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Maureen Onigbanjo 

The sad news came as a major shock to all. It’s not the kind of thing anyone prays for or wants to even happen to anyone close to them.

The Lagos social firmament are mourning with one of their own on the sad demise of her 1st son so untimely.

The loss of any person is shocking already, but when the parent(s) is/are still alive and kicking and then one loses their child; one with a good head for that matter, handsome and well read, with the future still ahead brightly and horizons to conquer beckoning, in this case a good son, then it’s totally inconsolable. And that’s the story right now!

So top socialite and award winning designer of note of several years, the super gorgeous and stylish Maureen Onigbanjo of the Maufechi Fashion House fame, has just lost her son, a 31 year old man in London to the colds hands of death. Shocking! yes quite shocking!

It has been grief and anguish at the Onigbanjo’s since the sadness occurrence meandered in, as they mourn the death of one of their sons ‘Olawale Opeyemi Onigbanjo Junior’ at just 31 in London.

It wasn’t that too long ago that the kindhearted and beautiful lady lost her handsome husband-Wale Onigbanjo to the grim reaper, and in fact due to that loss, she had gone into her shell somewhat and was still mourning, only now for their son to pass on so untimely too. Shame on you death!

If death had demanded for money to be placated so as not to strike, we are too sure it would have received something quite hefty from the Onigbanjos, or even if it was good behaviour, talent and how cool a person looks or even great connection, then the 31 year old would have been brought back to life or wouldn’t have even died in the first place at all. But alas, what can we do? Such is life, the grim reaper who reaps where it didn’t sow, who harvests where it didn’t plant, came, knocking at a terrible time and like it always does, grabbed, stole, robbed and killed and left anguish and uncontrollable tears in its wake. Mrs. Onigbanjo only clocked 60 not too long ago.

Wednesday July 8, 2015 was a grim day in the household of the Onigbanjos as that was the day ‘Olawale Onigbanjo Senior’ passed on untimely at age 57, having been born in Chelsea, London in 1959. Friday, July 24, 2015 was when he was  buried in Ikoyi, Lagos.

The young man, that is the now late ‘Olawale Opeyemi Onigbanjo Junior’ is survived by his mom, Maureen, his brother, a 6 plus footer ex-basketball player BabaFemi Oluwafeyisola Onigbanjo, 22 and a sister–Morenike Ololade Onigbanjo, 26.

The late Olawale Opeyemi Onigbanjo Junior was born in 1988, 4 years after his parents met & married in 1984.

As death has now done its worst, we pray that the good Lord would grant the dearly departed soul rest and that his family would have the strength and courage to bear this unfortunate demise. 


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