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Congratulations to you all from us at Maestro’s Media for making it into a brand spanking new year-2020 and in fact the beginning of a new decade, the newest decade at that currently. May we all that have started it, see it till the very end in 2030. Happy new year to us all.

For some, like the multi-dimensional entrepreneur & fashionista, Adenike Margaret Balogun aka ‘Nikky Bizzle’, who is the Managing Partner at Event brand ‘Diamond Ink Luxury Events Company’, but who also doubles at the same time as the full owner of one of Lagos most happening watering hole, that’s talking about – ‘The Tea Room Lagos’ and who also is the brain behind top  lifestyle outfit ‘Maggie’s Fleurbox’, which is in fact one of the best florist in the country, that has handled some of the best A-class jobs around and who is also the owner of ‘Mykonos Day Bar’, it must have been a most fabulous and a highly profitable 2019 by all standards and in all ramifications. As the lady who celebrated her 30 plus better during the last quarter of the past year that’s 2019, just took delivery as both maybe a late birthday present for herself, plus a Christmas gift/New year present, a brand spanking 2019 IMMACULATE white Range Rover Velar, which must have set her back by several 10s of millions of Naira.

We weren’t told about it at all, but we saw the pretty and impressive car by ourself with our very own eyes just as she took delivery of the badass SUV. The white car came with an all leather smashing interior, with an impressive cockpit that’s like one is inside one of those very impressive private jet, like a Gulfstream.

For the avid traveler, it’s like it’s a whole package all in one for just as she has taken delivery of the car that has a base price of between $50000 and can quickly rise to $75000 dollars, depending on what it packs, Adenike’s Velar is a P380S which costs between [N18M to about N27M], she’s also moving into her new abode in Ikoyi, which we hear is super tastefully done to taste. She was staying in Parkview Ikoyi before and has moved into another place in Ikoyi again. Knowing how fashion conscious she is and how uncompromisingly stylish she let’s out, we can bet with our top dollar, that her new apartment or condominium in Ikoyi would be the type that would sit very well in a topmost lifestyle magazine, with all the works.

If a car, a luxury mid-sized SUV for that matter that shouts class, is already costing between N18M and N27M to purchase, then when you add duty and other cost at 70%, then the total cost or landing cost plus duty and all would range then for between [N30.6M to N45.9M].

To spend that kind of amount as a year ending gift to self plus several more millions for a befitting abode, then the person must really be commended.

And if we can say it, it must then mean that 2020 has begun on a magnificent and magical note, a sort of a roller-coaster for the young lady then. What should we be waiting for then? Hmmmmmmm……..


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