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Not many can do florescent colors & get away unscathed!

The body of a nymph or is it a 🧜‍♀️ mermaid? 

Denike Balogun aka Nikky Bizzle has the body and she knows it and she knows what to also adorn to pop and make all onlookers go gaga!!! She is a fashionista worth her salt, in every sense of the word!

At any time, whether at play (casuals) or more serious, you can never ever find her wanting, never at all. Even her swimwear game is mad exciting as she puts those exceptionally voluptuous twin mounds to display and showoff that bodacious shape that gets both guys and dames salivating to full effect.

She’s a shoes & bags freak/ collector, just like she seem to always be buying the latest stunning garbs mixed with the classics.

Like they say, if you work hard to make the money, then you are very much allowed to indulge in some self pampering therapy too, at least na your money nowwwww. Any that doesn’t like it, should hold…….. One thing she is also known to do is her love for traveling and going to exotic places around the world and she always always travels in style, flight and accommodation, as it’s viable for all to see.

Maybe the need to frequently jet out, also might be due to the need to be constantly and consistently inspired. The beauty around the world can be a source of awesome inspiration for some. She owns and runs an event design, management company, ‘Diamond Ink Luxury Events’, she is a certified events specialist and she also own a subsidiary or should we say another company in the ‘growing lifestyle conglomerate’ that’s an authority in flower arrangements-Maggie’s Fleur Box-she’s is a an internationally trained and certified florist, then also, she owns a luxury lifestyle melting point, where the happening crowd frequents a whole lot, that’s talking about the ever evolving The ‘TEA ROOM’ Lagos, which is somewhat getting loads of copycat now.

In her pictures in this article, you would notice her in all shades of green apart from the stunning one where she is in her sexy bikini, as she seems to favour the stunning color-Green a lot and seems to have it on total lockdown!

Checkout the delightsome and bodacious Adenike Balogun @denike.balogun one of our 2 badass Monday Morning Crushes!

Just our little way of ‘livening’ up your Monday and kickstarting your new week. 


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