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Gradually, gracefully and quite steadily at it, without unnecessarily batting an eyelid, our very own highly celebrated celebutante of extraordinary proportion, by that we mean ‘her royal swaggerliciousness’, Nigeria’s nos 1 petite bombshell of the awesome kind, is growing the brand, extending her tentacles, expanding her horizon, creating more higher steps to climb atop and quietly making the money by adding many more zeros to her already bulging accounts in several banks.

Just yesterday, Monday, November 11, 2019 to be more precise, she gleefully and gracefully announced to the world her newest money making collaboration, money making venture, as she is the newest ambassador/face of OPPO, the phone brand that was a major sponsor of the last Big Bro franchise, that was tagged “Pepperdem Gang’.

The way it is, it’s like Omotoke Makinwa is the first face of the brand in the country, even the winner of the Big Bro Reality Series 2019, in the person of the yummy Mercy Eke hasn’t even gotten a deal like this yet. So Toke getting it done, is a big deal and it shows how her stock is getting premium value.

This collaboration takes it several notches up for Toke, as a real deal influencer. We had thought about it a while ago, that what are you ‘supposedly influencing’ truly, if you are not collaborating with a brand worth its salt as either the face of such or its ambassador or in some other capacity. So now with this deal, the influencer and celebrity with over 3.1m followers on Ig alone, has shone that her passion and dedication has finally paid off and paid off handsomely too at that. This is obviously a multimillion Naira deal.

As the new face of Oppo phones in Nigeria, in fact the first face of the brand in Nigeria if we are correct, she would be the ambassador of their super slick, highest premium quality phone till date which is the ‘Oppo Reno 2’. The Oppo Reno 2 is a premium phone in their range, like we have already made mention above with a standard 48 mega pixel back phone, which is like one of the highest in the world presently and it’s a super fast phone too, using snapdragon 730G chipset (8nm), packing a staggering 8GB RAM memory and a storage capacity that can be expanded to 256gb, that’s not for kids, for those who understands phones well. The body features are also very beautiful too, maybe it’s one of the reasons the brand owners have thought to connect with the ‘chic with the porcelain skin’, whose time to shine has really come. It has an Aluminum body with 6.5 Amoled screen, with gorilla 6 glass at the front and Gorilla 5 at the back. It has the standard 2 cameras at the back, with a motorized pop-up front camera that’s 16 mega pixel for beautiful selfies.

For someone who only just recently celebrated her 35th birthday, this deal is just the perfect birthday gift ever. With this now, Toke has transcended from just being an OAP-radio personality, a writer, an influencer, a lifestyle entrepreneur to a proper brand ambassador……

When we tagged her as our very own ‘Kylie Jenner’ in the making, some were sniggering than and saying how can that be possible. Seems like the journey has begun in earnest right in their faces. Hmmmmmm Doubters beware!

Life they say, life begins at 40, but it seems like for Toke, it begun long long before ago and she still has plenty years ahead to reach 40 still.

Congratulations 🎊.

You deserve it, as all the exposure that was counted as unnecessary,  is gradually paying off as was planned.



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