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Senator Ademola Adeleke 

We are too sure that a new dance step that could have defied description would have been unveiled yesterday had the highest court of the land, that’s the Supreme Court ruled in favour of and declared Senator Ademola Adeleke as the legitimate Governor of the State of Osun State.

But alas! Contrary to his fervent expectation and the expectations of his many supporters which includes his nephew, the dream has been quashed, the dance or the steps nipped in the bud and the wild celebrations that had been planned or that was in the offing may be to have been led by music star-Davido, that would have seen an unprecedented crowd from wherever dancing their hearts out as they follow their leader, who is ascribed as the “best dancing lawmaker” in the history of the Federal National Assembly as they match towards the State’s Government house or the state assembly to go gleefully accept to become the Governor of Osun State has been cut short.

The highest Court of the land and in fact the final arbiter, the Supreme Court by a margin of 5 to 2 had thrown out his case & confirmed that His Excellency, Gboyega Oyetola, the family member of the former Lagos State Governor and Chieftain of the APC, in the person of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu was the winner of that controversial election and therefore remains the legally elected Governor of the state of Osun.

With the declaration of the Supreme Court, it finally brings to an end all the litigation and court cases against the Governor and his Government/administration and therefore clears the way for him to now make true all his electoral promises. So with no court cases hanging on his head, there’s now no more excuses not to work and deliver again.

So Governor, hit the ground running and dazzle us all. 

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