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Can anything unexpected or more shocking or mouth or jaw opening ever come out again from multi-talented, serial entrepreneur Toyin Lawani? Seems like nothing ever! The only other thing she can do now after going completely starker for all to see on the ‘world wide web’ would be for her to make love openly without any regard on the internet. And even at that, could that one also be a no go area for this lady?

We aren’t too sure again.

It is obvious from this her latest action/photo-shoot that the multi-talented lady who is the mother of 2, would do whatever it takes to get across to her teeming fans, audiences and followers-officially about 600000 plus on Instagram, but reputed in general to be far more than the number displayed.

In this her very latest most outrageous and most mouth opening ever post so far, the award winning designer cum stylist (she has a long list of who-is-who that she styles) cum spa owner (she’s a certified spa operator) cum beauty-preneur (she manufactures her own range of beauty and body products) cum eatery owner (Amala joint & more) etc, didn’t think twice to go completely nude naked (no bra, no panties, nothing covering her vitals except that the ‘hairless bermuda triangle’ and her twin assets with the (nipples) were slightly brushed out, to advertise her new beauty product tagged Egyptian milk.

And just to show all and sundry that she puts her money where her mouth is, as she’s probably the best advert for her own products, she decided to remove all semblance of clothes, including underwear to show the excellence of her products. If her body is a true testament to those products, then we can tell you easily that these new products would most probably sell out in a moment. 

And in anticipation of any form of backlash that could emanate for doing the shocking move or doing the super risqué shoot, she’s told naysayers in very strongly worded response to go jump off the 3rd mainland bridge into the lagoon for all she cares.
The 30 something year old mother of 2 (an adorably very smart & highly intelligent teenage daughter and a star in the making son), is probably going to win the award of the “most daring, most shock proof celebrity” ever till date, as she is probably the only celeb or star to have deliberately by her own self, used her own very naked pictures that wasn’t leaked by others, on the internet.

Toyin seem to have become the ‘chief advocate’ and ‘chief/ultimate’ advertiser of flaunt it if you have it association (FIIYHIA). Even Toke Makinwa would think thrice before she would go this route. Or would she?

And with this shoot especially the one where she was on all 4s, showing how her body after 2kids seem to have defied gravity, no saggyness or drooppiness of any kind, especially those 2 kilimanjaros on her chest, that are still standing ‘kpam-kpam’ like they have never been touched nor sucked!!!

Yah or Nah?

Still on the bodacious shoot, she also collaborated with the only lady in the world, whose waist as continued to raise questions as it defies understanding and description that’s talking about Gambian star or celeb Princess Shyngle, 2 badass shapely ladies in near nakedness showing off their assets to the world.


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  • I feel sorry for the innocent kids that didn't ask to brought into this world, but will one day see these pictures and hear that their mother was a shameless hoe.
    These two old fools are clearly desperate as they can see their younger, up and coming "colleagues" in Nigeria's high class prostitution business winning big, buying new range rovers and getting flown to Europe and the States, while their own market is slow and they can only afford to go to Ghana or former war zones like Sierra Leone- hence these their desperate pictures.
    Only pornstars, strippers and other low class lowlifes post such shameless pics in public.

    • Does she have a gateman, driver, maid, workers? How would they respect her when they have seen their madam’s nakedness? When you are giving instructions to your electrician or painter how do you want them to focus, instead of them think-a ti ri gbogbo e! Even any future Naija husband even abroad definitely wants to keep their woman’s privates private. Na wa o! She says she wants to be creative, there is no creativity in nakedness. It is nothing new, we all see it everyday in the shower.

  • Anything to stay relevant. At her age??? What is this? Like this will get her the attention she is desperately craving. Shameless old hoe. Go put on clothes girl, you are too local and out dated. Real men will have nothing to do with you

  • This is what happens when a person's time has passed. Risk of an income source solely based on one's body.

  • Speaking of "dried up old hoes"! Ini Edo STOP begging Stanel /Stanley with your "I just wanted to check up on you" text messages and all! Madam he has Never been better since he left your miserable old ass! He didn't honour your birthday invitation and all other invitations isn't that enough sign already? Or that he hasn't been taking your incessant calls? Isn't that a damn sign old woman? He says you need money that's why you've been calling/Texting Non stop! I almost choked when he said your calls/texts makes him angry especially when he's trying to focus! Madam if all your "botched" surgeries haven't made him or any other person with a heavy pocket notice you, then maybe you should stick a vagina to your empty forehead! Dry ass thirsty old woman! We've laughed hard at your plenty botched attempts to look good but you forget you can't photo shop hoeing reputation! We know you want him to impregnate you by force so you can force marriage or live like FF is doing off ST because of her son with him! E nor go work o! Old woman go and grow a damn brain! Embarrassing your umunna! Agadi Nwanyi!

    • Madam we are tired of you and this ini trashy verbiage!!! If this is hurting you so much take ini out ( so many ways to skin a rat. Everyday you wrote about ini with so much venom.
      WTF is Stanley? He’s heavily indebted to UBA, Fidelity etc. ( Facts) so rest this matter.
      They are damn grown adults and they haven’t done any wrong boning each other.
      This thread is for Toyin don’t derail it with Ini said ini did.
      On LSA thread the update on ini seems different maybe that’s why you are livid.
      Calm down love Jesus is coming soon.

    • Shut Your dirty lying 🤥 lying mouth! Always tying rubbish and lies on blogs Cos you are a freaking Hater!!! He calls her every single day! Stay there let him be lying 🤥 to you. No problem she is Old but still looks 1 million times better than your FAT ASS! We know who you are and are coming for you!

    • Anon 12:22, what's wrong with women growing old? If you have a problem with it, then maybe you too don't wanna grow old.

    • And yet he has never publicly acknowledged you but forever publicly trash talking you? Wow! You're really smart ini.

    • Sharap there idiot! Coming for who? It's been soooo long and yet no one has come! Instead they keep fucking you and dumping your old ass! What happened to your ring? Or other marriage plans that you guys never had! Fake life for the gram! Liar liar! Too proud to admit he never promised you anythiNg or even told you he loves you! Bitch stop holding on to what never was and accept that no one would ever want to settle down with your kind. Off to church with my beautiful family you will never have! Broke lonely MISERABLE GOLD DIGGER!

    • He's heavily indebted to banks and you want to die there! Calling who doesn't want you. If your wretched father or family members took loans maybe they would not have had to be feeding off their daughter's prostitution or your Bastard lazy ass brother Jnr won't be famzing Stanel for small coins! Words to your father " hustle oh make you nor come dey call your daughter aristo sir instead of son"! Like hungry father like cheap skate hungry daughter!

    • Aloba 🤦🏽‍♀️🙆🏾‍♀️ This cray cray is back🤭!!! Please madam town crier, eyaf do and eferitin you posted months back is true. Can we move on? 🙏🏾

    • Speaking of freda Francis, I don't understand why she would get pregnant for Seyi when he was at the time engaged to Layal. Was it to force marriage on him with it or for money??? I truly dnt get her motive. Also on seyi's part, why go have sex with another woman when u are in a serious relationship & about to married???? He should have just married freda if ahe was good for fucks or is she not marriage material?????
      Women always getting it wrong most times… I hope freda allows Seyi the peace nd let him enjoy his marriage.If I were layal not even love will make me go ahead with the wedding. But freda get sense sha, she knows she would not get away with this trash if she had tried it a proper 9ja babe. Na madness for catch am. I hope her old cargo mentor Vivian shittu will advice her better since that one is now married. Yeye women.

  • Her mother was like this with her olosho things but it wasn’t publicized cos no social media back then.

    • You know them well. Slept with Shina Peters and all reigning Coco pushers then. Omo oshi ti mama oshi bi.

  • Toyin must be pained that babes she thought she was better than, Yvonne, Caro etc. have all found good resting places while she feels the need to turn to this sort of desperate attention seeking display.
    Economy has been tight for a while, only babes who have invested heavily in the right image are able to command the "gift amounts" she was able to just 5/7 yrs ago. Toyin should just go sit down and manage herself already, this is amusing for us but how embarrassing