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Lamborghini Mercy’s ultimate dreams are all coming to fruition one after the other and and she cannot just be happy enough. First was that she planned ahead and did all that was humanly possible to win the 4th edition of the BBNaija Pepperdem 2019 series and she won it with a lot of Swagger. It was quite obvious that someway, somehow, she and her team must have studied very well the past editions and they did all that was possible to use their planning to their advantage all through and it paid off at the end of the day. So she carted home the prize, a whopping N60million Naira in cash and other gifts. On the way to winning, she also won the heart of a dude, a fellow housemate by name Ike, who loves her to bits and practically worships the ground she works on. One only hopes that she wouldn’t allow the limelight and her new found fame to mess up, what is obviously true love.

Her 2nd dream was to own her own abode, her own house turned home and the first dream made the 2nd dream possible, as the smart girl quickly bought her own place immediately after coming out of the house a winner. Better to make use of the attention while it was still hot hot. So she got what was described as a good discount to own her own place, at Victoria Crown Estate. All hers, that’s another part of her future secured too already.

Yes the endorsements have been pouring in Ciroc, Sims (Royal), Mario & Juliet, Mr Taxi, Royal Hairs etc, a quick million or few more here and there to keep the account afloat in a good place. So she can afford to dress up as she wants, which is one thing she loves to do a whole lot. It was obvious from when she was announced as a member of the new house at the beginning of the Big Brother Nigeria Pepperdem show 2019 that, Mercy Eke loves and revels in attention, she loves to be the center of attraction, nothing bad on that at all. She craves it and feeds of it. The moment she was called out, her sexy dress that left so much to the imagination, showing her sexy shape to all announced her 1st and then she did what got all men hooked on her, she turned her ‘bionic bum’ to the world and wiggled it for all to see, there and then she announced her intent and from then on, she didn’t stop showing what she has gone to package well and that she aimed to be a focus of attention. At every given opportunity, she showcased it, it was like she was saying “see me, I gat it”. That and her badass wardrobe were permanently on showcase and she then made a good alliance with Ike and a few others, which went a long way as she had made sure to have the viewing public lapping from her hands.

We can’t remember at all, if she repeated any garb at all, all through her 99 days stay in the house, where she emerged as the last person/lady standing. She was always on point, dress-wise and hair wise, even loaning her wigs to other housemates too! So that love for fashion and style that was showcased for the world to see is now what she’s taking further by making her dream concrete, she announced gleefully on her IG page about her own fashion brand M&M Luxury thus-

“This is my dream right here my darlings, as fashion has always been something I am so passionate about. I’m so glad I won several hearts with this passion while in the BBNaija house.”

“Today, 22nd December 2019, I officially present to you my new baby M&M Luxury. I dedicate this to every young queen out there with big scary dreams, please continue pushing, don’t give up, you can do it with God by your side.”

@mnm_luxury is affordable for every woman who wants to look Haute, Classy, Stylish, Bold and Chic. This is my specially handpicked Christmas collection for you all, and I hope you like them.”

“Thank you all for always supporting and pushing my dreams, I don’t take your love for granted. Special thanks to my wonderful sister @sweeryeke, my amazing friends @mz_miimz @tracy_._chapman, I love you all. @andriasworld, thank you so much ma’am for guiding me through this process. I love you. M&M Luxury is officially open for business.”

We are happy to say a massive Congratulations to her from here at MM (Maestro’s Media). May all your dreams come true!!!!! No doubt that Mercy her very self, the ultimate and undisputed queen of highlights is the best advert and model for her brand.


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