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It’s raining birthdays this December of 2019 unabatedly and we cannot just not celebrate some good. great and beautiful people. And one of those that came under our radar and that we just thought we shouldn’t ignore is none other than the stupendously gorgeous and stylish wife of Ugo Okoye, in the person of Nnenna Okoye who is the head honcho at top beauty place YOUTOPIA.

The tall, light skinned, beautiful & brainy mother of 3, just clocked 36 a few days ago and we had expected a major throw down kinda things, that would have had all her beautiful girlfriends likes of Toke, Arese and more in attendance showing off some new styles and what have you. And that’s just because we know very well that she or her handsome bloke of a husband, who is one of the famous Okoye brothers that panicked Lagos a bit a few years ago, can easily afford it.

But instead of the throw down, she opted for or she preferred to have a more private and rather subdued celebration. The in your face mother of 3 kids, who looks like she’s just about to get married. but who has done a decade plus already, is one of Nigeria’s top beauty experts/entrepreneurs and it shows all over her, meaning that she’s the best advert for what she does.

From what we hear, her beauty parlor which is down Fola Osibo, near Hakeem Dickson in the Lekki Phase 1 axis of Lagos is always a beehive of activities for the discerning beauty enthusiasts, who daily thronged her office for one advise or the other or even to pick up some of her best selling beauty products, many her of which are her own exclusive products too.

Elegant Nnenna, who is a known egg head, had a couple of years back, 2005 to be more precise, had graduated from the popular University of Kent, where she had read for a degree in Accounting and Finance and had graduated in flying colours. The beautiful lady has an ACCA too. Then about 6 years ago, sometime in 2013 when the entrepreneurial bug ate her up, she gave voice to her other major passion, which is beauty, as she went to a beauty school to fine tune what could be tagged her native, natural intelligence, that’s talking about her attending “The Beauty Academy in London’, where she had gone to learn all (the nitty-gritty) that it takes, before she now came back to set up her now famous YOUTOPIA place and brand.

It is that same brand that as now grown in leaps and bounds in just 6 years of existence, with an enviable clientele list for that matter too. The mother of 3, is acclaimed to be a phenomenal wife, it’s been 11 good years of marriage already (she had walked down the aisle and gotten married age 25); she’s an exceptional mother of 3 brilliant kids, but has been said it’s like motherhood is her special gift and a supremely super loyal friend to those who can swear on anything about her good and endearing qualities.

So on this her 36th occasion, we are happy to say happy birthday tšŸŽ‚ to her and wish her more beautiful and health blessed years ahead.



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