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The question above is the multi-million dollar question, loads of people, most especially the many ladies who love him to bits, would love to get a straight-forward answer to or better still a clarification on.

And this question is actually aimed at the ‘self styled designer billionaire’ who loves and cannot do without flaunting his supposed stupendous wealth with utter abandon. Nearly every day, without a fail, the social media is always filled with things about him either on one shopping spree or the other or him flaunting a new machine that he has just acquired or him just lounging at one first class, 7-stars joint or the other. And always always in his entourage if at all he is with anyone at all, are always guys alone. Although that alone is not why people suspect he his not on the straight and narrow. It has been said or better still suggested, that his actual preference are men like himself, but he is just able to still do the normal because he is actually not ready to come out of the closet yet in full!

Dude is super stylish, fine boy par excellence no doub, who came into some badass humongous money in just the last 3 years that has totally turned his life around hence the outrageous flaunting. And since that money came, it has blown him into the stratosphere in an unbelievable way and turned him into an icon of a kind for his admirers, with many followers in their millions wanting to meet him, be his friends or even those praying to be like him. He is humongously well celebrated all over where he lives, where he has obtained their citizenship. There is even the suggestion that it might have become impossible for him to come home again or he would immediately be picked up. He himself has even aggravated the matter by constantly making a mockery of the anti-graft body, who might have placed him under perpetual watch.

His story is that of a proper grass to grace trajectory and if he were to sit down to write a true life story book about himself and his life, it would most probably be a best seller, many times over. 


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  • Hush-Puppi? I’ve been wondering myself if the guy is straight. Maybe he’s just focused Sha and not trying to get into any drama. Woman wahala no be for here.

  • Hush Puppi is not gay. There are too many hungry girls on his case so he’s more into the Arabs and quietly. Definitely not gay

  • Quite a number of your Nigerian slay queens visits regularity, grace his Versace penthouse apartment. Including the ones that aborted for him. Dude love women die.