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Rev. Biodun Fatoyinbo 

It’s obvious that this issue much as they try to wouldn’t just be swept under the carpet just like that. The fear from the get go had been that after the initial hoopla and plenty of noise, in a matter of weeks at most, the people would have vented their rage and expressed their displeasure and then before we all know it, everything would have been forgotten as people get back to facing their own personal issues and moved on. And then like reality would have then hit and Busola might just regret her decision to have come out at all. But from how the thing has panned out now at least till now, it seem like this issue of allegations of rape and sexual misconducts is not going anywhere at all at all, until at least a final decision on it has been made.

Underground though, there is a heavy silent campaign going on to discredit Busola. The subtle attack is to make the wife of the music star and mother of 3, to look like she’s not the good and dedicated wife that she has portrayed herself to be. And you would be very surprised that it’s women like Busola herself that are in the major fore front of trying to discredit her.

But just as they have tried some tactics in their vast arsenal hoping for some respite, another bombshell of unbelievable proportion has just been unleashed again, the Pandora’s can or box of the unpalatable has opened to another scandalous confession. This is not Busola Dakolo again here, but another Victim, who for now prefers anonymity, as she confessed in an hour long plus recording again to Chude Jideonwu of Y! Naija about the unbelievable atrocities her man of God performed on her.

Victim X confessed to how Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo debauched (raped/molested) her just about a year or two ago, not many years like Busola. Hear her above and read what she said here below. So, if they can try to easily explain away Busola’s allegations, how about this one now and then it’s like many are already on cue, to confess!!!

According to her, Pastor Fatoyinbo asked her to come to his house on the particular day (a Thursday morning) to take some instructions and go for an errand.

“He was my boss. I worked with him. Sometimes I had to do errands for them. So it was not the first time that I was going to be at their house.

“I was there sitting on the couch with him and he started addressing something that has to do with the church.

“Everything moved quickly from there and then he started trying to pull me into a hug and started kissing me, which I found shocking. I had known him as a spiritual leader and I was about to witness the opposite of everything that I thought he stood for.

“I was too shocked. It was a couch. I don’t know whether I should hold on to something. I remember telling him continuously ‘you can’t do that, you can’t do that.’

“He just kept going. Took off my button and my trouser. And then he had his other hand holding me back to the couch. And another hand right inside my pants.

“I remember he kept saying, relax. Just relax. He didn’t flinch.”

The lady added that she regarded Pastor Fatoyinbo as a father figure and a mentor, at that time when he allegedly raped her.


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