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Late Yetunde Alatede Oghomienor 

It’s not the best of times at all for this great Nigerian brain and a member of the renowned Aboderin/Ogunsola clan, owners of the most circulated Nigerian newspaper by name Punch, in the person of ‘Chief Ajibola Ogunsola’, the erstwhile Chairman of the board of Punch and Nigeria’s first actuarial scientist.

Mankind’s first and greatest enemy struck again like it normally does, baring its fangs and claws and leaving anguish, and pain in its wake, as she stole Chief Ogunsola’s first and only daughter away from him and his beloved wife of 50 years. Mrs. Iyabo Ogunsola in London. The terribly unfortunate and totally destabilizing occurrence happened on Wednesday, June 26, 2019 after a long battle with Cancer. Yetunde Alatede Oghomienor passed on untimely at age 48.

Her second name Alatede was her paternal grandmother’s surname, which her doting father gave her as a mark of respect for his mom, who had passed on about 5 decades ago now. The woman, Madam Janet Alatede was a renowned entrepreneur, in fact she was said to have been the 2nd biggest indigenous textile trader in the whole of Ibadan, during her lifetime. The birth of Chief Ajibola’s only daughter, the 1st child at that out of 4, coincided with the passing of Madam Janet Alatede, hence Yetunde was so named, to reflect that the loving mom had somewhat returned back.

The now late MD & co-founder of Aframero Ltd, a leading Nigerian provider of woodworking solutions to the interior design and furniture manufacturing companies, Mrs. Yetunde Alatede Oghomienor, had her secondary education at the famous Queens College, Yaba, Lagos before going to the University of Lagos and then University of London. She is survived by her parents, her husband, Leslie Oghomienor, 2 kids and many other family members.

For Chief Ajibola Ogunsola, the unfortunate death of his daughter, is just one death too many for him, as he has also lost at least 2 other close family members too in the space of just over a year.

May the souls of all the dearly departed, especially this most recent one, find rest. 


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