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Undoubtedly Mercy Eke aka ‘Lamborghini Mercy’ aka bum of life, whose 1m Naira well sculpted bum is always in our face has defied the predictions that she would soon disappear into oblivion and is in fact still relevant, even weeks after she came out of the BBNAIJA pepperdem House 2019 as the overall winner, carting home gifts and money to the tune of a staggering 60 Million Naira.

Many had thought she would just be a ‘flash in the pan’ and that after a few weeks of the limelight, she would soon have faded into oblivion, from where we would be hearing about her only fleetingly. But the truly beautiful lady with the ‘bionic ass’, has not faded so so quickly like predicted and is still in our face and is in fact still getting one of 2 endorsements every other time and securing her future more and more daily. She has her own abode, owned by herself now, a good brand new car courtesy of one of the sponsors of the reality show and she must most definitely still have some millions remaining and must have added a few more since she left the house.

One thing you cannot take away from her also is that her style game is topnotch. She is stylish and that’s a fact. She showed glimpses of that while in the house for 99 days and has been representing on the upscale level too, since she came out of the house.

Her stylist and her whole team generally are doing good for her. They are positioning her well. Her hair is always well coiffed, make up also is always banging, dresses mad gorgeous and they always fit so perfectly and then the shoes too are always on point. She’s under pressure to always look game, perfect, one just hopes that the pressure wouldn’t be too much that she might falter sometime in the future.

But for now, she’s Killin dem softly & nicely ooooo. She’s never ever forgetting also to always flaunt that ass, that good money made happen. Her doctor, better still plastic surgeon must be so proud of himself and happy about it all, a perfect advert for him any day.

Check her most recent supremely gorgeous pictures above.


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