child of grace that’s how Pastor Biodun got to the ground. Continue abusing grace you all think God is mocked abi? Joke on you and toke herself

  • I hope you guys know her bought butt doesn’t look like this, this is the end product of an overly photoshopped butt. I’ve seen her severally and her ass isn’t half as big as this….

    • You are spot on!!! When she takes pictures it appears so big but in real life that butt is very small. With bbl it shrinks but hers it totally non existent. Only advantage is she has a well sculpted body with flat abs.

  • Dr In Miami tried for a petite framed girl. I wonder what will become of her if they actually give her access to more money. Aunty Toke please continue ok. Just don’t think it’s forever. At 37 no child… if you like be lying you are 30.

  • I am a fan but this!!!!!!! No now! Come now! I have been rooting for you but this right here! #Deep sign! Our society hasn’t reached that level of freedom yet! This is what heartbreak can cause! Maje Ayida! Please go and have a heart to heart talk with this woman! I don’t like this now! Haba!

  • 😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤪! See what prick can cause! Maje! See how you damaged this innocent girl! Maje! Hmmm!

  • Fact 1,She looks better than 98% percent of all the haters. I am the 2%. 😩😀
    Let the girl live.

  • Toke tried too hard. No Mater what illusion she portrays anyone can tell she suffers from deep insecurities and is unhappy.

  • This is not toke and I am not even a fan but it is extremely vicious to start proclaiming death and cancer on someone just because you don't like her choices. Would I do some of the things she does? No! but it is her life hence her rules. You people should free her and you Aloba need to stop instigating such hate, see the comments about a fellow human being cancer, death haba!!! its too much this is cyber bullying at its peak.

  • Love u a day & more, Toke. Do u & be u. Life is for d living, so live it now that u have d opportunity or never. U don’t need any one’s validation to exist , but only God. Enjoy ur life , jare.

  • I love see the hate you guys spew on this babe. It is so funny and disgusting at the same time. Babe is living her best life and your sorry asses are here hating and talking rubbish. Jealousy will kill you first before anything happens to my Toke. I say this because I used to hate on her when I had a boring normal life. So I can relate to the hate. If you expend the same amount of energy you use to attack her online on making good of your own life, you would cringe to hate on her. You ladies do better, because most men don’t hate like this. Just saying. Woman na woman enemy rightly said by Toke herself.

  • Tokiestar is having her own fun publicly without a care in the world and some people are drinking Agbo over her issue. Na dem wahala oooooo. She no even see neither or is reckoning with them. In her late 30s is she not allowed to be herself again???? Is it not her body and her life again? Why drink medicine for another's ailment? Toke is gradually building herself to appear as one of the Forbes 40 under 40 and she's doing a good job at it. Must we all live a boring, totally lacking fun life? We need more like Toke to add the fun to all our boring existence. In the pictures, she's just channeling her idol's lifestyle and that's talking about Kim Kardashian, who did exactly the same type of shoot not too long ago. #abegfreetoke campaign unveiling.