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Better late than not at all.

Empress Njamah is in fact one of Nigeria’s most stylish actors bar none. She always does her best to look sumptuousaand super cool, when you see her, always doing her best to put her best style foot forward all the time.

You can’t catch her looking less than dazzling, but you must always take notice as she always shows off her voluptuous shape to great effect all of the times. She knows it, so she flaunts it. Her real given name is Empress and it’s obvious that being an empress is in her genes as she acts like one effortlessly and she expressed that thought in the affirmative in her birthday shout out to herself.

So at the weekend, she was ushered glamorously into her 40s and in joy, she happily and joyfully expressed her gratitude at entering the new horizon with badass pictures, all above.

Knowing fully well that it has been said that life begins at 40,she embraced her coming of age thus in her own words-

“Empress Njamah @40. Stepping into 40 like Fine wine…. This wine is forty years old, it certainly doesn’t look its age”

She went further to say…..

She is an Empress, her soul is Royalty. Happy 40th birthday to me.

And much further she exclaimed…

I’m twice as sexy as 2 20 year Olds. Happy birthday to me.


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