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Many do not actually know that the scion of the burgeoning and powerful & far reaching political empire of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu in the person of ‘Oluseyi Afolabi Tinubu’ is one of the most hardworking &’amp; relentless young men in this town.

How that this dude, a father of one-Noella, who is married to the delightsomely gorgeous and stunning Layla Jade Tinubu who is the founder & CEO of Tot Toys, finds time to rest at all, is something that forever baffles all those that know him well. As at late as between 2am to 3am most often, you can still find him at his office with his strategy team, brain storming and discussing on the next steps to take and what next to do in his quest to conquer the world. For him, nothing at all, compares to hardwork and he is ever willing to give it all it takes to see the result of hardwork and determination and most especially focus.

When he started Loatsad Promomedia with his bosom friend and partner, Derenle not too long ago, about 6 years ago, a company which has since grown to become the growing behemoth it has become now and in fact the undisputed market leader in their sector, many didn’t give them that thought, that they would get here. But slowly, gradually, one step at a time and in the space of time, they are who they are now.

Just last week, with their acquisition of the brand E-motion, a company that was established as far back as 2005, and that was one of the top brands in outdoor advertising in Nigeria, the Loatsad Promomedia brand via that announced herself officially without any contention as the ‘numero uno nonpareil’, in the outdoor advertising sector of Nigeria.

Loatsad before that acquisition was already a multi-million Naira valued company owning giant electronic/LED boards, best of its kind found at some of the most strategic locations of Lagos. 2 in and out atop the 2 toll gates on Lekki-Epe Expressway; 3 boards by the bridge next to the Law School on Victoria Island; a 4-faced one by the Lekki Millennium Bridge – Alexander Road, Ikoyi junction; a massive one along the International Airport road and other types of boards, lampposts on some other major roads too.

All of these assets raking in hundreds of millions, in fact growing to a billion Naira. With E-motion now on board, it’s another level of operation now, another stream/channel of good money coming in, most likely taking Loatsad on to the next super highway level, far away from all their competitors in the market.

Incidentally, E-MOTION was founded and owned by the same genius that was the brain behind Konga, the top Nigerian online  market, in the person of Sim Shagaya, who is also a top honcho at Jumia. The terms of agreement on this acquisition states that the former founder Sim, would remain as a director at E-motion. But we aren’t too sure yet now though, if E-motion would remain as E-Motion, an affiliate of Loatsad or that it would be totally subsumed into Loatsad and with Sim becoming a director in the newer entity now formed. Before E-motion there had been some other strategic alliance with such international brands like Shazam and Air Push. Don’t we don’t know for sure if they are still on board.

Anyways, congratulations to Seyi on this new progress. Kudos!!!!


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